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    Binge eating in the evening
    moonbean posted:
    Hi all,

    I was wondering if anyone has experienced the same pattern I seem to be stuck in with binge eating: basically, I can eat reasonably healthily all day, without being too strict, but as soon as I get home and have my tea all I want to do is keep on eating and eating until my stomach aches. I can't understand why on earth it all goes so wrong in the evening, and then I just end up mentally beating myself up for it. Then the next day I'll start off healthily again, but it won't last. Anyone got any ideas or suggestions that might help? I'd be very grateful, thankyou.
    sharon1952 responded:
    have this problem too. But I also use food for comfort I have done this sience I was a child
    lenroc2 responded:
    We must be soul sisters. You have described me to a T. I eat after dark but do very well the rest of the day. I truly think I need a psychiatrist to unravel this mystery. It isn't about the food........ I've joined Weight Watchers at least four different times and find myself getting steamed up during the meeting discussions because it is always about food and how to make the gooey things with substitute ingredients. I'm looking for a Reason For the bingeing not for a recipe! My suggestion is to get some mental health help. There must be a lot of us out there.
    lasglorias responded:
    My psychiatrist gave me Trazadone to take at night. I sleep through the night where before I would wake up several time and had the Need to eat. There is not any residual from the pills. I have been woken up by phone calls and was wide awake no groggy news. Amazing. Sleeping pills were horrible left me groggy. Ask your Dr for these to try.
    Good luck
    obsessedsos responded:
    Hi, omg's.
    Exactly just my problem.
    I literally binged at night.
    I feel so perfect at day time, everything a nightmare, soon I'm home.
    Can't stop eating, will literally search my pantry to grab anything, can't stop.
    pollywog1952 replied to obsessedsos's response:
    My binging pattern is night runs for pints of ice cream. I try not to keep it in the house but that does'nt seem to help. I cannot save it no matter how hard I try. Days are good but nights are very bad.
    carolynncodie responded:
    I sure do feel your pain!!!. I too have this going on with me.
    for many many years I did this good all day long did exercise and walked and etc. then after years I found if I keep my hands busy as I watch tv it helps I learned to make earings . so try that. love to hear from you
    laurenksh responded:
    I have no suggestions for you because I am in the same boat! Something about sitting at home not going anything just makes it really hard to stop myself. I know exactly what you mean. Similar to some other comments I will raid the pantry and if I find nothing I will go to shops to buy ice cream or chocolate. Afterwards I always feel guilty and when I go to bed I always tell myself 'tomorrow I will do better'. It works during the day but then I let go when I get home. I need help!
    dotinal replied to laurenksh's response:
    I can really identify with the "tomorrow I will do better". But the next night it's the same thing. I know binge eating disorder is now a classification in the latest DSM but I wonder if many therapists are really qualified to treat it. Have you tried a therapist or counselor.
    An_263336 replied to dotinal's response:
    I write this after eating a huge bowl of ice cream and I really hate that I have done this again. BUT, I've done a lot of soul searching, counseling and reading and so I'm not beating myself up for this eating binge. This is what I believe. I believe we eat to escape feelings we don't want to feel. If you ever have the strength not to eat, really focus on what you are feeling and thinking. This is actually a very hard thing to do, yet you have the opportunity to try it anew every day. Every evening when you want to keep eating way beyond the time you have eaten enough, DON'T. 9 times out of 10 I will keep eating and not allow myself to feel, by not eating. I run, hide, will do most anything to not allow myself to feel what ever the pain is that causes me to eat. Are you a strong person? I bet you are in many areas of your life. Challenge yourself to be strong here. When the urge to keep eating begins try and take a moment to ask yourself how you would be feeling if you didn't allow yourself to eat. Probably, you would be uphappy, on edge, irritable, sad, frustrated, angry, (add your own emotion) but the thing is you won't allow your self to feel any of these. That is because you (me too) go right for the food. Instead of feeling we eat. I'd rather have a few moments of food bliss and then ask myself "oh, why did I do this again?" than feel the pain I would feel by not eating. Confronting yourself is a lot harder than eating first and then getting upset with yourself for eating "yet another night" Today, tonight, try not overeating and focus on how you are really feeling. Its really hard. I understand it quite well. Live in this moment, try not to eat, allow yourself to get to know yourself outside of a food high. I too, eat great during the day. In the evening I get tried, disappointed, lonely, many things and I eat to escape feeling all of them..But if you can allow yourself to understand/acknowledge what it is you feel before the food, them maybe you can deal with and not hide from it behind overeating. Good luck. Mission Impossible, but you can do it!
    heymickey responded:
    Me too. It's always been this way. I think it is the dark time because dark days have the same effect on me. It is some sort of self comforting. I don't analyze it. Just my quirk; like a baby with binky. I find that if I start the entire day with my food planned out so that I won't get overly hungry, I am able to remind myself not to overeat. Iv'e also been using the new product by Nasoya, "Pasta Zero." They are shiriktaki noodles in spaghetti shape and you can eat the whole bag for only 30 calories.Shiriktaki noodle are made from a root. I make a very light sauce with a can of diced tomatoes and spices. It fills the hungry hole.
    obsessedsos responded:
    Hi! Unbelievable,I have exact pattern like you!
    My exact downfall is at1) night and when 2( I'm stagnant and at home watching tv and when 3)I'm practically exhausted from work.
    Then, my healthy lifestyle starts the next day after my binge.
    I can't eat anything in moderation, it's always don't start, or finished eating THEM ALL,till it's gone and eat so full.I know ALL to stop these, but I CAN'T..I will eat eat eat till I'm so full and hates myself after that, and feel's bad I know, but I keep doing it.I have big bottle of coffee candies in my room,I ate 15/20, at night, which is helping me raiding the kitchen at night, while I watch tv.I measure myself almost everyday and keep a log, the last 14 yrs.
    Oh well,I can't stop this, but I think not enough to see a shrink to consult
    undefined responded:
    This is exactly the problem that I have. I eat healthy all day long bfast and lunch. As soon as I get home from work...all my efforts go out the door. Weekends too. Seem to be binge eating more often now....
    irfriz responded:
    Hi Moonbean. I feel your pain! You are facing one of the most difficult issues of BED. Evening binge eating alone is "isolation comfort and habitual self-soothing eating". If you are alone when you get home, you most likely will need to get a phone, text, or email buddy to vent your aloneness to until you learn to face, deal with, and overcome the demanding, food-obsessed side of yourself. Facing your personal self alone and honestly is tough. It can be done, but you must accept with courage and loving self-care that there is a real possibility of many setbacks. It can be like facing a 400 pound infant throwing a tantrum because you took away it's "binky" (pacifier). Or, think of it as your primitive (lizard) brain that runs on self preservation and habit. That side of yourself has taken the lead and dominates your personal space in the home. Ask any parent who has had to change the way they live and deal with an out-of-control child. It's a difficult, but worthwhile process. I remember working with a 3-year old child who would hold his breath until he passed out in order to get his way. He ran the home and our daycare until a pediatrician gave us some tools to deal with it and who convinced the parents they were part of the problem and needed help to change. Don't be surprised if you find getting control of it causes anger, tears, and sometimes almost raving dialogues, depending on the depth of your habit of avoidance and self-distraction with food. If you have a partner at home, you can enlist his or her help with the understanding that the other person needs to go to therapy with you for a while, and/or read/learn as much about binge eating as he or she can. There are great books on about healing from BED. Although, not many of them address those of us who simply cannot use their tools until the "Enfant Terrible" inside oneself is acknowledged and brought out into the light for "re-parenting", so to speak.
    hopefulinjax responded:
    Hi moonbean,

