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    Think Healthy Munching
    kag0803 posted:
    Hi All, I have been anorexic for over 40 years. It has been an emotional, psychological, physical roller-coaster. Now I consider myself a Recovering Anorexic as I have resigned myself to the fact that I will always and forever obsess over my weight.

    When I find myself losing weight and my size 1 and 2 clothes start to fit again I give myself a warning of the reoccurring negative health issues that are going to get exacerbated by the loss of weight and immediately start nibbling often, making several fruit smoothies a day with healthy supplements added in for the nutrition which I am depriving my body!

    Then most helpful for me is to keep a small bowl of raw nuts and seeds to nibble on throughout the day.

    It's a life long struggle and seems to occupy 75% of my thinking......that's crazy! But I keep on trucking to keep my weight up.

    Thx and good health!
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    lfr0401 responded:
    But how did you get over the fear of getting losing control and getting fat ? How did you recover ?
    kag0803 responded:
    Hi lfr0401,

    I have really never conquered the fear of getting fat, however, at the age of 58 I have such gastrointestinal, bone, gum, migraine and several other critical ill health issues that it "scares me straight!" I endure such pain when I inadvertently do not eat that I KNOW it is time to get something in my stomach (sometimes I just don't get hungry or remember to eat), .

    My health issues have forced me out of the workplace due to too many sick days and my social activities are soooo limited that I am trying day-by-day to stop thinking about my weight and worry more about my health.

    I have too be brutally honest though and admit it IS a 24/7 battle and/or struggle.

    My fear of weight gain is the most integral reason I purchased an excellent nutrient extractor to add lots of fruits, veggies, berry powders, (for antioxidants), green powders, (for nutients, vitamins, etc.) and take many excellent grade supplements in an attempt to improve my health.

    Here's to "One Day at a Time," as is with any disease.

    With Warmth, K
    lfr0401 replied to kag0803's response:
    K ,

    Do you see anybody professionally ? Do you have a support group ? Did you go inpatient ? I want to get better but I don't make the choices to eat what I know I should .

    I do see an internist , nutritionist and psychologist ... but I still struggle ....

    Thank you so much for your help .. It took me forever to respond because I couldn't find the site again .. I am so glad I found it ..

    Sincerely ,
    lfr0401 responded:
    kag0803 ,

    HOW DID YOU DO IT ?? Did you seek professional help ? Did you go inpatient ? I want to get well but I over - hydrate and eat too many vegetables... Not enough protein ..... I am getting a little better with help , but I backslide out of fear I guess ...

    kag0803 replied to lfr0401's response:
    Hi L -83C-F1E:
    My sincere apologies for not responding in a timely fashion, however, I have been dealing with several health issues and @#&*#@ PAIN!!

    1 Do I See Someone Professionally or Have a Support Group?:
    No I am not seeing a professional. At one point I attended a group therapy session with eating disorders both over-eaters and aniorexics. It was terribly uncomfortable for all participants as you can imagine.

    Then I tried another group which began to delve into issues that did not pertain to me whatsoever and they insisted that I was in denial, which was not the case. I was not abused, I was not demeaned as a child, I did not have low self-esteem, etc., etc., etc.

    2 Do I Go to Inpatient Therapy?:
    At one point I tried an inpatient treatment centre which lasted 3 days. The therapy sessions were better, however, they were trying to get me to eat foods that I knew I was allergic to, were not Kosher or my digestive system was simply not ready to break down.

    3 How Do I Choose What to Eat?:
    I literally spent hours, weeks, months searching the most up-to-date healthy and unhealthy foods scientifically & clinically proven as in WebMDs' articles).

    I delved heavily into Nutrition Extraction units with extremely healthy recipes and added seeds, oils (ie flax seed) for the vitamins and minerals in which I desperately needed.

    In addition, I eliminated all wheat products from my diet which caused me great discomfort and attributed to my severe gastrointestinal problems.

    For evening (before bed) urges, I found 4 of the best foods suggested and which wound up satiating my urges.
    i Cottage Cheese (with Lactaid) blended into a creamy texture with seeds and/or crushed raw almonds;
    ii Frozen Berries which crunch like candy and are high in antioxidants;
    iii Chicken Strips, broiled, baked, roasted (anyway but fried) and cut into small pieces wrapped in romaine lettuce; and
    iv A handful of raw nuts: almonds, brazil, filberts, pistachios (which are great becuz they take longer to eat by having to break them open).

    Admittedly at 58 I have done severe damage to my body, teeth, gums, bones, migraines and much more.

    As I stated b4 it is still a day-to-day struggle and I still keep my size 2 & 3 clothes as indicators of my weight. I will NOT allow myself to own a scale (I used to have 4 and weighed myself at least 50 times per day).

    I am still obsessed with my weight, however, I do not starve myself for days and weeks at a time. I make a concerted effort to ingest foods with low calories and/or carbs and a good, healthy smoothie with a multitude of high-energy ingredients and supplements.

    Society imposes such importance on being thin that it makes it very difficult to avoid diets, pills, exercise regimes, etc. What I try to do is indel in my brain that "diet" does NOT mean restricting your food intake, it is your everyday food intake-NOT being ON A WEIGHT LOSS "DIET."

    I hope I helped in some way and please do not hesitate to keep asking is helpful for me to write to you about our issues as it hopefully is for you to read.

    With Warmth, K
    determinedone61 responded:
    Did you, or do you find you have loose skin, no matter how much you exercise?
    tilaralee replied to determinedone61's response:
    I find I work out to eat or work off the bring

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