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    An_265083 posted:
    I hadn't binge in a week.. And I just binged on peanut butter again. I don't know what to do anymore... I need to help myself, but I don't know how.
    jkd77433 responded:
    As one who thinks twenty-four hours between binges is an accomplishment, I have to admire your going a week! I do know everyday is a new day, as they say, and one day out of eight is pretty darn good. Peanut butter at least has protein; compared to Oreos and potato chips (two of my many trigger foods) it is a health food. I'd suggest (wish I could say 'follow my example') seeing if you can go today with out binging. There are several other letters much like yours on this site that may be of interest to you. In addition, if you Google OA or overeaters anonymous, you will find a group of people trying to deal with compulsive overeating, which is a close cousin to binge eating. I struggle with alcoholic tendencies, which are expressed in my eating. I can do both.
    boukelz replied to jkd77433's response:
    Thank you so much! I just suscribed to the OA
    bluebirdinflight responded:
    Hello, this is bluebirdinflight, Honey, let me tell you about binging. I do the almost daily if I have food in the house. I am depressed, anxious, have anxiety attacks, can't forgive myself, stay indoors unless I have to go to the store for more binge food or doctor. Yes, I get totally mad at myself, no more sell esteem, stay in bed clothes all day, night, watch a lot of tv so I can take my mind off not having any friends or siblings calling me to see if I am okay. I lost my one and only child (son) last year about this time. That works on me. I think about things that happened trying to raise him by myself, wishing I had been a much better mother for it seems I am a better grandmother. I have nightmares at night, real goofy ones that linger in my head during the day and starts my day off wrong. I don't like me and can't acknowledge that anyone else would. If family can't how can outsiders care? bluebird
    youdeservebetter replied to bluebirdinflight's response:
    God bless bluebird, give yourself a break and let go of the past. You can't change the past but you can change what happens from this point on. You've owned your mistakes, don't dwell on them. You are forgiven.

    People really want to see you well but they feel lost to know what to say as well

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