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    blood stools
    bucephale posted:
    Bllod in stool...worried !
    Hi !
    Im a male of 40 years old. 3 weeks ago i've consulted my doctor about abdominal and back pain and because smelly fart. My abdominal pain is vague and moving. I pass more gaz than usual and they smell very bad. he made me do some blood test (to check the liver function, total blood count) ad pee test to check for kidney problem and a abdominal xray. He also told me to do a fecal blood test.

    He call me back to day to tell me that all my blood and pee test were perfectly normal and that xray was normal too. He then ask me if I got some hemorrhoids which I don't. he then told me that me stool test came back positive so that I,ve got blood in my feces.

    He told me not to worry that that test often came back positive and that most of the time is nothing major (diverticulis, inner hemorrhoids, anal fisuure..). He told me that the protocol is to make me do a colonoscopy and that the wait coulf be 2 or 3 months.

    Of course i'm afraid of cancer (blood in the stool isn't not something normal), and from what I've read normal blood test doesn't rules out cancer. The wait is so long (thanks to our wonderfull canadian health system).
    sheba_q responded:
    Your doctor is right - many times it isn't anything major. Sure sometimes it is (the likelihood of it being cancer is extremely low) which is why you should get a colonoscopy. FYI I go for regular screening scopes (I have ulcerative colitis) and I have to schedule those almost 6 months in advance (and I'm in Canada too) so waiting 2 - 3 months is nothing.

    With abdominal pain and terrible gas, that's likely to do with your diet. You should make a food diary - write down *everything* you consume (food, drink, candy, meds, etc) and when, as well as any symptoms you have and when they happen. A lot of the time that's the kind of info that's needed to pinpoint a problem food.

    Would you be willing to list out on here what an average days food for you is?
    bucephale replied to sheba_q's response:
    Thank a lot Sheba !

    One piece of information, i've got IBS for many years (at least that is what a specialiste told me about 10 years ago). I've got bowel movement 3-4 times a day (never skip a day !), i'm never constipated, got ribbon shape stool, sometimes mucus I often have the urge to go to the toilet right after a meal.

    Average day food is very variable:

    Breakfast: Whole wheat toast with peanut butter, glass of milk, eggs and bacon one a week, smoothies (small fruits with orange juice).

    Lunch: remain of the dinner glass of vegetable juice, water, yogourt and a fruit (apple most of the time)

    Dinner: Anything ! Pasta (wholle wheat or white, tomato or meat sauce) Stir fry (veggies, chicken poork, beef) and white rice, salads, fish, potatoes (boiled, mashed or oven), veggies (raw or oven). I can eat vegetarian meals (humus, veggies soups).

    Beverage : water, beer and wine (maybe 7-8 glass by week), Sprite or coke once a week.

    Fastfood: potaoe chips 3 times a week. Junk food (poutine, hotdog, fries, fried chicken) 2-3 times by month

    Cookies 2-3 times a week, candy 2-3 times by month.

    Meds: daily 81 mg aspirin, drugs for hypertension (Lisinopril Triamterene)

    I guess it's the whole portrait !
    Jonathen253 responded:
    Painless rectal bleeding with a bowel movement is a common symptom of hemorrhoids. It might be a symptom of problem in the digestive tract.
    jaysea32 replied to Jonathen253's response:

    Blood thinners, as well as aspirin - 325 mg - will cause my hemorrhoids and fissures to bleed. Any problems with that?


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