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    Can Odors Such As Perfumes Provoke A Seizure?
    Anon_35109 posted:
    I have a really good sense of smell. Over the last eight months I have noticed that some smells provoke strange sensations in my body. Some reactions are shivers, others I can't explain but I notice physical reactions to certain odors. The smells vary it can be perfumes to smells inside buildings and such. The smell can be intense or enough to be noticed. I am concerned that if exposed to these certain odors for an extended period of time could provoke a seizure. I was diagnosed with Complex Partial Seizures a couple of years ago. It was determined that the left temporal lobe was the area affected. I am currently on medication for seizures. There have been several times I felt I was on the verge of having a seizure after smelling something. Not something that's dangerous! They are smells I encounter in every day life.
    dancer86442 responded:
    Hello 35109,

    YES! Here is a great site that lists ALL Triggers. Scroll down to read about Odors/perfumes.

    I suggest you carry a cotton Hankie w/ you to cover your nose & mouth when around Heavy Odors.

    Love Candi
    tncabell responded:
    After my worst seizure we had to take out this air fresher and i had to change my deodorant. the smells made me sick. seizures cause your senses to be heightened so it possible it could be a trigger for you.

    dancer thanks for the list. i am going to show my husband because he thinks i am nuts sometimes when i say certain things are triggers for me.

    dancer86442 replied to tncabell's response:
    Hi Jenn,

    I ain't sure ALL Triggers are listed. But, the one's she listed are the Most prominent. A pattern in your Journal entries will help Identify Triggers. (And Prove to Hubby you ain't NUTS!) Keep in mind: Some of us are 'unique' in what we experience. Seizure Symptoms/activity & Triggers.

    Definitely show Hubby! He should, as your caretaker, be aware of seizure Types & Triggers. And whatever else you can get him to Learn about EP.

    Love Candi
    phoenix_sun responded:
    they can. the smell of artificial strwberry anthing puts meto a tail spin . I have an aura, brace myself adn then it hits, but that was before the VNS, now I can stop them.

    seizureshurtme replied to dancer86442's response:
    The list is not accessible. Could you please send me the list again .
    dancer86442 replied to seizureshurtme's response:
    Yes, that is an old post/site. It became unavailable, yrs ago. But, I do know another site that lists 'odd' triggers.

    Oh dear. Something is wrong & this post won't let me add a URL to another site. So, check our Tips & or Resources for or use your search Engine. Her site is free & no need to join to read her articles. Locate Search Tool in her Menu & type in odd triggers.

    Love Candi

    BTW: Welcome to our Community. If you have More questions or just need to vent, we are listening. Hugs!
    November is Epilepsy Awareness Month Wear Purple/Place a Purple light in/on home/businesses. Encourage others' to show Their support

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