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    Can Bulimia relate to allergy?
    wilmavoll posted:
    Hello everyone, I've had bulimia nervosa for almost five years and I'm still struggling with it now. A few weeks ago I had urticaria. After receiving injections and taking medication, the hives were eliminated. The allergen test showed that I'm allergic to house dust. Until now I've had urticaria three times, including the one I'm having now, and the other two cases happened when I was in primary school, I got them while having a high fever. I'm 20 now, and during the past years I didn't have any allergies to dust. So actually I don't really believe that I can suddenly become allergic to house dust... But very soon the urticaria came again, even when I was still taking medication. Now I am not taking any antiallergic pills. And I noticed that my binge behavior seemed to stimulate the occurrence of the hives, but I'm not sure if they're interrelated. Is there any possible links between bulimia nervosa and my allergy? Maybe there're allergens in the too much food I ate? Or the bulimia has affected my immune system?
    lisa253 responded:
    I know that in my late teens and early twenties I started developing food allergies that hadn't been present before. I became afraid of eating food because I didn't know what was causing my hives, itching, and extreme nausea. I ended up figuring out that by eating certain foods my body responded almost instinctively by throwing up. This made binging and purging a lot easier. A lot of people are unaware that one of the prime times in a persons life that they develop food allergies, and also mental illnesses, is during the late teens/ early twenties. I am now 33 years old and still battling my eating disorder. No one took me seriously when I first asked for help, or believed my food reactions were real. Now I've lived with an eating disorder for half of my life and can't imagine my life without it. I am still trying to find treatment, but I feel like no one wants to put the effort into helping me. Most treatment centers aren't structured to deal with people who have true food allergies and intolerences. Too often they assume it's being made up as part of the eating disorder without pursuing the issue further. I would encourage you to have allergy tests done if you are able to.
    wilmavoll replied to lisa253's response:
    Thanks for your tips! I've had allergy tests and some other tests done and it turned out that I'm allergic to beef, crab, alcohol and a few more... I've never had any food allergies in my life until now, so the test results were really frustrating. Now I'm off all the meds and careful about what I eat, and my hives occur less and less. I'm still fighting against my bulimia, and as you said, no one seems to actually care about my conditions. There's a long way ahead.

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