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    Fecal Stasis
    DeaMom posted:
    Not sure if this relates to Digestive Disorders...if it doesn't please let me know where to re-post.

    What is fecal stasis? I went to my doctor because I have pain in my mid and lower left abdomen and occasionally in my right lower abdomen as well. He ordered a CT Scan. The study was on CT Abdomen and Pelvis with contrast. The findings were left ureter is mildly prominent throughout its course w/o evidence of calcification or specific obstruction.

    The uterus is mildly prominent and contains at least one fibroid in the anterior myometrium. An irregular ringlike enhancement is present on the left measuring 1.5cm within what appears to be a 3.0 x 1.7cm left ovary. This could be related to ovulation. There is a small amount of free fluid. Fecal stasis is noted. The transverse colon is redundant. The appendix is normal in appearance.

    Pelvic findings suggestive of recent ovulation. Otherwise, no significant abnormality is evident.

    The doctor said everything is fine and believes the pain/discomfort is associated with my uterus.

    I went to my GYN and gave him the CT Scan report. He said everything looks fine. I asked him what is fecal stasis. He said constipation. I said I don't understand how because I use the bathroom daily or every other day. I did some research online and found hardly anything on fecal stasis. Basically the information I found stated slow moving bowels that may become stuck and rot. I took a laxative called prunelax, last Thursday. I used the bathroom three times on Friday. Then nothing until Monday night. I was in terrible pain and threw up and was on the toilet for an hour. Today is Thursday and still nothing. I am bloated and still have the pain and discomfort in my mid and lower left abdomen. I can feel and hear gas/air moving in my mid left abdomen towards my back. I don't feel hungry, but I try to eat at least twice a day. My appointment with the Gastroenterologist is in two weeks.

    Any suggestions/comments?

    georgiagail responded:
    Your CT scan found stool in your colon. That's all.

    You took a laxative that overworked your bowels and, unfortunately, are suffering the side effects of this.

    There is nothing wrong with your colon.

    thetruest responded:
    Hi, hope yr still reading (and anyone else) and this will (should) help: Squat when doing a bowel movement, rather than sitting.

    It is the natural way; every animal squats to defecate and most of the world outside of the west still does as well. Many experts today believe alot of the digestive problems, health problems in general and even diseases/cancers prominent in the West but not elsewhere may likely be caused by the "sit-down" toilet - which have only been in use for a couple centuries, and before that humans have been squatting to go since the beginning.

    Theres alot of research for this now. Here's a thorough paper on the subject:

    A more mainstream health site:

    a funny article that includes it in a list (i follow much of the advice given throughout this, continually researching it):

    Note that u must squat. Not rest your feet on some stool or do a half way position thing - it must be a squat; like in the picture in the first link. And a tip i can give is to pad the toilet water with some paper so it does not splash! In a public restroom, ive found the toilet seat papers are perfect at preventing water from splashin, much more than toilet paper. I use them for the water instead of the seat and 2 of them folded to absorb seems to be more than enough for almost all toilets ive had to use.

    This has done absolute wonders for my bowel movements and health. I only ever squat now and i havent sat for a #2 once in years; i'd rather not go at all than sit.

    Helpful Tips

    Drinking waer everyday keeps my digesive going. More
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