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    Pain after colonoscopy. How long does it take to go away?
    Black109 posted:
    I had a colonoscopy on the 20th of July. Since then, I've been suffering from pain that feels like a very sore muscle on the left side just under my rib cage and also a few fingers to the right of my left hip. The areas are tender to the touch. The pain isn't overpowering. Like I said. It feels like a sprain or a sore muscle. I'm assuming that this is probably normal for a colonoscopy because lets face it. It's probably not very easy on my large intestine to have a laxative blast EVERYTHING out of it and then to have a tube shoved down it.
    My question is. Is this normal and something that's going to go away or should I be more concerned about it? I've never had a colonoscopy before and there's nothing in any of my release literature that mentions anything other than gas pains which this totally is not. If this IS normal, how long does it usually take for the pain to subside?
    Black109 responded:
    Also, I forgot to add that I don't have a fever. I'm still suffering from nausea when I eat and I'm slowly trying to introduce normal food again as well as starting to take some probiotics in an effort to get my guts back in order again.
    If you can give me an answer, I'd appreciate it. As I said, I've never had a colonoscopy before so I don't really know what to expect from this recovery.
    Black109 replied to Black109's response:
    Also, it's been four days and I havn't had a bowel movement. Should I be worried about that?
    sheba_q replied to Black109's response:
    You didn't eat anything for at least a day and it doesn't sound like you're eating much now, so the lack of bowel movements isn't all that surprising. If in a day or two you're still having trouble eating and still not going to the bathroom, then I'd be concerned.

    I've been uncomfortable the day of my colonoscopy but after that I've been fine. I'd start to get concerned about still being tender, but certainly not to the extent of rushing of to the ER. It's possible it has nothing to do with you being scoped.

    So make an appointment to see your doctor to ask 'what's up with this?' By the time you get in it may have cleared up, and then you can go over the initial reports (the biopsy results won't be in yet).

    Btw simple broth soups, white bread/crackers and plain baked chicken are good foods to try.
    thickage responded:
    Sounds like you're having some of the same symptoms a lot of us are having. What was it that prompted the colonscopy? If you were having symptoms that caused your doc to order the colonoscopy, maybe it's related to that.

    Try removing gluten and/or lactose from your diet for a while to see if that helps. We're all searching for answers here, but it could be that you have a sensitivy to gluten or lactose.

    Let us know if you get better and what you did - a ton of the posts on this forum seem to be related.
    jaysea32 responded:
    I've had two colonoscopies, and both were practically painless post-procedure. So, unless you had a totally inept physician administering the procedure, I think your pains are related to something else. Have you let the person who did the work know of your problems???
    jaysea32 replied to jaysea32's response:
    And, oh yes, I had a sigmoidoscopy several years ago which was very unpleasant, not surprising considering the equipment involved in it.
    Brisket1 responded:
    Your pain is not normal. I have been getting colonoscopy procedure every five years for 25 years and never experienced the kind of pain you describe. Call the doctor that gave you the procedure or call your family doctor. It sounds like a swollen spleen, some type of kidney issue or a pulled muscle. Don't fool around with it. See a doctor.
    Black109 replied to Brisket1's response:
    I saw my doctor two weeks ago. He checked me and said that it was probably some bruising due to the colonoscopy and that the pain should subside with time. That was a little over a two weeks ago and it hasn't. I agree that it's beginning to sound like my spleen. The pain run right down my left hand side and then follows a line up my rib cage straight to my arm pit. I know this isn't just a sprained muscle. I had this straight out of the colonoscopy and didn't have this before I went in. The pain is mild, but present. It's like a sore muscle. It's just the location that's starting to scare me.
    Black109 replied to Black109's response:
    He did a test where he pushed on my left hand side and had me try to raise my leg. It hurt a lot but I was able to do it. I was very sore afterward. He didn't seem to think anything of it. He ordered a urine test to check for kidney stones, but that came back negative. I'm thinking that I might have to see him again just to get this further checked out. I didn't have this pain before I went in for the procedure and I shouldn't be having this pain now.
    Black109 replied to Black109's response:
    If this was a problem with my spleen, wouldn't I be suffering from a lot more pain and a fever?
    jaysea32 replied to Black109's response:
    Get a new doctor. The one you're seeing now is not competent. Nobody should experience what you're going through from simply having a colonoscopy.
    Black109 replied to jaysea32's response:
    I'm still waiting for the doctor to call me back. I've developed a new symptom that's really odd. There's now an itchy sensation on the inside just under my rib cage on the left side that's driving me crazy because it's unscratchable. This is awfully strange. Never felt anything like it.
    Black109 replied to Black109's response:
    Everything else seems fine. I'm going to the bathroom fine. I don't have a fever or chills. I'm not nauseous or vomiting. It's just this persistant mild pain on the left side under my rib cage that was never there before the colonoscopy (That's strangely started to feel itchy on the inside). I can't imagine what this is. Unless this is a symptom of a bruise in the colon healing or something. Still waiting on the doctor's return call.
    Black109 replied to Black109's response:
    There is definitely a line of sore, painful muscle running from the left side just under my rib cage and going line a line straight up my side to almost my arm pit. It's most sore at the bottom underneath my rib and that's where the strange internal itch is. I'm wondering if I should hop over to the ER to get this looked at rather than wait for the doctor to call me back tomorrow. I'm torn because the pain isn't excruciating and I have no other symptoms. I'm afraid of going and having them just say that it's a muscle sprain (and if so, I've had it since the colonoscopy). I wish I knew what was going on. This constant waiting to talk to people and not knowing what to do is killing me.

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