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    braces & seizures
    kates_mom posted:
    I am new here but don't know where else to turn. My daughter is 15 yo and has had 3 seizures. After the last one that she had last week, the drs put her on meds. We have gone thru tests, tests and more tests with absolutely no answers.
    She is healthy and started to have her seizures after getting orthodontic braces. Her following seizures have coincided with an orthodontic appointment that included getting new 'parts' like brackets. Is there any link between these?
    I might be grasping at straws here, but could her body be reacting to the metal?
    Thank you to any help.
    dancer86442 responded:
    Hello Mom,

    I apologize for not answering sooner. Life Interfered.

    As to your question. It is, in my opinion, Possible. But, I am not a DR. I know I had heard this B4, but, had forgotten, until I was reminded by a similar incident in my family.

    My Mom hasn't had any activity in over 20 yrs. At the time we suspected Alcohol W/drawal. Last week she had an absence seizure. My Sis rushed her to the ER (she has no experience w/ seizures) The DRS there ran a battery of tests & everything was negative except slight activity on the EEG. They were clueless as to cause & They wanted to medicate her. She refused. WHY??? Cuz, she is being treated by a Homeopathic MD for Mercury Poisoning, which my Sis learned can cause seizures. How did this occur? She has fillings that contain Mercury. She was/IS being detoxed, but, still has 3 fillings that need to be removed & replaced w/ less offensive fillings.

    So, yes, metals can leave toxins in some ppl's system. To the point of causing dangerous levels & causing seizures & other side effects.

    Hope this Helps. Please keep us posted. Know I care. HUGS!

    Love Candi
    kates_mom replied to dancer86442's response:
    Thank you Candi. Yes, that def helps. It helps just to know that we aren't alone in this struggle. I have researched this possibility of the cause of her seizures all day and it is truly mind-blowing at what I am learning. I continue to keep following this road.

    Good luck to your Mom! Thank you again for your reponse.
    dancer86442 replied to kates_mom's response:
    Hello Laurie,

    Well, caretakers are Very welcome here, too. I want to encourage you to Continue Learning all about EP & All it's aspects, including treatments. I hope your daughter is willing to learn too. Yes, it truly does help to know you aren't alone.

    I've been doing My' 'homework' for over 15 Yrs & it is Still Mind-blowing to me, the info I have found & read. Just reading/answering posts is an Education.

    Course, when I asked my Family DR to visit a site to learn More about seizures, he told me He knew more then the internet. I agree some sites can be misleading, but, I Know when I have read a legit site w/ Good/correct Info.

    Feel free to visit, anytime. Let us know what you learn & ask any questions if you become confused. Or just say Hello & let us know how your daughter is doing. & how You are 'coping'.

    Thank You for your wishes for My Mom. I will keep everyone 'up to speed' about her treatment & how she progresses.

    Love Candi
    paulapereira responded:
    Hi Kates_mom, I have a daughter also who has no history of seizures and last year October 20, 2013 had her first seizure she was 14 she turned 15 on November 21, 2013 and on November 23rd had a second seizure at home and second at the hospital that second one in emerg she went blue of course me as a mom I panicked:( We are following up with a Neurologist here in Ontario Canada and were told that they're are so many types of seizures the one my daughter Cassandra has is called Jeuvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy and she is on meds for it, now last night about 9pm she had a fourth seizure again was taken to hospital again for observation done tests again and everything came back good and last year had testing done everything came back good also except when they checked brain activity unfortunately was abnormal that is when Neurologist put her on meds but in the Summer before school started in September she did get braces and October of last year that is when this all started so maybe there is a possibly it may have triggered it, if that is the case i want these braces out, tomorrow we will be following up with Neurologist and definitely is a question I will be asking also I'm awaiting to have her see a Neurologist at Sick Kids Hospital and see what they'll have to say in regards to all this... Let me tell you something hun it's so hard on them but harder on us as moms no one wants to see they're child going through such thing it's nothing but stress anyways I wish your daughter and mine the very best and may god watch over them I pray all works out for both of us moms and all other moms/parents going through this pain... All the best to your daughter hugs from Canada!!! xo
    hawiian_girl11 replied to paulapereira's response:
    yes same here, hugs from Hawaii!. I lost a child from JME and it was a rare type and I have another child with T/Cs andI have TLE. I am adopted so I do NOT know how these 2 kids got the ep.

