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    Possible Medicine to help with Binge Eating
    An_263864 posted:
    I have recently come to the conclusion that I am Binge Eating, it's horrible, I eat so much at night that I make myself sick, horrible acid reflux that the meds prescribed for me aren't enough to offset the amount of food I consume. Even though I know what the results will be I find that I just can't stop myself, I am getting heavier and heavier and am miserable. I am also an adult (finally) diagnosed with ADD and found the following article on a website for adults with ADD. I have taken Vyvanse for my ADD, but found that it just wasn't taking me through the day and was falling asleep at work late in the afternoon, my doc switched me to 40 mg.(4,10mg tabs taken twice a day) of Adderall which was good for awhile but I just don'r feel the benefits of that anymore. [br>If it matters, I also am taking 30mg of Lexapro a day for anxiety and have xanax for when I have anxiety attacks. [br>I am going to make an appt. with my doc to discuss my Binge Eating and possible switching back to Vyvanse which I hope will "kill two birds with one stone". [br>Hopefully this will help me overcome this disorder and get my life together.Thanks for the opportunity to share.

    January 30, 2015 the FDA approved Vyvanse•, a long-acting amphetamine, for treatment of binge eating disorder (BED). Shire sought approval for additional treatment use from the FDA long ago, but coincidentally the announcement was made just two weeks after a lisdexamfetamine-BED study was published in the JAMA psychiatric journal (ref: ). Vyvanse is Shire's brand name; lisdexamfetamine is the generic name for this medication. Research shows astonishing effectiveness in treatment of binge eating disorder. Some participants in the trial actually stopped binge eating, others slowed down, compared to the control group. And they lost weight, too. Not a lot of weight, to be sure, but the trial lasted only four weeks. The follow-up period was three weeks. Not surprisingly, some of the trial participants dropped out because of side effects from Vyvanse. One died of methamphetamine overdose despite having no prior drug dependence; researchers say the death was unrelated to the study. There was evidence of increased heart rate, which is also reported among ADHD patients.
    problemswitheating responded:
    I am exactly the same eater as you...I do not have an appetite during the day, but, at night, I love to eat and to relax with food, you are so right, the reflux is horrible because of the amount of food put in our stomachs and then we do not allow our bodies to digest the food..I am very curious to hear more about the Vyanse..please advise if you hear more.
    tilaralee replied to problemswitheating's response:
    me to any tip

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    I took up seed beading, this keeps my hands busy and helps fight the urge to eat all night while watching tv with hubby. I find all kinds ... More
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