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    Hopeless and Helpless with my binge eating
    mizputter posted:
    I don't know how to control my eating. I have Type II diabetes, and I am going to die from this if I don't get my eating under control. The top of my left foot is so numb know, that I can barely feel it. I have a little more than 100 lbs. to lose, but I'm in fear of never losing even a quarter of it. I feel hopeless and helpless and am now very scared. When I was younger, it didn't bother me as much, but now I can see my mortality much more clearly. Any thoughts or help for me? I've tried every diet there is but have failed them all. Please, can someone give me some hope and advice...
    babykauffman responded:
    Hi mizputter
    I'm so sorry to hear about your situation, I am also a person that is overweight and understand diets not working, abut it worried me about your numbness. Have you tried the Atkins diet? I am a carb addict, and when I find time to prepare my food this method will help, it lets me eat more and I like proteins. I really wish you can get your blood sugar under control.
    ohno121 replied to babykauffman's response:
    Hi mizputter I'm so sorry you are suffering I can hear the desperation you are feeling. I wish I could help you find the answers you are looking for. Diets don't work for me either. Over the last 14 months I have lost 50kg ( 110 pounds ) I did this when I realised I was hardly able to move around. I'm on medication for depression anxiety and thyroid. I decided to start changing things by small baby steps in my life. After 2 months I started to add some more moving around in my day. After a while I tried walking for 10 mins ( I thought I was going to have a heart attack but it was a panic attack) I waited a couple of days and I tried again over time it got easier so I added extra steps. I started making small changes with my food as well. The dr suggested I go to a weight wise program (healthy eating)so I went I was pretty confident I new everything about food so begrudgingly I went and after I stopped thinking I new everything I started to listen and learn ( all the things I new about healthy eating I had actually forgotten about ) I re learned about potion sizes and portion distortion healthy fats etc it was life changing for me. Calories in verses calories out was new to me so I took the information she gave me home I read it and I read it again and again. Little by little my lifestyle started to change I was feeling better and better which helped to keep the changes growing. I purchased a fittness tracker( to wear on my wrist) it's fantastic. At the beginning I would have been lucky to do 1000 steps for my day. I would increase my goal 1000 steps at a time ( 10 000 was my ultimate goal ) it took me 6 months to reach it. Today I went for a 7km (4 mile) walk, a bit later I went for a bike ride and a short walk before tea along with my other daily activity my step total 19 327 steps. This changed my whole thinking I now focus on steps and movement equally as much as the food I eat. I use my exercise to help control my over/binge eating urges ( mostly successfully but not always ). I plan out what I'm going to eat and I try and stick with that but if I want extra food I add extra exercise and this has worked for me. Calories in verses calories out. This is what I needed to learn and I have to admit I'm still learning (I'm taking it very slowly, it's extremely overwhelming learning the calorie count of everything) I hope you read this and find a glimmer of hope. Please keep fighting you are strong I know you can find the answers to the questions you have.
    gatorspook responded:
    Here is all I can say: I was TOTALLY out of control. The problem is, you can't STOP a behavior. it's too hard. But you can SUBSTITUTE a behavior. I started running. At 288 pounds. I could run for 2 minutes. Then I'd walk until I could run again. For a half an hour. Every day, no excuses. I programmed my meals. Breakfast, every day, 3 eggs scrambled in a lot of olive oil. Lunch was nuts or a brothy soup at most. Regular dinner. NOTHING otherwise. I tried to use CBT methods to start.

    After a month the exercise changed my blood chemistry. It became easy to follow my planned meals. I am now running 2 1/2 miles a day, and eating like a normal person. My weight has dropped to 254. My cholesterol (from the olive oil?) dropped from 258 to 154. It's a good idea to get a little coconut oil in your diet too because of the fat profiles.

    I have so far to go, but I am so happy I stop and cry sometimes...I thought I could never do this. I turn 65 next month btw.

    Remember this: People care about you...everyone is loved. You just have to channel your determination in the right direction. This is my path, find yours. And THEN use your determination to make it happen.
    monmos responded:
    Hey I do understand, I tried diets and its not working, after speaking to my dr, she gave me something to control my appetite, this had lots of side effects but its better then the although to stay as I were, I lost about 88ib or 6.3st. With that I also replaced all the snacks and sweets with cucumber and carrots, nuts. And for breakfast t will eat hi-fiber cereal with cranberry and raisins instead of sugar and I will add half water and half milk, I'm looking at all kinds of things to cut without it feeling like I'm on a diet. I still battles with binge eating, but its more under control, and the cucumber (u can replace it with celery) really helps because I can eat as much as I want without being scared of gaining weight. Hope it will help.

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