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    No one listens or understands
    An_265679 posted:
    I am 55 years old a grandmother of a beautiful 4 year old boy and proud mother of my 34 year old son. And I binge eat. BAD! I get a craving on the way home from work and stop at the grocery store. I will buy a cake and sometimes ice cream. Or a pizza. I will take it home and eat an entire cake in one sitting. Sometimes eat the entire half gallon of ice cream along with it. I have no problem ordering a large pizza with bread sticks and I will eat all of it in one sitting. I am killing myself with food. It really scares me. I live alone so there is no one to monitor me or make me stop. I tell everyone I have an eating disorder and I always get the same answer - well, don't buy it and you won't eat it. I told my doctor about this and begged him to tell me to stop doing it or I will die.....he gave me a strange look and said, you are a big girl and know what to do. I don't need to tell you! I have talked to psychiatrists, doctors, friends, everyone. I don't want to die, but I can't stop this. My son and entire family live thousands of miles away. I don't have the money or resources to move, my job is here. I feel so worthless. I recently took a week off at work so I wouldn't lose the vacation time. I sat home alone the entire time. I have been on antidepressants for about 6 years.......depressed and alone for a week is not a good thing. I thought of suicide - actually I do that a lot. My son and grandson would be better financially if I died. I have had moments where I had a friend take all the guns and knives out of the house so I wouldn't be tempted. I hate being alone but I don't trust people to come into my home and I can't afford to go out with people. Food does not yell at me, pry or be nosey, it does not judge me, hurt my feelings, tell me I am fat and lazy. My meds work until I sit and dwell on my loneliness. If I increase it I will feel better for a few days/weeks/months. Now the holidays are coming up..........
    jkd77433 responded:
    Dear An_265679,

    I am a compulsive overeater. You will find others who have been where you are and many who still are in an organization called Overeaters Anonymous.

    My doctor suggested them to me when I was using a cane and walker to get around. They helped me a bunch, and may be able to help you. They are based on AA, and while I have not done the complete program, I feel I have gained some control, and am pleased with the results to date. Relapses happen frequently, but as some will point out what counts is not how often one falls, but rather how often one gets up.

    I had tried several programs (in fact, am a lifetime member of Weight Watchers, but when my late wife stopped controlling what I ate, regained all my weight, and more; I don't go to WW meetings for fear of frightening the members!).

    You might check out some other postings on this site. As they used to say YMMV. I think the important part is to not give up.
    angelacoraleisenhauer responded:
    That is because of the Antidepressants. Those pills kill. Anyhow try for help weaning off.
    angelacoraleisenhauer replied to jkd77433's response:
    Overeating is caused by the Antidepressants, as is the suicidal tendencies........ both side effects, listed on the packets.... Are you serious, you worried about her overeating but not the suicide?

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