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    Struggling with Bulimia
    Savana5457 posted:
    For about a year and a half now, I have struggled with an eating disorder Bulimia. I have seeked help from my therapist, but he is currently unavailable. I never really have been "skinny". But I'm not exactly fat either. My whole life I haven't been able to wear a bathing suit and since summer is around, I want to. Well, I had been doing really well on cutting back on throwing up about 2 months ago. I cut back over 50%. It went from 9 times a day to about 4. I was really doing well..until...summer came around. I want to wear a bathing suit, and I am unable. I have been beating myself up a lot because of the situation. I now throw up every meal, and sometimes I just don't eat at all. Recently, I went to the doctor and some serious medical problems were found. I feel like that should have stopped me, but it only made it worse. Now, I am stuck. I have no family support bc they don't know, my therapist won't be back for 2 months, and I am running into some problems...I need some guidence on the next step.. Any advice or solutions?
    lostkate responded:
    If you keep it up, especially everyday, your medical issues will be worse and possibly be put admitted into the hospital. Hopefully knowing that will make you slow down. I know the summer makes things worse, I feel it too, I have no plans on getting into a bathing suit this year, unless its dark out and no one can see me. Ive been beating myself up all the time for letting myself gain the weight. The advice I can give you is what you gave me in the last post, go back re read it, they were wonderful words and mean a lot. Believe them because they are true for you too.
    Savana5457 replied to lostkate's response:
    I guess I can encourage others so well just because I have been on the other side where life is so easy and worrying about eating is no more! Honestly, I still am struggling. I don't have the support most do or do not...I am alone!!!! But I appreciate your reply and you hang in there!!!!
    lostkate replied to Savana5457's response:
    I think I will always struggle. I feel we encourage others because it helps us too. Thats why these boards are helpful. We are here to give and get encouragement. We have all lived in each others shoes, know first hand what it feels like. Someone told me once they wanted to talk to me because I can talk the talk because I walked the walked or was it the other way around, LOL, it something like that.

    I too am alone in all of this, its not easy. Post when you need too and help when you can.


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