    I have the same issue with BED. The only thing I can say is mine runs in cycles but has gotten worse in the last couple of years. I believe I've had the condition most of my life but was always able to control it and my weight up until my husband past away 12 years ago. I still control it but I go thru BED for a couple of weeks then back to diet and exercise. Evening is the worst. I believe you are busy during the day, most of us have interactions with people, work, etc, but then we come home. I live alone and am very isolated. Mostly because of this disorder. It is very complex. Part of it is depression, part of it is boredom and a big part of it is not wanting to feel those bad feelings. I feel the best thing one can do is to get counseling and to find something else to go to when you get those feelings. The best bet is some form of exercise because it will release feel good endorphins and usually will take that intense feeling of hunger away. Also playing an instrument or doing something you truly love. This takes courage, discipline and and strength. It is hard for me because I have no one and most of us are too embarrassed to tell anyone anyway. It is also difficult for the average person to understand. Although I'm not much overweight, I feel awful when I am in a binge and I don't want to be around people. So whether you put on a lot of weight or not, the feelings are the same and it isolates you. It's a catch 22. I know that if I want to share a life with anyone, whether it be a partner or friend, I have to get this under control otherwise I will spend the rest of my life alone, so dealing with your past and depression with a counselor, going to meetings for support, and cognitive therapy are all part of what I believe is necessary to beat this disorder. I just need to take my own advice.

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