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    All Endo, PCOS, Adeno, Hysto's, Pelvic Pain this is the link to our new Exchange. It will take some time to get everything re-entered...but WELCOME ALL!!!
    compchick813 posted:
    I hate to be one of those people that only posts when they're having a rough time but here I am. I feel like I don't get any free time lately, but now that I have a new phone maybe I'll be able to use that to get on at work. Anyway, I hope that everyone is doing well!

    I went to the doc on Friday, and it sounds like I have RA. They took xrays and are running bloodwork for RA, lupus, and lyme disease. Unfortunately RA makes too much sense because my mom has it and it's pretty common with endo. Mostly my knees are hurting - walking, sitting, standing, laying down, it all hurts. Stairs are the worst. I'm only 24 but I feel so old!! Over the last week or 2 my fingers, wrists, ankles, and even my elbows and toes have started to hurt. It's an aching, burning kind of pain. I'm staring to lose my mind already. Aleve takes the edge off the pain fortunately. For years I've felt like I haven't had much energy, but I've been especially tired lately.

    I started having unexplained daily knee pain in middle school. They told me that it was growing pains and to do some stretches. That never helped. In high school they told me that the cartilege (sp?) in my knees was very thin. I don't know why this didn't throw up a red flag - I guess I was too naive and just accepted it. I can't help but be mad at my parents for not pushing for answers - shouldn't they have known better? Until recently, the pain has been better since then. The last few years I've only had pain when sitting too long, being really active, etc.. But now the pain is 24/7 every day, and affects more than just my knees. Since I was a kid I've always had to sleep with a pillow between my knees, or under them if I lay on my back. I wonder if I had juvenille RA since apparently you can grow out of that, and now it sounds like I have adult RA.

    For those of you with RA, what meds do you take? I haven't looked too deeply into each of them yet, but it sounds like they all have some pretty nasty side effects. How common are those side effects? The tests should come back later this week, so hopefully I'll know something soon. I'm trying to keep a positive attitude, but it's hard.
    brandib01 responded:
    you can post whenever you want hunny. both my knees are bad also but it is not from RA. but i understand the pain you are describing i have also had it since middle school but it was from the sports i played so i have no cartilage at all in my right knee and from what i understand now it is almost gone from my left from over compensating for the right.. ha isn't that nice but other than that he prescribes anti inflammatories and aleve to reduce pain.

    i am sorry i know RA is something nasty to deal with but look on the bright side at least when you are diagnosed you can begin to treat.. just rest and take care of yourself.
    hopeful2218 replied to brandib01's response:
    I agree with Brandi. I too have horrible knees, I currently receive steriod injections into them about every 3 hurts! I have thin cartilage as well, in my knees and elbows as well. I tested for everything you are getting tested for, and I actually have fibromyalgia. So, for right now, don't assume you have anything. You'll get the answer soon enough, and I hear great things about catching RA early, and 24 is pretty darn early.

    I think all of us girls, kind of wish our parents had done more. I mean I personally didn't see a dentist until I was 18 and paid for it myself! As a kid I was in the ER for "lower right abdominal pain" one thought, hey maybe this girl has advanced endo...but we deal with what we are dealt, and how we deal with it is what matters. Getting support I always say is such a huge step....and we are one good spot for support!!!

    I hope you keep us posted to the outcome, and continue to use the board whenever you'd like!
    compchick813 replied to hopeful2218's response:
    So my test results came back, and my xrays and blood tests for lyme disease, lupus, and RA were negative. I'm glad, but I still don't have any answers. The pain in my fingers and wrists has gotten worse, and my knee pain is still really bad. My elbows, ankles, and toes hurt too. Aleve helps but it doesn't do enough. Maybe it is fibro, but I don't have any muscle pains or tenderness which are characteristic of fibro if I'm understanding it right. Any other ideas? I'm going back to my doc for a follow-up, but if she still doesn't know after another visit, I think it's time to find a new doc.
    compchick813 replied to compchick813's response:
    I went back for a follow up today and got a referral to a rheumatologist. It will probably be a week or 2 before I'll be able to go because of my work schedule. Hope to get some answers soon!

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