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    need help understanding
    1worriedmommy posted:
    I am the mom of a 15 year old daughter. She was fairly big as a middleschooler. When she got interested in boys she started losing weight. She has bowl movement issues. Our Dr said she has IBS. He gave her a perscription but I have found laxitives in hhidden in her room. She has been sneaking them. Her boyfriend actually buys them for her. I am very worried about her. She has poor dieting habbits and drinks little. She is having high protein in her urine. She is lathargic and unhealthy. I have tried talking to her, I have tried to "scare" her ibto realizing what effects this will have on her. Nothing helps or works. Any and all advice is greatky appreciated. Thanks.
    Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hi Worriedmommy,

    I hope that others here will have some suggestions for you.

    But it sounds like it's time to start talking to the professionals. Her doctor for one, but use your doctor to pursue help with someone who understands body issues and eating disorders.

    I'm not an expert but I doubt that scare tactics would ever work. She needs support and understanding and professional help.
    You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.
    ~Christopher Robin to Pooh
    sarahashley1211 responded:
    I've struggle with an eating disorder for a good portion of my life and with that came laxative and diet pill abuse. I don't know if this will be of any help but I'll give a couple suggestions.

    The worst thing for a mom to do for a child with an ED is to badger them. My mom would badger me about my eating habits and it just made things worse. I'd suggest not trying to scare her either. The best thing is to constantly be there for her. Because of circumstances, my mom is hardly ever there for me and that doesn't help me at all. Be there for her and make it clear that if she wants to open up to you about what she's struggling with that you are there and will always love her no matter what. I'll also suggest that you have healthy food and little to no junk food in the house. When I am somewhere with no junk food and only healthy choices I feel better and more likely to eat without binging. Make sure she has regular checkups with the doctor. IBS or other digestive problems are just one result of laxative abuse. Your body becomes dependent upon them... Since I am not healed I cannot say what will work, especially since I'm not her. But I hope this helps and feel free to contact me. If your daughter would like someone to talk to about her ED, I'm willing to be a helpful friend. Good luck! I'll be praying for your daughter!
    Its not the little things in life that define you but the big things. We all make mistakes but those of us who refuse to give up are the hope of those with no hope. Help those in need. Spread hope.

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