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    life sucks
    ineedabetterlife posted:
    sometimes i feel like suiside is the best thing to do, but my mom says that suicide is a big choice to a small problem.
    Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Dear ineedabetterlife,

    I am so sorry you sometimes feel like this. I like the saying, a big choice to a small problem, but when you are having a problem it doesn't feel very small.

    Please reach out to a therapist, good friend and continue to talk with your mom when you are struggling. Also, our crisis assistance information is a good resource to have handy if you need to talk with someone. Click into it and check it out.

    Please continue to check in and let us know how you are doing.

    Take Care,
    lostkate responded:
    Everyone feels at some point that there lives suck. Mine sucks all the time but I try to move forward, sometimes I do and sometimes I dont but I have found suicide is not the answer. Suicide makes other people lives suck because they have lost someone they care about. It sounds like you can talk to your Mom, that is something that doesnt suck in your life, most people cant talk about things with anyone or they dont have anyone talk too. Ditto what Elizabeth said, keep reaching out to someone, keep writing here. This board has been slow lately but I pop in once in awhile, cant always find the words to help but Im here to listen.

    ineedabetterlife replied to Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff's response:
    thank you but i go to a theripist. she isnt helping though. sometimes i dont want to ever trust doctors.
    ineedabetterlife replied to lostkate's response:
    thank you for this information but i cant tell my mom because im not a teenage, yet.
    lostkate replied to ineedabetterlife's response:
    How old are you? Is there a teacher or counselor at your school you can talk too? I understand the trust issues. I still have problems with that. Trust takes a lot of time and effort on both people. How long have you been in therapy?
    momcaresforu replied to ineedabetterlife's response:
    Hey, A view from farther down the line. When I was 16 I slit my wrists trying to commit suicide. Thankfully I did't die because I am now much older with 2 sons, a wonderful husband and a great life. I often think back to trying to commit suicide. If I had been successful, I wouldn't be experiencing this wonderful life now.
    It is so hard to get through the young years but you can do it. Please try to talk to your Mom, my 16 year old tells me his problems and I do everything I can to help him.
    I know you are a great kid going through a terrible period in your life, I hope you will one day have a family like I do.

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