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    Roll Call! Introduce Yourself
    Louise_WebMD_Staff posted:
    It has been a while since we have done how about a roll call where you introduce yourself, tell us what your dx is if you have one and what meds you are taking for it...and share one food you can eat "safely" that you really enjoy.
    Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
    I will go first.



    Azathioprine, Hyoscyamine (extended release-anti-spasmodic), Promethazine (nausea) , and Lortab (pain) -Everything except the azathioprine is as needed.

    Cheese is a food I love and still can enjoy. Except I really need to be careful with cream cheeses, they set me off something crazy unless I only have less than a tablespoon.
    mindyj1971 responded:
    Hi, I'm Mindy Dx with (fistulizing) Crohn's in September 08. I'm taking Pentasa 4000mg daily; still recovering from my first resection on March 10. I take phenergan as needed for nausea, and vicodin as needed for pain.

    I still have not found any foods that I can enjoy:( Food is my ultimate enemy-have lost 30 lbs. Living on Gatorade and even that seems to go through me pretty quick these days.
    rednewbie responded:
    Hi all, its Gin..

    Meds list.. wow... lets see. anascol, flexerial, amtriplyn, phenegren, vicoden, Librax, levsin, celebrex, and 3 different anti depressants.. ... And 2 HB meds, stuff for thryiod issue,.. Its a total of 12 different meds, and about 25 pills a day. (are we having fun yet!)

    I seem to be able to eat ... Hmmm. can't seem to think of something that is always safe for me to eat. Fiber is a big, No, No..... No.. No.. Dairy sometimes bothers me, but cheese seems to be Ok. Sugar stuff seems to be the one item I can eat without any issue. Candy, candy bars (even with nuts), poptarts, toaster strudels, or kids cereal (with no fiber) works good for my crohns, but not for my fat belly!!

    it all depends on the day, level of stress, and I don't know if the planets are in line?

    Mindy, I am shocked you only take 3 different meds? Hugs to all! Gin
    jerzilady69 responded:
    Hi, Im Lisa Crohn's (in the stomache & duodenum) dx march 08 Prevacid 6mp folic acid pentassa prednisone now on cimzia injections percocet and dilaudid (pain meds) multi vitamin w/ minerals Every food i enjoy i cant eat, but i can eat cheese and any carb. without the good stuff on it (Pasta with out the sauce) ( potato without the gravy) i really miss my veggis and fruits (raw of course), no fried foods, no soda, so i live on water and icedtea...and since my dx i've lost 70lbs....
    jerzilady69 responded:
    Hi Its Lisa again,,, i forgot the most important med of all,,,,,ZOFRAN (nausea),,,,my best friend.
    mindyj1971 responded:
    Gin-Those are only the meds for Crohn's-I am also on Prozac 20 mg, Ativan 1 mg, a birth control pill, diazepam 5 mg as needed. I was on this other stuff before I was diagnosed so I just didn't count them. Sorry for the confusion. I wish I was only on 3 meds LOL! Hugs to all-Mindy
    Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Yep, I skipped allergy meds, migraine meds (even though I got migraines from taking the crohn's meds) and sleeping meds (also related to crohns)
    arbob2 responded:
    Hi, it's arbob. DX with UC in Nov. 08, after colonoscopy. Diarrhea for 4 months before that. Started on sulfasalazine, then sulfasalazine and prednisone, tapered off the prednisone, big time flare up, back on higher dose, eased up, but when tapering again, another flareup. Now off of sulfasalazine and just started Lialda this morning. Also started Anucort suppository two nights ago. Bleeding and cramping, but no other pains. In past 8 months, have lost 25 lbs. That's the good side of this story. Hopefully Lialda will do the trick for me, but it's so EXPENSIVE! Contacted drug manufacturer and hopefully will get help from them as well as samples from my gastro doctor. He's very helpful and I appreciate that. But I am losing patience. I'm 70 years old, retired, and my husband and I are afraid to travel very far from home. Save money that way, but not fun. I know this is a difficult disease and I can only sympathize with UC and CD patients. Difficult time, but I'm trying to be upbeat as I can. Not an easy chore tho. Hopefully better days ahead and waiting for Lialda to do the trick.
    momore responded:
    Hi Nomore here(Gary)

    DX Cohns, no current issues Colonoptomy 97--ileostomy bag since then, which has led to multiple kidney issues. No meds for Crohns, stool binder for ostomy output, anti-depressant.

