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    Chronic pain everyday since gallbladder surgery on 6-2-16
    ProfSmuggy posted:

    Hi All,

    I am a 44 year old Husband and father of a 6 and 9 year old... I am new here and wanted to share my story.

    It all started back in 2009 when I was having RUQ pain. I had all kinds of test done and my GB was found to be normal with no stones or sludge performed during a EUS. Only thing that showed an issue was my HIDA scan which showed a 13% ejection fraction. I did not experience any pain when they injected the CCK.. I know now that was a big clue that was missed as my GI did not mention it as having any meaning. They wanted me to get my GB out, but -

    about that time, after dealing with pain for several years (2009 thru 2012) Amazingly my pain stopped, and I had 4 years of relative pain free living. I attribute this to me switching to a low fat diet and figuring out what my trigger foods were for attacks.

    Fast forward to Feb 2016 and the pain returned.. I had slipped on my diet some, so I went back to low fat, but was not having much success. All the research and test I had done 4 years before was not fresh in my mind, including my prior suspicions that the root cause may actually be SOD or Biliary dyskinesia.

    So being busy as I am, I called the local surgeon, sent all my info over to him, and he was ready to do the Cholecystectomy after seeing my low ejection fraction.. He told me that I most likely had Acalculous cholecystitis.. I had the surgery, and the pathology was no stones, and only inflamed.

    When he told me that, I felt a cold chill come over me as I had a feeling I had made a big mistake. And that feeling has come to fruition, as within two days of getting my GB removed, I started getting burning pain that was way worse then before.. Now, two weeks after the surgery I am having 3-4 severe attacks of burning pain every day/night that feels like nerve pain but its visceral and last for hours each time. I even feel this nerve sensation in the bottom of my feet.. When I am not having attacks, I am in a chronic state of lower level pain.. So far, I have been dealing with it just taking Advil, but it barely touches the pain.

    So, the end result, is now I am dealing with a condition that 10 times worse then before. I am scared and concerned that I have awakened a dragon and there is no escape.. I am now in major scrambling mode, working to get appointments with specialist in billary diseases, as I am almost certain I have SOD..

    To make matters worse, a recent study called EPISOD has been published, that is basically saying SOD is fiction and not fact, and that ERCP methods do not work for SOD, and should not be used..I am reading that based on this study, many medical centers are now pressuring their GI's to not perform this procedure.

    I am not sure what to do, as the pain I am in is extreme, and I have a wife and 6 and 9 year old to take care of.. With this pain, I can barely work, and its unlike anything I have ever experienced.

    Any suggestions, ideas, or words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated.


    undefined responded:
    My cousin had his GB removed and now I might have to have mine removed too. He told me about this website that I haven't really looked into yet. Check it out. I have a lot of neuropathy going on and reading your story now worries me.
    editor_morgan responded:
    Hi ProfSmuggy,

    Thank you for taking the time to write that post. It seems like you've been through a lot as it relates to the removal of your gallbladder. It seems like you are on the right track by monitoring your symptoms and being vocal about them.

    I'm so sorry to hear that this is impacting your ability to work. There are few fears worse than the inability to provide your family. But please know that you are not alone in that. Do you have people that you can talk to?

    Here is a link to information on WebMD regarding chronic pain after a gallbladder removal surgery.

    Postcholecystectomy Syndrome, a condition marked by chronic pain after a gallbladder removal .

    Symptom Checker -- enter in your symptoms here to narrow down what it is that could be causing your chronic pain.

    Non-WebMD source:

    5 Ways to Avoid Discomfort After Your Gallbladder Removal

    WebMD Community Moderators are unable to give medical advice or a diagnosis, but hopefully you find these resources helpful.

    Remember, we are here for you. Please be sure to update us.

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