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    Gallbladder removal, Pancreatitis and pain
    An_201620 posted:
    I was not sure where else to put this post so here goes.

    Back in the middle of March I had an attack of acute pancreatitis, caused by gallstones. My gallbladder was removed at the end of March. I developed a pseudocyst.

    Since my gallbladder removal, I have continued to have pain. Early last week I was pain free but, even though my CT scan yesterday showed that the inflamation of the pancreas has decreased and so has the size of the pseudocyst, pain returned on Wednesday and has been around (intermittantly) since.

    It doesn't seem to matter whether I eat or not, as I get pain either way. But if my stomach gets to the point of growling, the pain is awful. Like a person is stabbing me in the area around my lower-left ribs.

    I reverted to clear liquids on the weekend to try to help (broth and jello) but as soon as I went back to full liquids (Ensure, fat free milk etc) the pain returned. The exact location of the pain is the left side of my body, partly behind my lower ribs and partly in the stomach area just below the ribs. It has been there constantly today because I am back on solid food. It is a sharp pain.

    I have an appointment on 5/18 with the surgeon, who removed my gallbladder, to see if he has any ideas on the cause of the pain. If not, my doctor plans to refer me to a GI specialist.

    Has anyone experienced pain in this area and what was the cause?

    I have also had an intermittant pain in the area of my collarbone since I had my gallbladder removed. It can last for a couple of hours to a couple of days. Each attack of pain could be either on the left or right side of my collarbone and is extra painful when I try to burp or hiccup.. There is no pattern to which side of my neck it occurs on and no cause that I can find.

    I had read it was a side effect of laparascopic surgery but it should have gone away a few days after the surgery. Does anyone have any idea of what causes this and how to stop it returning?
    Cherylcse3 responded:
    Sorry, should clarify, the pain returned on Wednesday 5/4, so has been around for a week now. I am 31 years old.
    sabourinsgirl responded:
    I had my gallbladder removed in November 2010 and having pain in the upper middle and right side of my abdomen, also diarrhea and nausea, I am scheduled to see mu surgeon this week but he believes I have something called post cholecystectomy syndrome, I also have more pain on a completely empty stomach and like you it doesn't matter if I eat or not, er doc prescribed me pain medication and anti nausea meds which help some but not much, I would definitely ask your doc about the possibility of PCS
    Cherylcse3 replied to sabourinsgirl's response:
    I thought I would update this thread now that I have seen my surgeon.

    He said my pseudocyst is on the left side of my body, so that is causing the pains in that area. He also said the reason why the pain is more intense when my stomach needs to rumble is because the small intestine is also in that area and moves. I guess it is pushing against either the inflamed pancreas or the cyst when it moves and that is causing the pain.

    He has now changed his prognosis to 3-12 months to recover and he will see me in 6 weeks time for a follow up.

    I have not had the pain in my collarbone since my original post, so I did not think to mention it during my appointment.
    hondo17 responded:
    Any answers? I had my gall bladder removed 3.5 weeks ago. Everything was healing nicely & starting to feel better then 4 days ago I got this sharp pain on my left side ( the pain runs from just under my left rip to about my left hip bone & slightly towards the belly button but mostly on the side). I have had this pain for 4 days now at times dull but at times shattered & makes it hard to sleep or do anything). I only had pain on the right side prior to GB removal & post surgery. So this sudden left pain that as the gone away is disconcerting. Any ideas. I read that pancreatitis is much less likely after GB removal & that it's possible to have a ruptured spleen with left side pain. I know I have a large spleen but it has survived years of playing football & basketball. It hurts more when I move/ bend but I don't feel that eating or not eating makes it hurt more or less. It hurts the same if I eat or go hrs without a bite.
    hondo17 responded:
    Had GB removed 4 weeks ago. Only had pain on right side & was starting to feel a bit better. Then 4 days ago got sharp pain on left side. Under left rib to left hip bone. 4th day on pain hard to sleep or do things. Any ideas what this could be?

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