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    Consistently Clay colored stool
    LP1010 posted:
    I have been having what I consider to be abnormal stools for two years now. I used to have very normal stools that were brown and thick. They have been skinny and yellowish or clay colored pretty consistently for the past couple years. Also they are somewhat soft.

    Around the same time that my stools changed I had finally discovered that I might have endometreosis. My GYN started treating it by putting me on Depo Provera. She preferred not to do the endoscopic surgery to confirm the endometreosis but did feel that I probably had the condition. I assumed that the change in my stools was caused by endometrial cells in my intestines. But after a year on Depo my stools have not returned to normal.

    I wanted to know if this color change should be something I should investigate further?

    PS - also prior to treating the endometreosis I was having very severe stomach cramps on my right side. Also the yellowish stools often had inclusions in them for about a year. The inclusions looked like corn kernels, but were not corn. The inclusions have for the most part ceased.
    calgal37 responded:
    You should have the change in color checked out. The brown color of the stool is due to bile. When it's released into the digestive tract, it's yellow-green and it's 'worked' on by enzymes slowly becoming brown in the process. When it mixes with food, that food slowly turns the brown of the modified bile.

    If the stool is light - gray or whitish - it means it's not being mixed bile and could suggest you're not properly released bile from the common bile duct.

    You may want to ask your doc to check your liver and pancreatic enzyme levels.
    LP1010 replied to calgal37's response:
    Just to clarify when I say "clay colored" I mean a reddish light brown color. Not sure if this changes your response.. Also to be fair I do still have brown stools at times. But most often they are the yellowish or red clay color.
    calgal37 replied to LP1010's response:
    It may change things. And the 'reddish' might suggest something different. Make sure the presence of blood is ruled out.

    When the stool is yellowish, it could be 'undigested' bile, a result of the fast transit of the fecal material/stool. It can result in a softer, looser stool or in some cases diarrhea.
    LP1010 replied to calgal37's response:
    Thanks for your responses! I came across bile duct obstruction once, I'll read up on it some more.

    I'm new to the WebMD community... but is a WebMD doctor going to eventually respond to these posts?
    jmb417 responded:
    Im having the same issue, well, sorta.

    my stools have changed within the past month. they are starting to flatten, which I thought was odd.

    what started me checking was I happened to notice about a week ago that they were green in color, almost spinach color. in fact,,I couldnt remember when we'd had spinach, so after 3 days, we're back to brown, so I didnt worry too much.
    but before that, I noticed that its almost like my stool looses some of its color into the water, if that makes sense, kinda hard to explain. formed stool, but liquid is same color as stool.

    then within the past few days, I've looked really close, and notice that they appear to be flattening,
    and almost like they aren't compacted enough.

    I've had problems for a few years with an ongoing battle of constipation/loose stools. just figured it was my diet, which isnt the worlds greatest sometimes.

    I do remember reading somewhere that flattening stools are a sign of something, but I dont remember what.

    I dont think there's anything going on, such as endometriosis, as LP stated, but its just weird.

    I do feel quite often the rumblings going on in my intestines, sometimes minor discomfort, other times, what I call a painful gas bubble thats stuck.

    any ideas?

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