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    Coffee and liver disease
    Melissa Palmer, MD posted:
    Did you know that drinking coffee is healthy for the liver!
    Studies show that a people who drank a few cups a day were less likely to scar their livers and less likely to get liver cancer.

    The same protective effect was not seen with tea or decaffeinated coffee.
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    arbob2 responded:
    Well, I should have one heckuva healthy liver! I only drink coffee in the AM, about 4 cups. I love it. And I love it even more now. Is 4 too much?
    teddybear200 responded:
    Good to know - I drink coffee to raise my blood pressure it's to low. Now I can say I'm drinking it for my liver, I like that.
    pratikpanchal responded:
    coffee is always not helthful.Some times it may be digesting problem .That is what i found
    RikAG responded:
    What is viewed/suspected to be the protection mechanism for this. What exactly does coffee contain that you don't get enough of elsewhere in order to protect the liver. Also - will coffee improve the AST/ALT enzyme numbers in blood tests. Mine have always been up near the high limit and I abstained from coffee for 20 years. I started drinking coffee a year ago and am wondering if I'll likely see an AST/ALT improvement.
    Ihateyourregistrationprocess replied to RikAG's response:
    Try drinking the juice of half of a lemon mixed with water or juice for lowering AST/ALT.
    Start doing it every day; and, as your numbers improve, you can cut back.
    Good luck !
    RikAG replied to Ihateyourregistrationprocess's response:
    That would be a wonderful solution. Is the lower the number ( AST ALT) the better ? Or is it better to be in the center of the range.
    Ihateyourregistrationprocess replied to RikAG's response:
    Since I'm not a doctor, my opinion is that it's better to be in range than above the range.
    The lemon treatment has worked for both my wife and myself during the past 5 years.
    Without good personal experience, I would have been reluctant to place it before you.
    By the way, my frustration with the registration process yesterday was partly because I have never communicated this way before.
    But, I was reluctant not to share the information with you.
    I hope you will also have success with it !
    RikAG replied to Ihateyourregistrationprocess's response:
    I'm glad you answered this. Believe it or not, I started with the lemon water about a week ago - for totally different reason. So, now I am more committed to it as a daily routine. What kind of % reduction in ALT/AST did you see.
    Ihateyourregistrationprocess replied to RikAG's response:
    I actually have the numbers at home; but, they were each in 3 digits at their highest.
    Over a period of 6 to 9 months they came back into the normal range, and are easily kept in that range by having lemon as little as 3 times a week.
    But, to bring them down into normal, we took it every day.
    77healingflower responded:
    I like coffee,but I cannot drink it now because I have high blood pressure and heart disease. The coffee did not cause this, I did not drink it that much,maybe couple times a month
    ohmygerd replied to RikAG's response:
    Check out Dr. Oz. com and plug in lemon juice. He did a wonderful segment this week on the benefits of lemon juice and water. You can get the exact measurements on the site.
    Eat_Well replied to Ihateyourregistrationprocess's response:
    Can you tell me more about the result of the lemon juice? I've been drinking it every day for the last 3 weeks and my ALT level has gone up. Did you both also experience a spike at the beginning?
    soaringeagel responded:
    What about 3 cups of coffee and on a MAOI?
    LogicSense responded:
    I must ask, how many studies were conducted and on what population diversities? It seems like a bold statement to say that drinking coffee is healthy for your liver. That is a definitive statement. What about the millions of other factors that determine health or sickness? How can be so sure of yourself as to put people at risk for any number of illnesses simply because of a correlation between coffee drinkers and the absence of liver disease. Were the participants who drank coffee completely free of illness? How do you know that the coffee didn't cause problems in another system? Less likely simply means that less participants developed the one thing that was monitored.

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