    No real restrictions on diet, all based on keeping stoma unclogged.
    bertiemay1952 responded:
    Hi, I'm Becky

    I have Crohn's in the small intestines.

    I had a resection in September and for Crohn's I take 6-MP, Pentasa, Entocort, Prilosec and occasionally Cholestramine. I will be coming off the Entocort soon (I also take about 8 other meds not related to Crohn's)

    I love all foods, but some don't love me!!! Broccoli, spinach and iceberg lettuce make me deathly ill - but for some strange reason I can eat romaine lettuce. I can tolerate some dairy but I absolutely adore sweets of any kind and they don't make me sick, just fatter, ha ha! Since I have been on the Entocort (2 months) I have gained about 15 pounds, but I hopefully will lose that when I go off the meds.
    darkntall responded:
    My name is Rod. I was diagnosed with Crohns in 1997. Im not taking any meds for my Crohns. Im only taking strong antioxidant, probiotic, digestive enzymes, sublingual B-complex, and multivitamin supplements. Since Ive have my right mix of "meds", I can eat anything that i want safely.
    starrymj responded:
    Hi! My name is Megan I used to be on here as jaymegan but couldn;'t remember my password and such so I set up a new account. I have been on just mostly to read the posts but am getting frustrated and need to talk to everyone : ) I was diagnosed with UC in 2006. I was on asacol and went on predisone once for a couple of months. Then I got pregnant and had my beautiful daughter this past September. After that my UC went from bad to worse. I am at the time taking 4 asacol 3x a day, 150 mg of imuran, and 40mg of predisone and I am not getting any better. I have been on the asacol since 2006 and have been taking the predisone since November and I started the imuran in Jan. Lets see I know what foods I can not have but foods that I can usually keep in my tummy for more than a couple of hours would be like chicken salad, hotdogs, grilled cheese, ramen noodles, cheese. I look forward to talking to everyone because you all only know what I am going through. I know my family tries to be understanding but they really don't know what it feels like. I hope we all get better and look forward to some support and am here to give support too!
    florida35 responded:
    Hi ya all! My name is Heather and I was diagnosed w/Crohns 3 years ago. Have had issues all my life, just never properly diagnosed. I recently recv'd a report of NO ACTIVE CROHNS but I do have changes in inflamation and need surgery for hernia located at the site of my small bowel resection from 2007.

    I am currently taking Cimzia, Lortab. Getting ready for surgery again on April 23,2009. A little nervous because they are using cadaver skin to repair the hernia. A little creapy but hey, I'm ready to feel good!

    Foods I avoid at all cost even though I love them is venison, beef and pork. I love to eat sweets but they don't love me. I am similar to many people with this condition to feeling food is an enemy!! Got to love pudding and jello though, at least that's what the Doc's say!!

    So glad to have a support group like this. It has been a blessing many times! Thanks everyone, Heather
    Aperr responded:
    Hey everyone! My names is Ashley. I was diagonsed with Crohn's almost exactly 1 year ago. I am on Asacol, Prednisone, Remicaid, Extra Strength Tylenol when needed and Darvocet when needed. I also love the icey hot patches for my back when I am tapering off Prednisone due to the back spasms I get. My favorite food that hasn't given me a problem is bannans! My doctor told me to eat one a day to help with bathroom habits. So i have gotten creative.. Bannas Pops (You can find a kit at Wal-mart) Banna pudding with Nilla Waffers and low fat Cool Whip, and a little weird one I like bannas and apple sauce.

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