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    Is it really IBS as diagnosed?
    An_201031 posted:
    For about three months now I have been dealing with bouts of constipation followed but diarrhea followed by a bowel movements with bloody mucus. The first time it happened I went to the ER and they believed I might have food poisoning and sent me home with lomotil and told me to drink fluids. I have had 5 other occasions this has happened now (with the blood) and I have seen my family practitioner and he believes it is nothing other than IBS from stress. When researching it online, it always says that if there is blood it is not IBS but possibly IBD. He prescribed me to take miralax once a day, which has helped with the pain and constipation quite a bit but I have had one more episode today. I am not sure how I should proceed or if I am just overreacting and it really is IBS, please help!
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    KathKat responded:
    Can I say this? How about a second opinion, like a gastro doc? And when is the colonoscopy? I'm sorry, I really worry when blood's involved - its not one of my symptoms. Maybe when I've read more accounts here in this Exchange, I'll learn about other possible symptoms.
    earthtonegirl responded:
    Definitely definitely you need to see a specialist. Family doctors can only do so much, and in the ER all they care about is whether or not you're dying - they're not very good at diagnosing long-term things because it's just not their priority. It's very important that you know if it is IBD or something else, because those things have specific treatments.
    HBA123 replied to KathKat's response:
    Yeah I am still really worried too. I have now seen an internal medicine doctor too and after all of 5 minutes with me said he thought it was most likely IBS, the second they find out I am only 21 and otherwise healthy they do not take a second look. It is hard to be taken seriously. But these symptoms showed up out of no where and haven't changed a bit. I tried to get an appointment with a gastro doctor and he said since there is no occult blood in my stool and it is just in the mucus itself it is probably just inflammation from IBS and didn't feel the need to do a colonoscopy. So until it gets worse, I am SOL in there books.
    heatherneedstosmile replied to HBA123's response:
    see a gastro dr and he said that to me as well, he diagnosed me with ibs and gerd and said no need for a colonoscopy. but its so bad i even lose my bowels with no warning, im 30 yrs old, i refuse to wear depends! no ibs meds work, not even cancer nausea meds. i cant eat, and when i do its very slowly , and i still get sick, it took me an hour and ahalf today to eat one sandwich to take meds, and i got sick, then was sitting here and lost my bowels with no warning. im so depressed, dont know what else to do, dont wanna leave home, its bad enough losing bowels at home, imagine being in public. i have anxiety too so its no fun.
    heatherneedstosmile replied to KathKat's response:
    dont have blood in my stool either, but it has been some strange colors ive never seen. i take alot of coumadin and i worry if i see blood too.
    sweetevil1 responded:
    I would definitely get another opinion because i have had ibs-d for over 10 yrs and never once had blood in my stool...that is a sure sign there is more going on than there is and my doctor ran a battery of tests to prove that is all it was
    jusanewfac replied to HBA123's response:
    HBA123: you shouldbe able to have a regular medical doctor diagnose your problem and or send you for more testing . I too have IBS and diverticulitis. I was diagnosed with this when I had some blood in themucus. it is accully quite norml until it clears up. you may just be straining some or you may accually have a small tear inside of your anus that is making the blood show up right now.
    I also suggest not to eat anything that is made with whole flour (like white bread, donuts etc) you can have wheat or whole grains...I am going to let you know that most people with IBS can't have any whole flour produts anymore as it causes them to lose their bowels more. I am doing better knowing this now.
    I Just off my medicie after 5 years being on it and so far I am doing ok.
    I wish you well too .
    jusanewfac responded:
    I hope you can do this and return to this doctor and ask him to send you for a colonocopy and maybe he will listen to you. if not insist it to him. Have the courage to do this for your health.
    I had to but ask him to do this just to help you know for sure.
    Also when the results come back request a copy of the results, and take them to another doctor or a friend in medicine to explain them to you if you can't read the results. It is your right to get a copy of the results of any test...
    also the films , if it is done at a hospital, have them make you a disk and put it on your computer and look at it yourself....
    I do this all the time.
    take care ...
    also word to the wise and this helps ..stay away from whole white flour products /like breads, donuts, etc... they are loaded with sugars that upset the digestive system and hurt the IBS and IBD. they make you have diarrehea.
    My medical doctor told me this 2 years ago and I haven't had the problem since.
    hope all works for you too.
    pass this on to others as well if you want to.
    jusanewfac replied to earthtonegirl's response:
    I actually don't agree with you on the ER not helping people or knowing anything or taking care or knowing how to care for people with a problem. They are not very good at diagnosing long term things???? well if not then how come my mom has been diagnosed with pnemonia and that they said she would have it long term and she still has it? she is still dealing with it now and it has been 4 months now. I disagree with you and I just think you must of had many bad experiences at an ER or hospital yourself. Other people need specialist there, as is we people depend on their care too.
    you take care...
    LilMissMerrySunshine replied to jusanewfac's response:

