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    All Endo, PCOS, Adeno, Hysto's, Pelvic Pain this is the link to our new Exchange. It will take some time to get everything re-entered...but WELCOME ALL!!!
    JessM81 posted:
    Hi all,

    I am new here... been having ALOT of pelvic pain. I had an IUD for about 3 years that was taken out last May (2010). While I had it I did have pain with intercourse but no period. I had to have it removed because I had an infection because of it. Since it was pulled I have been having extremely bad hip pain., it hurts to even just sit, walk do anything. I would tell people it feels like it is deep inside my joint... and kinda like my hip was "stuck" Sharp, stabbing pain. Now about 3-4 months ago I have started having pain during and after intercourse and some bleeding sometimes afterwards. I also have bad heavy periods. But over the last couple months I constantly feel like I am on my period. I even have pain when I sneeze and cough sometimes... and it hurts to pass gas sometimes too. I have seen a GYNO and they did a ultrasound. She said that is looks pretty normal except a small fibroid that she says there is no way it is causing pain like I am describing.... I had the same problems about 8 years ago or so... I did have a lap done then and the dr that did it said she did not see endo but did cut out a fairly large adhesion . Now fast forward to today and I am having the same problems. When I went to the GYNO after the ultrasound, the dr told me that there is no way I have endo because if I didn't have it then I won't have it now. She basically disregarded the way that I am feeling and it really made me upset. She offered the birth control pill to me but I was already on it for 6 months and it didn't really do much. She said she would schedule me for a lap... however, I have since made a new appointment with a different dr because I don't want a dr I didn't feel comfortable with doing a lap on me.
    For you ladies with endo do you think I could have it??
    I really need to get myself fixed as the pain is really starting to take a toll on me...
    Any advice would be helpful...
    brandib01 responded:
    first of all you did the right thing by changing docs.
    never go to a doc you don't feel hears your complaint and you don't feel comfortable with.
    i always sufggest seeing a reproductive endocronologist.even if you are not thinking of having children right now they usually have the most experience with "women issues" including endo because it is a cause of infertiltiy. and if it is not that they have the widest range of knowledge on what it could be.

    i cannot say whether it is or is not endo because so many women feel the pain differently. but i never rule anything out.
    it does for sure sound like you need to see someone and remember no one is going to advocate for your health more than you. do not allow them to blow you off or discredit what you know is wrong. you know your body.
    Brandi 28dx'ed.endo lap 09'
    JessM81 replied to brandib01's response:
    The new doctor I switched to thinks it may be endo. We have a lap scheduled for Sept 25th. In the meantime I am just trying to deal with the daily pain. I did get a prescription for some vicodin which helps as the ibuprofen wasn't doing anything any longer. I will give an update after my lap....

    brandib01 replied to JessM81's response:
    good i am glad someone listened to you.
    i would make sure you set ground rules prior to your lap.

    for instance what they are going to do in the case that they do find endo. how will it be removed if at all.
    ask for pictures or even if they video the surgery. no good doctor should have a problem with this request.
    just in case you see another doc that tries to question the diagnosis and for your own personal records.
    also get a copy of the surgical report.

    the only reason i mention setting ground rules is because i have a recourring endometrioma on my right ovary and since i wanted children i made a firm request that the ovary not be removed unless there was literally no other option so they did end up having to remove about half but made it a point to save as much as they can and in my second lap they found endo all over my bowel and bladder and kidneys but cleaned as much as they could and closed me back up until they could schdeule a new lap with specialists to avoid any complications.

    keep me posted on how it goes.
    Brandi 28dx'ed.endo lap 09'

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