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    Binge Eating
    Anon_48067 posted:
    I suffer from Binge Eating,69 years old 6'2" and weigh 380 lbs. When I was a young boy my father would set a timer and if I did not get done eating in time I would be beat with a belt. I wonder if this has to do with my binge eating. Medical or physiological
    Stormcaller responded:
    I'm sorry to hear about the belt.. makes me sad.. I don't believe in smacking, hitting, belting children... anyone for that matter. My dad never used the belt but he did hit and if I ever had children I'd never want them to be scared of me the way I was with my dad... I'm anorexic... I was ten years ago and I relapsed the last year.. you struck chords with me when I was reading down posts. They are telling parents now to stop telling kids to eat everything on plate so as not to waste food... I was told that when I was a kid but also at 12 not to eat biscuits because I would get fat.. I was v slim dancing every day.. I was torn between not wasting food bc starving kids in Africa which was all over the news... broke my heart but feeling greedy if I ate something I enjoyed that was a treat or even something that I thought would make me far. Parents think they are nurturing by feeding children massive plates the portion of an adult then telling them to eat it all... a child knows when they have had enough... they will not starve and yes I think for sure feeling the need to rush down food when younger has led to the same behaviour as adult... it's ingrained into you but doesn't mean it can't be undone.. and it take something like 15 or 20 minutes for your stomach to send message to brain to let you know your full... if you eat v fast it is no wonder you would binge/eat a lot at once. This is my first post I'm new here. Take care and be safe xxx

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