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    Endo Diet?
    BrittneyisaMommy posted:
    So have you ladies heard of an endo diet? or some tips that are supposed to help the endo not grow? Hmm if anyone knows anything about this please respond to this. I thought that I read that there was something on here about it... but I cant find it...
    Mommy to a 2 year old little girl and a 1 year old little boy.  Diagnosed with Endo. after DS was born.  But trying to work through the pain without to many heroic measures.
    CityPixie responded:
    I was JUST going to post someting on this! I decided to try going on a restsrictive endo-type diet and I've had some interesting things happen lately. I would LOVE to have some more people try it to see how you all like it and/or what happens. I had reduced or eliminated the following:
    2) Dairy
    3) Sugar
    4) Red Meat
    5) Soy
    6) Caffeine
    7) Alcohol
    Also trying a lot more organic items and eating more salad/veggies.

    I found there are a lot of decent wheat/gluten free products available but I'm not gonna lie...this hasn't been easy to do. Anyway, I had been doing well for about two months. But this past weekend I just gave in and kind of went hog wild on cupcakes and some baked ziti with beef. Just ate like I normally would before I knew I had Endo etc. Well the GI symptoms came back and I really do believe it was all the sugar, wheat and beef. Mostly the wheat. I would love to see if there are others who are willing to give it a try and do some experimenting with me on this topic. For now, I think it is safe to say I'm going to try to stay away from wheat and processed sugar for sure. Give it a try everyone and keep us posted!
    About me: A pixie in the city. Age 41. TTC 1 Since May 2010. Married 18 years. Diagnosed with, surgically removed, endometrioma Aug 2010.
    BrittneyisaMommy replied to CityPixie's response:
    thanks pix... i was reading about it online somewhere else and what I ready was basically the same thing. SO I am on day one of no gluten, sugar, or caffine. Those are the big ones for me I guess. I also ordered evening primrose oil, vitamin e, and omega 3 vites... i read that they are really good for endo sufferers and a good way to help naturally. Anyone else been down this holistic road?
    Mommy to a 2 year old little girl and a 1 year old little boy. Diagnosed with Endo. after DS was born. But trying to work through the pain without to many heroic measures.
    Angie22PR replied to BrittneyisaMommy's response:
    I read a book about this and I just have one thing to say, and excuse me ladies for saying this... but a life with such a restrictive diet, is NOT worth living. I am up for moderation and maybe one day I'll change my mind, but for now, I just think that what is the point of living life, If you are basically going to eat lettuce all day long... like I said I believe in moderation and for me cheese (dairy) is a biggest trigger and I try and stay away from it, but all this things that the endo diet ask you to give up... sorry but I can't and I dont think I would do it no matter how much relief it brings... it is not worth it for me...

    banda813 replied to CityPixie's response:
    I think cutting back on all that would be a good thing! I would be careful w the gluten-free items. They make those items for people w Celiacs disease (allergic to wheat) and it's not meant for dieting. My friend (who has celiacs), his wife altered her diet to go w her husbands and now she can't have gluten w/o the symptons you talked about. I think it's important to just eat less processed food which is a basic form of gluten-free diets. You would be surprised at how much gluten is pumped into things as "fillers" I don't even buy frozen french fries anymore! Everything is so processed. Go for the real stuff!'
    Jillie02baMom replied to banda813's response:
    Agreed banda! Natural is a very good thing. I feel my best in the summer when I'm eating mostly side dishes from my garden. In the summer when the fresh stuff fades out, we go back to packaged noodles and frozen sides. I think it's a compromise to eliminating all wheat and gluten, although I've considered it myself!

    Good luck to those who try it! Making an effort to improve our lives is much more productive (mentally) than suffering in silence!
    ~jill ~~ttc since 01, dx'ed endo via lap 05, 2nd lap
    BrittneyisaMommy replied to Jillie02baMom's response:
    well I cannot go on a purely raw diet... ie fruits and veggies... i have very low blood sugar and that dizzy sickly feeling is def not worth it. I am just thinking about cutting back on some of my unnecessary carbs... like butter bread and other things like that... I am also trying to cut out caffine big time as i am sure i am an addict and sugars. This is the first time i went to the grocery store in a long time and didnt walk out without a drink... i know but the grocery store makes me really thirsty!!! LOL

