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    All Endo, PCOS, Adeno, Hysto's, Pelvic Pain this is the link to our new Exchange. It will take some time to get everything re-entered...but WELCOME ALL!!!
    Went to the doctors
    Cjbetty posted:

    I went to my new gynecologist today and I really like her. I am going to try Lupron and put myself in a 'chemical menopause'. I am quite excited to not be in pain and maybe it will help with my migraines. I am quite nervous too. I know I cant be on it forever and I am worried about the side effects but I will try anything to not hurt. She was very informative and actually listened to me (a new concept for me, the last gyno was polar opposite) So I feel good...mentally :) Has anyone tried the Nupron shot?
    hopeful2218 responded:
    Hi Cj, sorry your post has gone unanswered...sometimes they don't always appear. I've completed 2 rounds of lupron..and it's a very tough thing to do. It is a form of chemotherapy used in men to treat prostate cancer. The first two months are horrible (for most women)..insomnia, mood swings, hair loss, hot flashes, a horrible period, etc...

    I hope that you will be taking addback therapy..without addback, Lupron can have some pretty damaging effects on your body, some long term.

    I don't know much about your situation, but lupron is kind of the "last resort" used to try and help with Endo pain...also please remember to have your DEXA screening every 6 months, and do not take the 3 month's not gauged as well as the one month shot, and tends to give you more harsh side effects that last longer (shelf life) in your body.

    Please fill me in more, when are you starting..have you tried other methods, when was your surgery...etc.

    I'd be more than happy to give you a first hand experience.

    Best wishes.
    Me 29 dx'ed with endo in 09 via lap, M/C 12/24/09xoxo,Fibro, RLS, SVT, MS. Completed two rounds of Lupron. Administrator to this board.
    hollyri replied to hopeful2218's response:
    Even with addback, you can still have some pretty serious problems. I used addback and have permanent problems from Lupron. Spend a lot of time weighing this decision. It is a very harsh drug. My dr was wonderful, and fortunately, he was married to a urologist who agreed with him that my problems were not normal and should be investigated. Otherwise, I would have gone even longer in needless pain. I remember having a horrible problem with depression. I wanted to die, but I was too physically exhausted to do anything about it. Barely had the energy to put my foot to the gas pedal to drive sometimes.

    Consider it seriously. It is not an easy treatment by any means.
    brandib01 replied to hollyri's response:
    holly is right. lupron is not for everyone and as w have all said it is a decision to be taken very seriously.

    addback is not a cure all for lupron side effects but we just consider it a must if it is the route you want to take. it will help you minimize its side effects..

    feel free to continue to use us as your sounding board for any questions or concerns you may have
    Brandi 27dx'ed.infertile06'w/male factor also-first lap 09'endo stageIV/PCOS/2-m/c08'09'my angels hormone deficient 7 rounds of clomid~~co admin..
    hopeful2218 replied to brandib01's response:
    What the heck is up with this board BB...I was just on here, seriously 2 minutes ago..and none of these posts where here. I agree that addback does not prevent these side effects..only makes the treatment a bit more bearable...

    After doing 2 rounds, if my doc was to suggest it again, I would not do it. I would rather deal with the pain...because I still have minor side effects...and I've been off it for months!'s not for everyone.'ve got email me..don't know if you are getting mine...
    Me 29 dx'ed with endo in 09 via lap, M/C 12/24/09xoxo,Fibro, RLS, SVT, MS. Completed two rounds of Lupron. Administrator to this board.
    Cjbetty replied to hopeful2218's response:
    Thanks for the advice. I am going back and forth about this. I had a terrible experience with my previous doctor. He mad me feel awful for needing pain meds and never explained ot me that i still have endometriosis even though he took out a 14 cm cyst with the ovary and tube. He also told me I had extensive adhesions but nothing really beyond that. I asked several times not to be seen by him, they kept saying I needed to becasue he did the surgery. The only treatment being offered was BCPs and I already suffer from severe migraines and trigeminal neuralgia. I went to this new doctor and explained that I was not diluting myself in thinking, after exstensive research, that this would go away. I just asked to buy some more time. Last year I had an emergency appendectomy and 6 months to tthe day ended back in the ER with the endo, I was out of work quite a lot and would like to have one more year before I am back in the OR again. I was hoping Lupron would be a good choice but I am not sure anymore. She did explain that if it works it would be great, if it doesnt it wont be fun. I just dont know if I should go in and have surgery instead. I already have 2 boys and I think I am done having children.
    jenkoelenko replied to Cjbetty's response:
    One thing to keep in mind is that a hysterectomy doesn't always solve the problem... many women still have issues after everything is taken out. Good Luck, let us know how it turns out! About lupron, when I was on it my primary physician had me taking calcium the whole time. She said that women on lupron are at a higher risk for osteoporosis... i wish you all the luck in the world figuring out what will work best for you!
    ~Jenna 24 ttc since 2/07, dx'd w/ endo stage IV via lap 06/08, 1 round lupron, 4 rounds of clomid, dx'd w/ PCOS 06/11, starting another round of clomid

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