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    Left abdominal pain, low hemoglobin, chronic constipation
    An_240670 posted:
    I have been dealing with abdominal pain for over 7 months. It started int the center just below my ribs. I was told I had a slight case of acid reflux, given Dexilant and had to be taken off due to an allergic reaction. Since that time the pain has migrated to the left, and most often occurs 30 minutes to an hour after eating. I have had an , xray, ultra sound, upper GI, Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, and CAT scan all with nothing detected. I also had a celiac blood panel that was negative as well. The Gastroenterologist final diagnosis was IBS and told me I would have to just live with the pain. Well the pain has increased and a week ago as a IBS study participant they found that my hemoglobin level was an 8.4, which they say indicates possible internal bleeding of some sort. I don't think anyone has taken a look at my small intestines or checked to see if my gallbladder actually works as all test have been done after fasting. Since the pain seems related to digestion what kind of test can they do to check my small intestines and my digestive process? Tired of feeling bad.
    sheba_q responded:
    What kind of pain is it - a sharp stabbing type pain, dull throbbing, etc. Before you were put on Dexilant did the doctor test if you have reflux (and what kind of reflux for that matter) or just assume it from where your pain was. Are you on any medications now (for this or anything else).

    Also where exactly were you xrayed and scanned? What blood tests have you had done and do you have a copy of the results?

    I'd suggest starting with blood tests when checking your gallbladder, not only because it's easier, but also because your description doesn't sound like gallbladder problems (it could be but it doesn't seem likely). There's a list of tests here:
    memelhg replied to sheba_q's response:
    As you can see most of those test I have already had. The doctor ordered additional blood work today. But you are probably right that it is not a gall bladder issue. I believe it may be a small bowel issue but I'm not a doctor so ..... One thing for sure considering the low blood count, I believe it to be more than IBS.
    sheba_q replied to memelhg's response:
    I can only see a generalized list of tests. Which blood tests have you had done? Where exactly have you been scanned and xrayed? What do the written test results say?
    Fetchn responded:
    sounds like it could be diverticulitis, which I just got diagnosed with. It was slow in coming on..I've always had that little ache off and on the lower left side. You could have a pocket that is infected or even bleeding some in the small intestine maybe. Hidden from view. Mine is in the large and quite painful (acute attack sent me to the ER) . I think yours would have shown up on the CT scan. Try a liquid diet for a few days. If you are feeling weak or dizzy..go to ER..bleeding is nothing to play around with.I would press for more tests if your hemoglobin is off.

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