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    Pain after colonoscopy. How long does it take to go away?
    Black109 posted:
    I had a colonoscopy on the 20th of July. Since then, I've been suffering from pain that feels like a very sore muscle on the left side just under my rib cage and also a few fingers to the right of my left hip. The areas are tender to the touch. The pain isn't overpowering. Like I said. It feels like a sprain or a sore muscle. I'm assuming that this is probably normal for a colonoscopy because lets face it. It's probably not very easy on my large intestine to have a laxative blast EVERYTHING out of it and then to have a tube shoved down it.
    My question is. Is this normal and something that's going to go away or should I be more concerned about it? I've never had a colonoscopy before and there's nothing in any of my release literature that mentions anything other than gas pains which this totally is not. If this IS normal, how long does it usually take for the pain to subside?
    Black109 replied to Black109's response:
    Went to the ER. Had an X-Ray and was assured by the doctor there that there was nothing wrong and that probably what I was dealing with was irritation from the colonoscopy and that it would go away with time. At least now, I've verified that it's nothing dangerous, and also the fact that my large intestine is so sensitive that it doesn't like a pipe snake shoved down it's length.
    Lacydeane replied to Black109's response:
    Just curious if your problem ever got better??
    jaysea32 replied to Black109's response:
    Black 109
    I'm so wondering what the Dr. did wrong that might be causing so much irritation. He/she must have been a really lousy practitioner. I've had three colonoscopies and a sigmoidoscopy (which wasn't too pleasant, but with no appreciable after-effects). None of the colonoscopies produced any irritations of any kind...ever, and during the last two, some polyps were removed and cauterized. But I know that the Dr. who did mine is a highly skilled technologist. In your case, it sounds like you had an amateur, or some extra work might have been done on you. Here's hoping you're healed by now.
    tlfunche replied to Black109's response:
    Cuious have things turned out. I had colonoscopy yesterday and am having the same exact problems. How long did it take to get back to normal?
    JuanitaFrapp responded:
    You need to contact your gastroenterologist. You have a lot of problems colonoscopy. As you mentioned that you have sprain or a sore muscle. It's not good you might be eating more so the lack of bowel movements isn't all that surprising. Call the doctor that gave you the procedure or call your family doctor. As soon as possible check with doctor.
    An_254429 replied to Black109's response:
    Hi Black 109, I just came across your post, it looks like a year from when you posted it. I'm currently having exact same symptoms post colonoscopy as you, tho minus the itching. I'm curious, did you ever figure out what was causing your symptoms and resolve them? I'm most eager for some insights. Thank you.
    bunnysmom replied to An_254429's response:
    Hi An. I had colonoscopy 6 days ago. Nothing found in results. Day after I had severe pain on left side. I rode my stationary bike leisurely about 40 mins and that seemed to help. The pain dissipated but hasn't gone away yet. Ibuprofen seems to help reduce the severity. I'm going to keep doing light workout and ibuprofen to see if it helps. Other posts throughout web say steroids could help, not going there. I am self diagnosing (i know everyone will scream at that) a bruise or strain until condition changes. If this doesn't work, I will go to doctor.
    katsblues responded:
    You aren't alone. I had a colonoscopy over a week ago. I have pain in the groin area that sometimes radiates down my leg and up into my abdomen, especially after walking quite a bit. I told my family practice doctor who scheduled an ultrasound to see if there was a hernia - negative and a hip xray to look at the bones. Nothing.
    She told me to wait another week and come back if it doesn't go away. Very annoying as it feels like a muscle pull, not sharp pains, no fever and I didn't have a thing wrong before the procedure.
    butters1234 responded:
    I have the same exact symptoms as you. I had a colonoscopy about 2 years ago. Right after my colonoscopy I had a pain on my right side beneath my rib cage. I didn't have this before my colonoscopy so I know that it was from that. Then within a couple of weeks I started having an internal itch exactly where my pain is. The pain is not extreme at all. It feels like a pulled muscle or something. At first I thought that maybe it had something to do with my liver. I've gone to a liver specialist and it didn't have anything to do with my liver. Next I'm going back to a different gastroenterologist. I am starting to believe that the internal itching is scar tissue. It scares me because I don't want scar tissue to build up and block my colon, which could cause many more problems. A young gastroenterologist performed the colonoscopy on me. I believe that she probably wasn't that experienced and caused this. I noticed that you wrote this two years ago. Are you still experiencing the same symptoms? Have you learned anything else? Thank you:) I can't believe I found somebody that has been experiencing the same exact symptoms as myself.
    ali37791 responded:
    This is a long shot but when I had my appendix out a couple of years ago I woke up with unbelievable pain in my shoulder worst muscle pain ever, appendix pain was none. It was explained to me that because they I had laproscopic surgery they pump air into your abdomen and this why you end up with shoulder pain. I think they sometimes inflate the bowel in a colonoscopy procedure so I wonder if this is causing your pain.

    If you are also having fever after the procedure I would head to emerg as this could be a bowel perforation like my husband had and this can be really serious
    spiritous replied to Black109's response:
    Did you ever get any answers? Have your symptoms ever subsided? I ask because I can relate to the pain your talking about and feeling the very same way. As in I am unsure as to whether I should go to the ER.
    I feel fine except I am uncomfortable when I sit. There is discomfort in my left side that worsens with pressure.

    How are you now?
    JoeInMidwest replied to spiritous's response:
    Besides the traumatic bowel evacuation medications and the pumping of air that goes along with undergoing a colonoscopy, there is is the fact that many times "looping" of the colon occurs. The large colon is like the vent hose on a clothes dryer in that it can be stretched out. From all I have learned from the internet on the colonoscopy procedure, it appears that the colonoscopy device will "catch" the wall of the colon and stretch it without really advancing. Since not everyone's colon is the same, I imagine that some people experience "looping" more than others. And if the colon is stretched too far, I imagine it could hurt at the time, and for quite some time (months, according to some postings that I have read) in some unfortunate instances. And I would not be surprised if less experienced doctors performing a colonoscopy would be the ones of causing this painful experience.
    One of the reasons that I am not having a colonoscopy as I do not have any risk factors other than age. I prefer to take my chances, and leave well enough alone.
    optical23 responded:
    I wish this post wasn't 4 years ago , so I don't know if I will get a reply, but I'm having the same left side , under the rib cage, to the armpit pain ! I had the colonoscopy 10 days ago . I have throat cancer and they had to pull all my teeth , so eating is difficult, but they found 2 ulcers told me to take Pepcid twice a day and after 4 months of vomiting I can keep food down . But this pain ? Did you ever get it figured out ?

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