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    emotional support
    gatorspook posted:
    I'm really trying to make sense on why I sometimes lose control, and why other times it is so easy to maintain control. I always love the dialog. I think it helps.
    ohno121 responded:
    I don't think there is any sense that's why it is so frustrating
    terryearl replied to ohno121's response:
    I have been dealing with binge eating for most of my adult life. My VA nutritionist says they have not found out why we binge. They use mainly distractions , exercise, and portion control. It works as long as you are with group but when it ends, I am right back to binging. It is frustrating.
    Uccah310 responded:
    I am experiencing similar situation right now. I am ok for few days and then I lose control. There are many triggers for me that I knives so far, but it doesn't mean it is easy to have control...I exercise and do my hobbies, but it doesn't help me everytime. Sometimes I wish I could talk it through with people who understand what I am going through.
    jkd77433 replied to Uccah310's response:
    "Sometimes I wish I could talk it through with people who understand what I am going through." There are several places one might try, and my struggle for the last 6 decades tells me that none of them are permanent. In terms of talking with understanding people, in my experience Overeaters Anonymous can't be beat. They are openly copied from A.A., and in fact when not enough people show up for a meeting where I happen to go, we go to the A.A. meeting. Many, such as my self are compulsive, with what had been a drinking issue expressed as an eating issue. The A.A. meetings are actually often a lot more interesting. Active group run by volunteers, with no one getting rich. I've personally been to their headquarters near Albuquerque, New Mexico, and they are in a very simple plain building. If they aren't having meetings conveniently near you, they also have online meetings. Hardest part by for for a man like me is acknowledging I am a compulsive over eater and dealing with that reality. Helps to know I am not alone. If you are interested, the most it will cost you is an hour of so for a meeting. They do take a collection and you can donate to help offset their expenses; many donate two dollars, some nothing; some contribute to the discussions, some don't. They are as accepting as I can imagine.
    Here is a link to there newly reworked website.
    gatorspook replied to Uccah310's response:
    If you ever want someone to share support, I have been fighting this myself for years. I'm an older guy, and probably way too trusting. But respond and we'll find a way to write. If you ever want.

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