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    Binge eating
    scotty123123 posted:
    I suffer from depression and anxiety, I am also a binge eater. When I was young my father would set a timer that I had to finish eating by if not finished I would get the belt. I am 69 and weigh 380 lbs. I eat so fast I do not taste my food so I just keep eating. I need some suggestions on how to stop. Thank you for any help.
    jkd77433 responded:
    Aye, it was a contest when I was growing up; if you didn't eat it quickly, someone else would steal it from the plate. Was a fast eater. I have learned to slow down, not so much as a result of will power, but rather having lost enough teeth that I have to eat more slowly. I am a compulsive over eater and have tried a lot of different things. They most all seem to work as long as I adhere to them.

    Among many things that have helped, conversation with friends seems to be the most enjoyable way to slow down. Talk enough and the meal can last until the waiter wants to clear the table. I don't get to do that very often; wish I could do more.

    I'm 72 and have been battling weight since adolescence and feel I know more about battling than winning a lasting victory. Have gone back and forth from well over 300 lbs to under 190, more than once. Currently down a little from recent peak of 312; I'm 5' 8" and don't carry it well.

    My daughters recently got into Trim Healthy Mama, and with T.C. Luoma's recent writings making some sense of some of their ideas, have managed to drop a few pounds. I think I can maintain this, but will report back in a few years with actual results. You can Google them for more information, although finding T.C.'s older writings has been beyond my abilities lately. I've half way known T.C. for some time since I was a wantabe powerlifter in Beautiful Golden, Colorado.
    kag0803 responded:
    Hi Scotty, In my humble opinion I believe that your depression and anxiety exacerbate your binge eating. If you are on medication for your mental health issues that can have an impact on your metabolism. I would research the medications and ascertain the impact they may have on your metabolism and if they cause weight gain.

    I too have a Father that was very strict when it came to finishing EVERY morsel on your plate or you could not leave the table. My Father's mindset stemmed from being so poor when he was younger that he wld go into a restaurant and order hot water and add ketchup to make soup. Thank G-d he and our extended family worked so tenaciously that they wound up being extremely successful, however, his stringent ways of eating every morsel continues to this day.

    Since your psyche has adapted to eating quickly by a timer why don't you try the opposite. Perhaps using a timer and setting it for a lengthy amount of time to eat will slow down and allow you all the time you desire to finish your food.

    As well, it is imperative to study what foods should and should not be eaten together. Portion control is also extremely important to weight gain and/or loss. You'd be surprised to find out how much more you can eat of the foods you love when combined properly and adhere to the proper portions .You can look at something like the 21 Day Fix to explain all of this much better. This method may be exactly what you need to understand food interactions while still eating what you love.

    I don't know if you have sought medical and/or other professional help, however, that would be very beneficial to understand the correlation between your depression and your binge eating.

    When you start understanding the proper foods to eat, example: steer away from processed food, wheat, sugar, high detrimental carbs, et cetera, you will see how enjoyable and healthful food can truly be.

    I hope I have offered information that may be beneficial to you and I wish you the best in life and health.
    scotty123123 replied to jkd77433's response:
    Thanx for the info
    scotty123123 replied to kag0803's response:
    Thank so much for your ideas

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    I took up seed beading, this keeps my hands busy and helps fight the urge to eat all night while watching tv with hubby. I find all kinds ... More
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