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    New Breakthrough Epilepsy Surgery!
    phylisfeinerjohnson posted:
    Revolutionary laser surgery — a safer, less invasive alternative to brain surgery as we know it — has slowly been achieving success with brain tumor patients.

    Instead of the more traditional craniotomy, in which a bone flap is removed from the skull, neurosurgeons are using MRI-guided laser technology to destroy lesions in hard-to-access regions of the brain.

    "This is a tool for patients with tumors who have been told they do not have other options" — Shabbar F. Danish, MD, of Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital — says about laser-assisted thermal ablation.

    "This is also a viable option for patients who do not want radiation therapy or general anesthesia. Additionally, we can take their hospital stay from four to seven days down to 24 hours."

    The procedure marries the precision of navigation tools?with an MRI-guided laser probe that's as small and light as a pen. "What this does is you just have to make a hole that will take you to the middle of the tumor, and (ablate) the tumor.

    It's actually done in the MRI suite, so when the probe is confirmed to be in the correct position in the MRI suite you heat it and you can watch directly on the MRI scanner what area is being heated using the program. After that you can do another MRI scan, since the patient is already there, to show if the tumor is gone. So you have instant gratification."

    On July 18, 2011 history was made for epilepsy surgery?

    What's so different about yesterday's surgery at Texas Children's Hospital, is this was the first time laser brain surgery was done successfully on a patient with epilepsy. A surgical breakthrough that's long overdue. (Laser surgery has been used successfully on cancer patients for more than a decade.)

    Doctors said a typical hospital stay for patients before this laser surgery was five to seven days. But now, with this less-invasive alternative, patients can usually go home the next day!

    So far, doctors have performed the surgery on children, although plans to expand the new technology for adult patients is in the works.

    "Based on our experience, we believe the use of MRI-guided laser surgery will change the face of epilepsy treatment and provide a life-changing option for many epilepsy surgery candidates — both children and adults," said Dr. Angus Wilfong, director of Texas Children's comprehensive epilepsy program and associate professor of pediatrics and neurology at Baylor College of Medicine.

    And it will bring new hope to all of us. The chance to change our lives.

    Phylis Feiner Johnson
    dancer86442 responded:
    Thank You Phylis,

    I am Sure this is exciting News to All those who are facing surgery in the future. I'd sure like to hear some follow-up stories from those kids, w/in a few yrs. :) The sooner surgeons start this procedure on Adults w/ Epilepsy, the Better, I say. :) It's been long Overdue, considering how long they have been using it for PPL w/ Tumors.

    Here's to the Future, w/ Prayers for New Hope. :)

    Love Candi
    clarinet2 responded:
    Phylis, I was watching our local news station in Minneapolis two nights aga and heard that the next story was going to be regarding new technology surgery for Epilepsy. I ran to the TV, watched the story. The technology has come through for the patients who are looking into surgery. The surgery 10 years ago was not bad, but the new technology will be much safer, faster and easier recovery time.

    Good luck to any patients considering surgery. It changed my life around dramatically for the best!

    Time to celebrate and spread the news around!

    ewolfe314 responded:
    I wish this was around in 1988. I had the brain surgery done and the scar tissue that was left behind is what is causing my seizure disorder.

    Can this procedure be used to eliminate scar tissue ?
    dancer86442 replied to ewolfe314's response:
    Hello John,

    Welcome back! It is Good to hear from you! :)

    Did your medication work or are you still on the med Merrygoround?

    To answer your question. I think so! W/ the new MEG (newer version of MRI w/ better details) I think this new Surgery would work for eliminating scar tissue, also. :) Be worth talking w/ your DR about that's for sure! :) Who knows? It may be the scar tissue causing your ongoing seizures. It's been known to cause seizures in others'. :(

    On a more Personal Note? How are the Kids doing? Have the twins & your son started School yet? How are You doing? What ya been up to? ;) :) HUGS!

    Love Candi
    ewolfe314 replied to dancer86442's response:
    HI Candi,

    Yes I am finally back and my med merry go round is over. The keppra has done wonders for me. A lot better then the dilantin that I was on. My new nuero doc did tell me that the scar tissue could be the result of me having seizure disorders. I see him again just before christmas and I'll have to ask him what his thoughts are on the scar tissue with this new procedure.

