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    Depressed and overstuffed.
    laur13jf posted:
    I have been struggling with this for many years. I recently moved and had to find a new doctor. The one I have dismissed my mention of binge eating. His response to it was to keep fruits and vegetables at the front of the fridge. I am trying to figure out if I should go to a psychiatrist or a therapist. I really need help. I see my doctor tomorrow and will bring it up again.Hopefully he will have better suggestions.
    atti_editor responded:
    Did your doctor have any helpful/new suggestions? There's a lot of information in the WebMD Binge Eating Center that you might find helpful. A psychologist or psychiatrist who specializes in eating disorders might be a good place to start if you aren't getting the support you deserve from your doctor. Major medical centers, hospitals, and eating disorder treatment centers are good places to find binge eating experts. The National Eating Disorders Association and the Binge Eating Disorder Association also offer search tools that can help you find a specialist near you. Hope to hear from you soon!
    ohno121 responded:
    Hi. It's very difficult to discuss this issue with Drs that don't have an interest in eating disorders. I would look for specific people that deal with eating disorders to get advice from. What ever you do please don't stop trying to find help.
    laur13jf responded:
    He really didn't have much to say. He gave me a new prescription for the depression I also am dealing with. I see him again on August 17. Then I will call a psychiatrist to deal with the eating. I am so depressed that I find it difficult to move. Thanks for the advice. I will keep you posted.
    jkd77433 replied to laur13jf's response:
    I don't have the answer, but something that has helped me maybe five out of seven days (I'd have said more, but for the ice cream sandwich event last night, ending only when out of ice cream sandwiches!) is to log when and what I'm eating (I use an Excel spreadsheet because that's what I'm used to) and being sure that 'breakfast' actually is that. If I'm up eating until ten in the evening, I want to wait until well after 10 am to eat breakfast. Most of the stuff about not eating after 6 pm, I suspect, comes from people who do typically go 12 to 14 hours after their evening meal before eating breakfast.

    My good breakfast is about 150g non fat cottage cheese, 100g blueberries, 30g freshly ground flax seed (I have a coffee grinder dedicated to flax seed) and about 180g skim milk, mixed and eaten as if cereal. Yields, about 382 calories, with 33g protein, 12g 'good' fats, 12g fiber. Sometimes, my night binge eating lasts long enough that I have to wait until 2pm the next day to eat my 'breakfast'.

    It has helped me, but has not 'cured' me. I know many of my trigger foods, but sometimes eat them anyhow. OA has a bunch of people much like me, and if they don't have enough people show up for a meeting, we go to the AA meeting that is right there. Same type of people, with a different expression of the same problem. Some of us are both OA and AA.

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