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    Seizures while awake and alert?
    kristy709 posted:
    My future father in law is having these seizure like episodes. He is alert enough to answer questions with a yes/no nod of the head with some simple words. He has diabetes which is pretty much under control. We are at a loss. The doctors here have said it is not his diabetes. We have no idea what could be causing this. His pupils are not dilated during this time, he shakes hard, his is dizzy but with no nausea, sometimes he passes out with these episodes, he has extreme muscle cramps in his calf muscles. After a few minutes he is fine but is extremely tired. His longest episode like this happened today at 12:30pm est we don't know what else to do. I am asking if there is anyone out there who may know what this is or has the same symptoms? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
    hawiian_girl_73 responded:
    there is a type of EP called Simple Partial szs people are complelty awake and know exactly what is going on and can talk and carry on a conversation .

    As for the passing out I can not account fopr , don't have a clue with that.

    I am a rep on Ohau in HI and may be able to help you with anything you want to know about.

    you can reach me at [email protected]

    I have a lot of knowledge in the field of VNS or Vagus Nerve Stimulator and with what is going on with him may make him a candidate for one.

    NExt visit to neuro bring it up and see what the doc says.

    I had szs that were 10-12 a day almsot every day and it drove me intop the ground from the exhastion and so we went to my neurologist and I argued my way out of it 2 times but lost on the last one. He sent me to a Cardio/vascular/thoracic surgeon who puts in hundreds of these and it works wonders for me. I went from all those szs and went from all of the 10-12 a day to 3-4 a month.

    It is meant for any and all types of partial szs and Tonic-clonic szs with aura.

    I wich you you the best as you go through all this.

    I had to do it 3 times with different neurologists. Now I have a really great one.

    Anyway good luck!!

    Hawii Girl
    dancer86442 responded:
    Hello Kristy,

    I found this info not to long ago. You mentioned the cramped legs & Your future F-i-L has Diabetes, sooo this may be a possibility. Seizure Types/episodes can be induced by a lack of this nutrient.

    Can magnesium deficiency cause nocturnal partial seizures? (Note: Previous site does say different seizure Types are affected & this could be happening, also & you or others' are unaware)

    Use our Resources to learn about various seizure Types/symptoms. Seizure Faqs & are very descriptive of seizures. Take your time & browse. Also, recommend starting a Journal for him. More info under Tips.

    You are doing good keeping track of the time. Please note that in the Journal, also. Other than that, all you can do is follow proper seizure first aid after an episode. Let him Sleep! The ER & Docs can't won't do anything at this point. So, do your own 'homework' & keep searching for answers.

    Love Candi
    greatform52 responded:
    ok back in 2009 I had a massive seizure of the type your talking about. diabetes hoshimotos disease run in my family. I have read medical books and information on these condition. I found out that there are a lot of other gland problems that relate to this and the type of seizure isn't always excluded from other parts of the brain. so those gland problems can put a lot of stress on the physical body. most of the time mental health doctors like to try to disprove this stuff. and I was first told my seizure was a stress seizure. but blood work was also done and found out that I had an over active adrenal gland. its uncool when you don't get filled in on all the studies.

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