    Well what have I been up to. Here we go. In March I began digging the pond. April 3rd I officially opened it up,meaning adding water and fish.I ended up building it so that it would stand up to the winter freeze here in Pennsylvania. It's 10 foot long by 5 foot wide and 4 foot deep.Got it loaded with perch,bluegills,sunfish,rock bass and large mouth bass.My wife then added 2 shubumkins (smaller koi). I first started it out with goldfish but due to the power of my filters,the filters sucked up all the goldfish. There use to be minnows in there,but the bass took care of them. Also added lots of plants such as water hyacynths,cattails among others.

    As soon as I finished the pond,had to get my garden going.The tomatoes are just about finished, been pulling off one pounders,making pickles and just baked my first blueberry pie. And now just waiting on the potatoes and onions and corn. And my favorites the brussel sprouts have a ways to go,last year it was the end of October to early November when they were finished.Right now the brussel sprout plants are 4 foot high

    Been out fishing quite a bit,at least 2 times per week and just baking in the sun.

    As for my kids, my one daughter moved back in with us after having bad problems with her boy friend and she is now dating a State Trooper and my other daughter out in the Pittsburg area has given me the most precious grandchildren that you can ever ask for,a boy and a girl. Now don't forget my girls just turned 24 in July.

    Not sure if you remember,but my son passed away last October at the age of 21 and he also left behind a gorgeous grandson who everytime he comes over all he and the other grandson say is fishies due to the fact that I have 3 aquariums in the house.. Took them outside to the pond to see the pond fish and they love it.

    So other then that,everything has been fine, just keep on trying to get my wife to go fishing but thats a no-no,she's scared of bugs,lol. Sometimes I think to myself thats why God created bugs to give us men some time alone,lol.

    So how is everything going with you?? I've been in here on a monthly basis but for some reason I could not post anything ,I forgot my password and just changed it the other day.


    dancer86442 replied to ewolfe314's response:
    Hello John,

    Well, I am glad you have been watching our posts. :) As you have seen, I am still Busy helping everyone & am Very Pleased that we have a 'new' family started, finally. :) Glad you got a New password so you could join in again. :)

    Sooo Glad to hear the Keppra is working for you. :) They took my daughter off it & she is doing better on Topamax & Lyrica. So far her seizures are controlled. Been almost 4-6 mths seizure free. :)

    I guess I should have read thru some more of your posts to 'refresh' my memory. I had forgotten your daughters were Older. Your son. Yes I had forgotten. :( I, probably said it B4: My Condolences & Prayers for you & yours. But, sounds like ya got some Great Grandkids. :) None for me. Daughter refused to have any kids due to EP genetics. My son, 23, is still looking for the 'perfect' mate. ;) Hubby is Finally Retired from his Govt Job & is working Part Time, as an Usher at 1 of the Casinos across the River. :) Gets to see a Lot of Good Shows/Acts for Free. :) Me? I got a Rugrat to care for during the week. A great 4 yr old. I've had him for about 2 yrs now. Only problem: His Dad! Refuses to listen to parental &/or Health Advice about his Son. He has Chronic Bronchitis which Allergies trigger & becuz Dad refused to treat him for Either (My Mom didn't raise me w/ Pills. My Son will be fine, too :( ) ( he now has Asthma. Dad would use Vicks during attacks, cuz, he couldn't stop me from using it & he did note Improvement w/ use. It Burns me though that the Asthma could have been Prevented! And he still Refuses to Listen to me & others'. And the childs' Mom is out of the Picture, more or less. :( Oh Well. At least he has Me for now. :)

    Your Pond sounds Terrific. :) And I would Die for some of them Fresh Brussel Sprouts. When Ready. :) I think they were maturing Last Time we talked. :) 1LB Tomatoes? WHOOOHOO! Bet them taste GOOD! I used to have Wild Blueberries & Blackberries Growing all over our property in Ga. Sure miss That. :( Hubby didn't even Try to plant veggies this YR. AZ heat Fries them B4 they mature. :( Kept telling him to put a Green Screen over them for Heat Control. :) So, Maybe Next Yr? ;) To bad the ol lady Don't go fishing w/ you. (I ain't afraid of Bugs. :) Maybe you should come down to AZ & fish in Colorado River. :) Hubby is a Good Fish Fry Cook. :) ) But, then again, ya got time alone, ya Got Peace! :) And them Grandkids will grow up Fast & will soon be going w/ you, on occasion. :)

    OK enough of my ramblin. :) Again, Welcome Back! Lots of Hugs for You & Yours!

    Love Candi

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