    so kuddos to all who can do the raw diet...I am standing in your corner wiping the sweat off of your head... and prob eating a sandwich
    Mommy to a 2 year old little girl and a 1 year old little boy. Diagnosed with Endo. after DS was born. But trying to work through the pain without to many heroic measures.
    mcgalla responded:
    Hey Brittney, I've benefited from eliminating some foods from my diet. Its not always easy to do. It was no problem for me before I was married but since then its hard cooking two different meals for my husband and then myself so it gets tricky sometimes. My husband has been really great though at going without eating some foods I can't to support me. If you look on you will find endo diet books. I've gotten some tips from "The Endometriosis Sourcebook" by Mary Lou Ballweg. Its a very big book (probably not one you'll read cover to cover) but it does have some helpful tips in it. One great tip I got from it is a list of conventional fruits/veg that are treated with low or no pesticides which can affect your hormones. This is especially helpful if you can't afford to eat organic all the time. I have noticed a huge difference when I stopped eating dairy products. Occasionally I will drink goat's milk and eat goat cheeses because they don't bother me as much. I make homemade pizza now loaded with veggies and I don't even miss the cheese! Some women have noticed a difference by not eating wheat products (you can still have gluten just not wheat). There are lots of delicious choices but the downer is that it can be expensive. And then there are tons of foods to add to your diet that are supposed to help stop cysts and endo growth. I have them listed in a book I have at home, if you want I can look it up and post it on here if you are interested?
    endo2002 responded:
    Sorry for being a little late on a response. The endo diet really does help. I have been on the diet since January 2010 ( lost 50 lbs as well) The diet is very hard to stick to the first 2 to 3 weeks because you are craving all the unhealthy things that trigger pains. After 10 months, I now know that if I eat bread, some dairy, and even red meats I will be in pain within minutes to hours after and sugar gives me headaches. Oh and I went to a othropedic surgeon to see what was wrong with my hands. He claimed I have carpal tunnel in both and one is worse then the other. Well, low and behold, after 10 months on the diet I have noticed a big difference. I have recently taken weekends off of the diet due to spending time with hubby. Now we are both gonna go back full force with no weekends off. (He's doing atkins so I have mixed the endo and atkins together)

    I hope this helps. If you need anymore advice or tips let me know.
    mcgalla responded:
  • sorry i made a mistake on the book title, its actually called "Endometriosis- the complete reference for taking charge of your health"
    Jillie02baMom replied to BrittneyisaMommy's response:
    I could never do purely raw! I only try to avoid the processed foods to feel better. I love meat! I love cheese! And I love sugar! Lol! I'm the worst person to give diet advice, but I definitely feel better when I eat lots of veggies and fruits
    ~jill ~~ttc since 01, dx'ed endo via lap 05, 2nd lap
    CityPixie replied to Angie22PR's response:
    Angie22 I agree about making sure your diet still allows for a life worth living! That is why I can only reduce, not eliminate, most of the things on the list. I definitely don't eat just lettuce LOL. What I tried to do is eliminate as much as possible first and then try to ease some things back in so I could see what are the triggers. You just gotta have a cupcake now and then afterall! (unfortunately last weekend wasn't what you'd call "easing" so I'm paying the price.) The whole genetically engineered wheat hormones is the thing that has me the most freaked out. I'm really trying to avoid as much wheat gluten as I can and it does seem to help. Ever since I started this I will say I've been having a much easier time maintaining my it's been worth it. Good luck everyone. Keep us posted.
    About me: A pixie in the city. Age 41. TTC 1 Since May 2010. Married 18 years. Diagnosed with, surgically removed, endometrioma Aug 2010.
    keabird replied to CityPixie's response:
    Hey everyone...mind if I join in? I have endo and am in the beginning stages of Lupron therapy. Anyway, I am very interested in the whole diet/pain connection...especially since I am just desperate to get relief!

    Right now, my focus is pretty much to eat a low-fat, plant based diet. I'm pretty close to being vegetarian as is, except for an occasional consumption of fish. I guess at this point, I'm not so much looking to eliminate entire food groups as making sure I eat as many unproccessed foods in general.

    My main pitfall? Eating too many refined carbs! I am *horrible* at this...even though I know that I eventually feel terrible when after a whole day eating junk! I've noticed recently that initially, I turn to "comfort foods" (e.g., chips, chocolate) when I'm in initial stages of pain...only to really regret it later on when my pain worsens and I end up nauseated and pukey. Can anyone else relate?
    mcgalla replied to keabird's response:
    Hey keabird! I can totally relate to you. My weakest moments tend to be when I'm not feeling good. For some reason I start to eat comfort foods (which are usually junk foods) when I'm in pain hoping it will make me feel better and of course I end up feeling worse. I haven't found a way to combat this but just know you're not alone. I try to focus on how I will feel after eating the junk food, it works for me sometimes but unfortunately not every time.
    CityPixie replied to mcgalla's response:
    Yep I'm a carb comfort junkie too. When it comes time for those cravings, I've been trying to do things like mashed potatoes or popchips instead of cake and donuts to stay away from wheat gluten. Or cereal. Rice Chex are good. Still gotta have some chocolate once in a while though.
    About me: A pixie in the city. Age 41. TTC 1 Since May 2010. Married 18 years. Diagnosed with, surgically removed, endometrioma Aug 2010.

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