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    6 year old with constipation
    croelike posted:
    My 6 year old son has been dealing with constipation for most of his life. We are currently under the care of a pediatric gastroenterologist, but we still are not finding any answers or results. He is on Miralax and Senekot everyday, which does help to keep him soft, but at the same time he also is leaking stool and sometimes doesn't even know it. So needless to say, he has accidents nearly everyday. He has had the lab work to test for celiac which was negative. And he recently was in the hospital for a clean out (which after 4000 cc's of golytly, still did not completely clean him out), and also ano-rectal manometry, which was also normal. Are there any vitamin deficiencys that could be causing some of his symptoms? Or any other suggestions as to what our next course of action could be?
    PlantStrong responded:
    I recommend cutting all dairy products, eggs, and processed/refined foods out of your son's diet for a couple weeks and see if that helps. Stick with whole foods, especially high fiber foods like whole grains, beans, and greens.
    JulieAnn1978 responded:
    I'm new to WebMD because I am also looking for answers for my son. He is also 6 and symptons sound almost the same. We did 3 cleanings, 3 weekends in a row and he still had stool in his intestines. Had a sitz marker test which only showed that his colon is much larger/longer than it should be. And also every blood test there is. He is also on miralax and senokot everyday. We have good days and bad days. But I have to wear pullups on him and we change them about 5 times a day. I am in the process of changing GI docotors since I am getting no results. I would like to track your progress in hopes I can get some clues for answers.
    croelike replied to JulieAnn1978's response:
    Thank you PlantStrong for the suggestion!! I will most likely begin doing that, as I have had many people suggest that there is possibly a food allergy going on.

    @JulieAnn1978 - I feel your pain!! This has been a very frustruating ordeal that has been going on for way too long. And now that we are a month away from school starting, I really need some answers! We are in to see the GI doc on Thursday for follow up. I am going to be asking about food allergies and if possibly there is a vitamin or mineral deficiency. Will let you know what happens!!
    croelike replied to croelike's response:
    @JulieAnn1978 - Well we have not gotten much more for answers yet. Yesterday he was in to have a barium enema and the only thing they found was that his colon is a little larger than normal for his age. I was told that this is very unlikely to be any kind of food allergies. I am starting to go another route with Young Living oils. I have a contact person that her son had gone thru very similar symptoms and the oils helped him out. So I am just at the beginning of starting this for him. Have you had any progress???

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