    I wish you all the best and that BOTH of you get the answeres that you so need. I have been in EMUs several times in ERs too many times chased ep for 29 yrs before it got caught. that I s a long story.

    I take massive amounts of meds and have a VNS.

    god bless you both.

    paulapereira replied to hawiian_girl11's response:
    Thank you nancy May god bless you also... On February the 1my daughter Cassandra was seen by the dentist where she got her braces because if this is what's triggering the seizures I wanted these things out right away and the dentist said because she still has a gap she still needs to wear it a bit longer but she would speed up the process so she can have it out this year anyways on that same day they did maintenance which is replacing any wiring tightening etc, Cassandra wasn't to bad last week Friday she had a headache but still again was ok yesterday before 8am she had another seizure again 911 was called and took her to hospital for observation thank god she was discharged we went to see the Neurologist yesterday and another increase on her Keppra she's now on 750mg morning afternoon 750mg and night 750mg 250mg the neurologist recommended a MRI of the brain but she can't have it done due to having these braces on today I called the dentist to touch base about what's been going on and the dentist decided a consultation is best to discuss Cassandra, I don't know what else to do I personally feel the braces are part of all this:(
    paulapereira replied to hawiian_girl11's response:
    Thank you Nancy May god bless you also, I'm so sorry to hear that wish you all the best:) As for me here not so good yesterday before 8am my daughter got another seizure again 911 was called and took her to the hospital the dr in emerg increased her dose of Keppra to 750mg along with 250 mg in the morning and night we followed up with her Neurologist and he increased it to 750mg in the morning 750mg 2pm and 750mg 250mg at night... But prior to last week Feb 1she had maintenance on the braces done so possibly it triggered it I don't know Neurologist and Dentist say they never heard of braces causing or triggering seizures I don't know what else to do I told the dentist I want these things out she says because Cassandra still has an open gap it's still required to have them on but she would try to speed up the process... It's nothing but heartache so see my doll going through this:( Nancy you are in my prayers god bless you!!! Hugs from Canada
    dancer86442 replied to paulapereira's response:
    Hello Paula,

    Welcome to our small family. I appreciate you sharing your concerns. I'm glad you could relate to Lauries' Journey. But, that post is 4 yrs old & I don't think she is w/ us anymore. But, you are & you are not Alone. As I mentioned to Laurie, I do believe you should never discredit anything as a cause for Seizures. But, only Time & Patience will give us answers. I Highly Recommend a Daily Journal, if you haven't Started one, yet. Please read the Info I have shared in Helpful Tips, to be sure you Include all Info necessary. This is especially crucial when adjusting to new meds/doses. So, is eating Healthy. Nutritional foods can Help eliminate/diminish side effects. I apologize if you already know all this.

    I do have questions. Why the ER after 'episodes'? Do they last longer than 2-3 minutes? Or did she Injure herself? Has the DR checked her Hormone Levels? Although the braces may have 'triggered' the episodes, there could be other Issues involved. I have never had braces, so, my next question: Do you think she is Stressed during her visit for installation & now, maintenance? Have the DRs checked her for possible toxins in her system?

    Fact: Seizures & headaches can be related/co-morbid. Although it was Proven yrs ago, Researchers are Still trying to understand Why/ Too Many Possibilities, since each of us is 'Unique' as to when & what we experience & what triggers we have. Those too, can be multiple.

    You can start a New Post, if you wish. This thread isn't Real Long, but, your own Topic/thread can't hurt.

    Know we care & are here to Listen. I truly Do understand how a Caretaker feels. Even though I am not a caregiver. I have talked to Many others' who are. Best Advice: Stay Strong! Stay Calm! Continue to Educate yourself & your daughter. (and others' ) You are your Daughters' Best Advocate, at this point. If she needs More Support, locate a Live Group in your State. Create a Live Group in your City, if need be. Or find an on-line support group for teens. Facebook & other Epilepsy Groups have pages for Teens.

    Love Candi
    March 26 Epilepsy Awareness Day Advocate
    CaitlynM replied to paulapereira's response:
    Hi, I know this is a late reply but I was recently diagnosed with JME too my first seizure beginning a few weeks after my braces were put on. The doctor suggested that I get mine removed. Did your daughter get hers removed and if so did that help?

    Thank you!

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