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    What does a seizure feel like?
    An_200764 posted:
    I read a book about types of seizures but I don't know what they are supposed to feel like. How do you know you're having a seizure? I was diagnosed with Complex Partial Seizures several years ago. The docter said the EEG indicated an electrical spike in the left Temporal Lobe.There are times when I get an intense shiver and my right arm involuntarily jerks. Sometimes my right hand jerks too. Other people have said they witnessed involuntary movements from me at times. It always seems to be the right side that is affected. The other "episodes" are different. My body will tense up, I start sweating, and what I feel is hard to describe. I find myself rocking back and forth, and have been described as unresponive during these times. The best way to ride them out when they strike is in a seated position with my legs held up against my chest. My taste buds are often out of whack for a while after one of these "episodes." Today, alone, I have had 13 of these "episodes." Only reason I remember the amount I had was because I wrote them down right after they happened. Generally they last only 2-3 minutes at least at the very least. I have started drooling during these "episodes." One time I bite the inside of my cheek and discovered blood on the floor mixed with saliva. One time I was able to write in detail what was happening to me. "Looking at something I'm familiar with, then suddenly it triggers a past memory of mine. I feel like I'm being pulled into a dreamlike state. Slowely drifting through a narrow tunnel angled in a downward slant. I'm not able to resist it's pull, I'm powerless. My legs feel very heavy, as if I were wearing lead shoes. Please, is this what a seizure is? I don't know.
    I can go for several weeks with no "episodes", except for the involuntary movements. I don't have a problem, there's nothing to be concerned about, is there?
    If I can go for several weeks with no problems then why should I continue seeing a neurologist, or even take medication? These "episodes" won't cause any long-term harm to me and will probably go away on their own, whatever it is.
    dancer86442 responded:
    Hi there,

    Welcome to Epland. I think the best thing for you is some 'homework'. First, On Page 2 of Resources, please read Epilepsy Faqs. The site answers your questions gives you more info on other Types of Seizures. This Info may be important for you to keep. So, save as fav or bookmark. Another good site for Info, in Resources, is Hope & Epilepsy. :)

    You can go several weeks w/out 'episodes'? Hmm? If you are a Lady, Does this B4, during or after your Mthly? Read Info about Catamenial Seizures.

    Why continue w/ Neuro & meds? Hon, you need to be Concerned, for Several Reasons! Seizures, left untreated, Can do Harm to you &/or to your brain. W/ uncontrolled seizures, there is, also, a possibility that your seizures can change. Your seizures are occurring on the left side of brain, but, can spread thru out the Whole brain, leaving you w/ the possibility of more than 1 Type of Seizure. Possibly, More Severe Seizures! Then, there is the possibility of developing Status Seizures. Seizures that last 5-30 min non-stop. Or how about SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death due to Epilepsy) ? These are All Concerns that you can say "Not Me", but are highly possible!

    How Do Seizures Damage the Brain:

    Your EEG shows Seizure Activity. They are Not going Away! The fact that you are Still Experiencing Episodes, says it All! In fact, I would say it's time to visit your neuro Again! And take your notes w/ you! Your meds need to be Increased or Changed. You Need Seizure Control! Every Day, Every Month, Every YR!

    It's Good that you write about your 'episodes' & Time them. But, do you include other Info that may be relevant? Please read Journals under Tips.

    See your DR ASAP! Please!

    Love Candi
    GatorClaw replied to dancer86442's response:
    Sometimes they do appear around my time of the month several weeks in advance, but others have struck at different times not related to my time of the month. So I don't know what may have triggered them.
    dancer86442 replied to GatorClaw's response:
    If you keep up w/ your Journal, you will, hopefully, be able to figure out what else is triggering your seizures. And it Is possible to have More than 1 Trigger. Your mthly is just 1 Possibility. The Epilepsy & Hope site has a List of Common Triggers, too. :)

    Love Candi
    Norton47 responded:
    I agree with Dancer. It sounds like you may have the same problem as me. I may start with a partial seizure, or have several during a few hours, but always end up with a serries of grand mal seizures. Just biting the inside of your mouth can be a sign that your seizures are spreading, and becoming more serious. As for the time between them, do you stop or miss your medications because your doing well? This can lead to breakthrough seizures. I would also note what you were doing when these occur. I find that looking at the computer, reading, and most of all flickering, such as the passing lane of a highway almost always causes these seizures. Make note if you wake in the morning or middle of the night feeling lost, or with your mouth cut again, because they can happen at anytime, and there may not be anyone to witness them. I hope your seizures can be controlled, but you may need several different medications, and your doctors may need to do additional tests. My EEG's have come back normal, or showing spikes on the right side one time, and the left the next time. Making it impossible to determine where the actual location is. Just continue your medications, and if you experience a day like this again, have someone take you to your doctor, or an emergency room where a professional can see and document these episodes. Doctors have often asked what my seizures look like, but I never stopped to watch. The only way I knew that I had one, was feeling lost upon awakening, or injured in some way. Like my mouth being cut, a hit on the head, and my muscles aching all over. Keep well

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