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    I'm at a loss, help!
    Pierow posted:
    With my doctor(s) being no help, I figured I'd turn to the fine folks here for any help. I've had some GI issues for a few years now, and no one can figure out what it is. Best guess right now is I may be slightly lactose intolerant, which I'm in the process of testing for myself. So far the results are promising, but not 100%. Of course I could just ask my doctor to be tested for it.

    I get cramping almost daily in my lower right quadrant, in the descending colon, which is usually taken care of after a few bowel movements. Sometimes it'll cramp throughout the day with no need for a BM. I think it does it for fun. And for an added bonus when it's feeling especially grumpy, I'll get sharp stabbing pains in the same area.

    Gas: OMG am I tired of passing gas. I eat breakfast in the morning, and so far it doesn't seem to matter what I ate, but when I eat lunch, like clockwork, I start passing gas like it's going out of style. Some of the culprits seem to be certain cereals (eaten with Lactaid milk no less) that are wheat or oat based, waffles/pancakes, scrambled eggs (made with or without milk), cinnamon rolls. I even tried just eating an apple and some toast and it happened. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason for it. Eat lunch; fart a lot. Stink up office, have to run away. I seem to be getting night farts a lot too, which usually wake me up in the morning.

    Testing the LI theory: So far lactose intolerance seems to be the best explanation so far. I had trouble with milk when I was a baby, but never seemed to be a problem as I got older, or any other dairy products. I'm 34 now. I stopped buying regular milk and switched to Lactaid milk, which I'm quite enjoying. I don't get "milk farts" with that (gas smells like rotten milk) and the taste is more enjoyable. I'm not ready to try soy or any others. I have started getting soy in my Starbucks drinks but it's not the same. I've even tried Lactaid pills which have generated some success, but trying to narrow down problem foods is a real hassle. I've never read so many ingredient labels in my life until I started down the LI road!

    In an attempt to regulate my GI tract, I've tried fiber bars, which makes for more BM's and a great deal of night gas. My doc suggested probiotic supplements like Activia, but that only seemed to make things worse (perhaps due to lactose intolerance?)

    Anyone have any suggestions? I'm about to give up eating! (great weight loss plan, bad for other things)
    sheba_q responded:
    Lactose intolerance doesn't generally cause cramping and I've haven't heard of stabbing pains from it. While you may have lactose intolerance, I think it's secondary to something else.

    Gas is a really big sign that your body isn't digesting something properly - and as you say it happens a lot with "wheat and oat cereals" I suspect that's your true problem. Would you be willing to try a modified BRAT diet for a little while to see if the gas goes away?

    That would be Bananas, Applesauce and Rice (drop Toast as wheat is a suspect), all plain with no added flavorings, sweeteners, etc. All you drink is plain water. Then if the gas and cramping go away, you very very slowly start adding other basic foods, one at a time to see if you get a reaction.

    Also if you take any medication, vitamins, supplements, etc you'll have to look at them as many have wheat and/or dairy as filler.

    Btw Lactaid milk still has some lactose, although it has less than untreated milk. It's really only a band-aid if you have to cut out lactose completely.

    Have you had any allergy testing done? Others here will be able to tell you what tests to ask for that really work.
    Pierow replied to sheba_q's response:
    I figured there had to be more to it than just lactose intolerance. At the rate I'm going if I keep cutting things out of my diet all I'll have left is water!

    I've even tried taking beano in hopes of heading the gas off at the pass, but that hasn't done anything for me. And to clarify the lunch gas problem, the gas will hit usually while I'm eating lunch, like my digestive system is kicked into gear and started moving things around to make room for what I'm eating, and I start passing gas.

    I've never heard of a BRAT diet, but while I like bananas, applesauce and rice, the rice needs seasoning! It may be something I'll have to try, as I think about everything in my refrigerator and cupboards I realize most have wheat/gluten in them, or dairy.

    I had skin allergy tests done when I was a kid, but haven't had anything done recently.

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