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    Help for my DD, can endo cause hot flashes in a 17 yr old? Long -but need help
    booberryjuice posted:
    My DD has had her period for 7 yrs. they have always been bad,(severe cramps, bleeding , clots) a couple months ago she complained her ovaries hurt the whole month after her period, then started having all the symptoms of being pregnant (she's not), like - hot flashes that got worse as the month went -moody- gained weight-nausea-breasts getting bigger- and just feeling lousy. well we went to the dr. and they did an ultrasound and found nothing wrong, ran tests, blood , urine etc. even hormone levels etc. - needless to say found nothing. this month she finally felt better leading up to her period , but is in a lot of pain again and has lots of clotting (mostly) the dr. threw it all up to mild endo. I have had endo (total hysterectomy now) for over 30 yrs. and never had 1 hot flash! any one else heard of this? she has seen the family drs. (women) and a man gyn over her problems and they all want her to go on the pill, which she has refused so far (but is re-thinking it) No one will do a endoscopy on her till she's older. The dr. even did a pelvic on her last mo. and my kid said it hurt so bad she couldnt go to school the next day and whimpered all night in pain , the dr said they only check for std's w? cultures and since she's NOT been sexually active she didn't do one. she didnt want to test her for any cancers (cuz it would be on her file) (for insurance purposes later! -???) but her fathers - mother and her sisters all died of ovarian cancer (his mom at 45yrs.) I guess I was just looking for other similar stories to help me figure out what to do next. she took 2 alieve and 2 tylenol this time for cramps - and it didnt help much at all , plus she puts ice packs on.
    brandib01 responded:
    am sorry your dd is having these issues. if a doctor just kind of passes things like that off it is time to find a new doctor.

    eventhough she is not sexually active or planning on having children any time soon i always suggest going to see a reproductie endocronologist only because alot of "women issues" are linked to infertility so they have the most up to date knowledge on what could be wrong and are more concerned with "preservatyion" for the future and fixing the issue no matter how it affects your insurance.

    i know the whole "pre-existing condition" thing can suck but i and am sure you are more worried about helping her now. it is hard to function like that and based off the symptoms you listed it is not something i would just brush off as the doc. seems to want to.

    and if there is a history of endo the there is a better chance of her having it. not saying she does just an increased chance.

    but please remember there is no way to diagnose endo other than a lap so treating it withuot one wouldn't make sense.
    Brandi 28dx'ed.endo lap 09'

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