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    Celexa and Seizures
    wvwillow posted:
    My husband is a healthy 30 yr old male with no hx of seizures until the drug store made a mistake on his medicine. They filled his rx for Celexa 10 mg 1xday for Celexa 40 mg 4xday by mistake. Approx. 6 days later my husband he ended up in the hospital with his first seizure. We did not catch the mistake for two more weeks. He had another seizure approx. 3 weeks after the first, then another 4weeks after that and this last one was 4 months after that. All scans and labs show nothing and we even have proof that he does not take or do drugs or alcohol. I can find a side effect for seizures listed however i can not find any evidence that links the two together however, that is the only thing that has trama, no other medicine changes, again no hx of seizures...I really need to find something linking the two together...I would love any help that I can get.
    dancer86442 responded:
    Hello wvwillow,

    I think/Know this page/site will provide you with the link. Scroll down for answers. Causes & Triggers. Then, take time to read the whole article. It's considered' homework'. Cuz, the More you know about Epilepsy AKA seizure disorder, the Better.

    Your Hubby was, in my book, Poisoned! The fact that seizures are listed as a side effect, at a 'normal' dose, to some ppl, is one thing. Overdose &/or not being properly weaned from the med, is /was the cause of his Seizure.

    We All have a brain seizure threshold. It is possible, your husband had a 'low threshold', thus, continues to have Seizures. I ain't a Doc, but, common sense, gut feeling, says so. And what you read on that site & in Resources, backs me up!

    What about the Pharmacy? Have they just apologized or is the person who typed up the info on the bottle, at least, FIRED. Personally, I would be talking w/ a Lawyer!

    Please, If you haven't already, Start a Journal. More info as to what to include under Tips.

    Keep us posted. Keep Learning. HUGS!

    Love Candi
    wvwillow replied to dancer86442's response:
    Thank you for the info. I am getting ready to check it out now and yes I have talked to a lawyer and he is trying to tell me that we need a doctor to say for 100% certain that the med. caused the seizure or we don't have a case. I have already found a new lawyer to review this but I am tryin to do my own research to get prepared. Thanks again and if you find any more info let me know and I will keep in touch.
    dancer86442 replied to wvwillow's response:
    Hello wvwillow,

    Thank You for replying. Interesting fact: Drs take a 6 mth course in pharmaceuticals, in order to get their degree. After that, it is up to the individual DR to do his Own 'homework'. Most DRS just rely on what the Drug Reps say about the Drug. In other words, they know the good, w/ maybe, Some of the Bad, about Drugs.
    The Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Companies Have All the Info.
    I don't mean this as a 'downer' but, Good Luck finding a DR who does his 'homework' about Drugs. (My new Family DR prescribed an anti-biotic for Urine infection. When I read the info on it, I was shocked. He had given me a med w/ possible side effect of seizures. Knowing I had Epilepsy. I did have a bad reaction to that med. Ya know what the Nurse said? "Wasn't the side effect worth the 'cure'?" I will be changing DRS, Again. ) My Opinion & My Hubby's: The Lawyer should be responsible for finding that DR!

    As far as finding 1 who will say 100% positive. That's tough. Cuz, there are sooo many different, sometimes hidden, causes of seizure disorders.

    Use your search engine. 'seizures & anti-depressants' should give you Lots of Info. But, back it up w/ Experts. Cuz, I was, also, told by my DR that he knows more then the computer.

    Love Candi
    dancer86442 replied to dancer86442's response:
    BTW: I know you said you will be talking w/ another Lawyer. But, in case needed, visit Phylis's site,, (access to her site is located under her Signature) for info on locating Lawyers who I am sure would be interested in helping you for Free.

    Love Candi
    wvwillow replied to dancer86442's response:
    Thanks for your support and concern with my problems...I really do appreciate all of the help and info. I haven't had time to fully research everything out yet but just wanted to let you know that I haven't gave up and will keep in touch. Thanks a bundle!
    dancer86442 replied to wvwillow's response:
    Your Welcome!

    Love Candi

    BTW: How is Hubby doing?
    twinkle556 responded:
    My son had two in row, he got 20 stitches in his gums, ten in his chin and wifht in his lip. I am furious. He has never, ever had a seizure before.
    twinkle556 replied to dancer86442's response:
    I worked in a pharmacy. The can surely be sued, without a doubt.

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