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    Medical Marijuana?
    An_200864 posted:
    I had called a THC foundation that helps people get a license to get pot legally for pain. I was telling the guy the conditions I had and he said yeah people ALWAYS Get approved for Endometriosis pain because we have alot of women docs, they said they dont approve for the diagnosis but they approve for the pain and symtoms of the problems you have. Anyways... I am a all natural kind of a person overall the narcotics are really just not good and I dont want my kidneys or liver to fail one day, then I was talking to someone and they meantioned that I should try pot. Well in highschool I was so Anti-pot its not even funny, and now that my pain issues are worse than ever, I am considering it.

    What do you all think? I mean I dont want to be listed as a pothead or druggie or anything but if it would help then wouldnt that make sense, especially if it doesnt hurt you?
    martiesgurl responded:
    You want my honest opinion? I don't think it would be awful if you did it. I grew up with a hippie mother and it's always worked for her. She has never taken meds for anything until recently and she's 46. So no I'm not against it might even do it myself, who knows? Sometimes the pain is so severe, I would eat nails or fire if someone said it might help.
    deal14 replied to martiesgurl's response:
    yeah I was actually talking to a friend who normally I dont talk about this with, wasnt sure her take on it but she has fibro and other chronic pain issues like me, she told me she went to a hempfest thing and someone she knew through someone else made pot-brownies and after eating one she felt amazing I guess, not like oh geez Im high, but like oh geez I can actually move again without excruiciating pain! So I am thinking how cool is that?!
    keving1017 responded:
    Marijuana really is a GREAT way to alleviate alot of issues. Ingesting is really the best way for what you're going through. Get an edible 'sativa' for being up and wanting to "do stuff", or get an 'indica'-type for a real relaxed form of relief, or if you aren't confident in "doing things" while under the influence of marijuana. Good for you for wanting to do this. Edibles really pose no health risk other than what's in the food itself (brownies aren't the healthiest thing ever lol). Good luck.
    hopeful2218 replied to keving1017's response:
    I do have to say becareful when you add mj to food, ie brownies...sometimes it can have a very sedative effect on people. I won't lie, I used to smoke all the def does help with pain...but again we all are different, it doesn't only block nerves for pain, it does alter your mental state. So if you want to try it, buy yourself a bag of cheeto's get a funny movie and give it a shot. The "best" way to reap the benefits of thc is by a vaporizer...its this machine that only burns the thc (very low heat compared to smoking it) and you don't really get smoke, you are basically taking in straight thc. If it is not legal in your state, ask your doctor about it, ask if he will prescribe thc pills for you. That is a legal drug in almost every state in the US. But again if you have never smoked before..becareful and make sure you have someone with can get parnoid etc. But I would choose mj over a beer any old day. Don't hear about Bobby smoking a joint and going home and beating his kids and wife, or Robby hitting a minivan and killing an entire family. Mj makes you giggle and sit on the couch then fall asleep!
    grrizzk responded:
    As a sufferer of PCOS and endometriosis, I would recommend cannabis to anyone with any condition that causes you physical and/or emotional pain. In my opinion, smoking it doesn't completely take the pain away, but it defenetly dulls it and helps you deal with the conditio emotionally. I started having anxiety shortly after I was diagnosed with the pcos, and it doesn't wonders for that also. One small hit and I calm down and can get my head back straight. It also helps with my ibs so I can eat more and it helps me relax after a long day of work (or I'd be running around the rest of the day cleaning and wearing used out more. ). If edibles are available to you, I would defenetly recommend them, as they're more potent and is better for pain, but of you're one of the unlucky ones like I am, then you have to stick to smoking it, unless you want to fork out $50-100 for enough cannabis to make your own edibles.

    And before anyone judges, I've tried every medication my doctors have sudgested and nothing's helped. The depo shot helped with my endo by stopping my cycle, but did nothing for my cysts that have now been reaking havoc in my ovaries the past 3 months. As for pain meds, I'm a small girl, so prescription painkillers knock me out, but ibeprophene isn't enough on my really bad days. Just do your research and decide for yourself of its right for you, because it's not for everyone.
    grrizzk responded:
    I agree with hopeful; vaporizers are probably your best option. If you've never tried cannabis in any form, edibles might be too much and you might become paranoid. But of you're a more frequent user and have a higher tolerance then Id go with a mix of edibles and vaporizers. If you live in a state where it's legal, you can actually buy mini vaporizers that fit in your purse or pocket, so of you're at work or out running errands, you can medicate descretely. Good luck
    An_246107 replied to grrizzk's response:
    I too have PCOS and I was just wondering if anyone ran across any information about medical cannabis. People may think that it is not a debilitating syndrome, but truth is that I have depression and anxiety that coexist because of my PCOS. Is there anyone who has info on PCOS being eligible?
    MaynardJK responded:
    A friend of mine has tried smoking and tincture of cannabis without immediate relief of her very painful endometriosis. She's in her early 40's, doesn't want a hysterectomy, and experiences severe monthly pain..

    I've been reading lately about various benefits of juicing and eating raw hemp and cannabis - including what look like reasonably rigorous studies to me.

    Raw cannabis products (as opposed to baked brownies, e.g., are non-psychoactive. And this is also something she'd prefer.

    Does anyone know of any results of such regimens for endometriosis?
    aliciareid responded:
    I totally understand what you are talking about. I also am affected by endometriosis and in highschool I was anti-pot as well. My endo got to the point of causing severely painful sex so my boyfriend suggested me smoking pot for the pain and it helped so much. Honestly if it helps with your pain than who cares what other people think. I'm currently in the process of getting a prescription for cannabis. You can get the pill form of it called Dronabinol if you want to avoid smoking it. That's what I'm getting because I want to avoid smelling like it and also avoid the way my throat and lungs feel when I smoke it. Good Luck!
    sarcastic replied to grrizzk's response:
    Do you have a recommendation for a strain type or blend? I'm looking for personal experience information. I quit smoking pot when I was 18, but now it's legal where I live and I have taking Vicodin and similar narcs.
    Summerluvn329 responded:
    I smoke it whenever I have any type of pain or symptoms. (especially for the anxiety) and SLEEP! You will sleep so sound. I won't lie, mine is not legal yet but I do what I have to do living with only one kidney.

    I am in Illinois and honestly have NO idea how to even start the process for the marijuana
    jarend82 responded:
    I recently starting using cannabis to treat my endometriosis pain and it works great. The key to it is how you are using it. Do not smoke it beause if you are already using hormonal birth control it increases your risk of deadly blot clots that can form in your legs and travel to your lungs. Also smoking kills some the key nutrients of the plant that would otherwise help you. The best way is through edibles and juices. I am actually online right now because I was looking into juicing as a method of treatment and came across your post. When juicing if you just use the leaves you will get the benefits without the high. I'm still researching it as an option and also researching other ways. Edibles have worked great for me so far but sometimes if its a new candy or something I eat too much and that is never a good feeling for me so when I get something new I take a small bite before I'm ready to go to bed. It can take up to an hour to feel any effects so you decide to try edibles be careful. I currently have 2 brownies and a very small bite (about the size of a penny) is enough to make me fall fast asleep pain free when the effects kick in. This is why I'm looking into juicing. You will feel better and not feel high and be able to continue with a normal day. I hope this is helpful you. Oh I just realized your post was from 6 years ago. Well I'm going to post this response anyway so others can see it too. Maybe someone else needs the advise.

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