    I think earthtonegirl is talking more about GI issues. From my own experiences and a LOT of research, talking with people, even talking with other doctors, ERs do not tend to take GI issues seriously. I don't know why this is, but as the original poster said, and several others said, they cannot even get GI docs to scope them for diarrhea. I went to three to find one who would finally run the tests.

    I had severe diarrhea for a week, ended up in the ER, and the Internal Med doctor tried to send me home after 3 days. I refused to leave until I talked to the GI doc who was consulting. I was there for 11 days, if that tells you how wrong they were. Then, they sent me home knowing I had a life-threatening illness, without an endocrine consult, and I spent 3 months waiting for it. I didn't know what problem I had either. I still plan to place a call to the patient advocate at the hospital to alert them to what happened so hopefully it will not happen to anyone else, now that I more fully understand my disease and the potential ramifications of them sending me home when they did.

    A lot of people can get diagnosed in an ER - I'm just saying with GI issues, it is really hard to be taken seriously. And it does not make sense, because things like blood in the stool or severe diarrhea can be very dangerous.

    I also watched my grandmother die from c.diff., which they just could not get rid of. You would be amazed at how many times she was dismissed.

    With respect,
    grneydgrl77 responded:
    I was diagnosed with IBS when I was 19 years old. I had problems with diarrhea with bloody mucus and went to my family doc he then referred me to a GI specialist. I had a colonoscopy and was officially diagnosed with it. Over the years I've had mucus ocassionally but always have diarrhea.I know people can have IBS with constipation as well. I've had that problem just a handful of times. But stress flair's my IBS and can cause me to have major probs. We travel alot and my GI told me to take an Imodium everytime we travel to avoid having to use the bathroom on road trips...I take 1 a day for 2 days,and it helps. Just be prepared for those of you who are newly diagnosed with ready to find a restroom quick once you have eaten! It is a very embarrassing but we have to live with it,and thankfully its not fatal
    jdaniels1959 responded:
    would say a colonoscopy is in order it is possible that it is IBS i have it and have had to go for colonoscopy to be on the safe side and i take miralax now with my bouts of constipation. If you have fibromyalgia it is always better to be safe than sorry and no that is not just the reason to be checked. It is dangerous to be like that and not to know what is causing it. So go to the gastro as recommended on another post and get checked.
    butterflygirl70 replied to grneydgrl77's response:
    hi grneydgrl77! i have the same problems. diagnosed with IBS, but mine is always diarrhea as well, very, very seldom constipation. i have to do exactly the same thing with the Imodium. If i know that i will be away from home for long periods of time (and i absolutely hate to have to use public restrooms) i take the Imodium as well. I am new to this discussion board, and am glad to read about someone else dealing with the same issues i do. Good luck with your problems, and yes, thankfully it is not fatal.
    butterflygirl70 replied to LilMissMerrySunshine's response:
    Hi LMMS,
    First, I'd like to say... So sorry to hear about your grandmother! May I ask what is C. Diff.? I am not familiar with that. I am currently doing a lot of research for myself and my GI/IBS, etc. issues.

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