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    Constipation and incomplete bowel movements.
    Randy21 posted:
    Hello, I hope somebody will be able to help with my problem.

    It all started about 2 weeks ago when I began having a strange feeling somewhere on the left side below the ribcage,it felt like a sprain muscle or some sort of obstruction. This feeling kept becoming very annoying and uncomfortable in the folowing days...There was no pain, but just irritating discomfort. Shortly after that I started having problems emptying my intestine. I'd know for sure I'm full, but barely anythin would come out and I've even almost lost the urges...A week later I went to the proctologist, thinking something for sure must be obstructing there, well to my surprise - he looked 20 cm deep and found nothing. A few days later this problem wouldn't go away so I had gotten scared thinking it could be one of the organs failing, so I called an ambulance and tried to exaggerate it a bit so they'd take me to the hospital, I told them that I have a lot of pain and have been constipated for a week.The surgeon pressed my abdomen and said it's probably just irritable bowel syndrom from stress or bad eating habits. So finally I went to gaestroentorologist where she confirmed it and iagnosed me with IBS! Yeah I have been stressed out for some time and don't lead the healthiest lifestyle lifestyle because I work from home, so I sit alot.. but I just don't believe it's that simple. Having asked if I should maybe do colonoscopy she said -it's unnecessary and should get fixed on its own soon..but it's been 2 more weeks and I still can't 'release' everything completely. I've taken everything that was prescribed: a light laxative syrop and some drug called dicetel, and I've not noticed any improvement at all. I also try to eat more fruits and veggies. Yet it's still the same, I'm full, it doesn't hurt, but the feeling of a stretched muscle is still there and every time I try to push the stuff out - it feels like the bowel is finally doing it but then only a small piece would barely comes out and that's it, I have no more urges and the rest just stays in. It's really annoying, frustrating and overall not a good feeling. I just don't understand what's happening... T I haven't done colonoscopy yet it's because it's quite expensive (I'm not in the US) and the doctor said they probably wouldn't find anything. Ive also tried to check with my finger in there (gross I know), and it felt like there's some abnormal mass, it's not the feces, It felt more like a polyp...but I could be wrong because then - how come the proctologist didn't see it? And why does it feel obstructed way higher in the abdomen, while this thing feels quite near the exit... I'm just taking wild guesses now, please someone provide an advice...Thank you.
    Randy21 responded:
    Oh and in case it helps - I'm a 21 y.o. male, before that day everything was perfectly normal, I was always able to 'dump' the stuff completely once every 1-2 days just fine...

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