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    OT: b-day
    hula_dancer73 posted:
    HI all,

    The 12th is my 39th birthday and a friend and her husband, the same one who hid my meds invited me to lunch for my birthday the day after.

    She told me that everyone was going to do it dutch.

    DO you think it fair to make me pay on my b-day after THEY invited me?

    That is bothering me since it is goiing to occurr in 2 days

    I am on the mainland currently to see my neuro on the 17th at 7 45 am anmd for my birthday. Then I go back home to Hi.

    makes me very MAD and upset that she would do that to me. who would get invited to lunch and then have to pay for their own lunch?

    Personally I think it is rude VERY RUDE!!

    kittyqqq responded:
    no i dont think its fair for you to have to pay on your birthday, but some people just dont have the money, why did she hide your meds?
    hula_dancer73 replied to kittyqqq's response:
    THEy have the money to do this. She just thinks I should [ay for my own as her friend is going too and so on.

    THe meds story is a long one.

    About 2 years ago when i was hosppitalized for a serious break-thru sz, I had to be released into somones home to take care 24/7, which I did not like I can fare on my own, but they told the RN that they wanted to take me wi th them.

    So they did and when we got to my house the friend's wife took it upon herself to go in there and get all my meds including the narcotics and then hid them from me. I took the sz drugs bnut she eliminated the Vimpat because it is a Class V drug categoory and is something she did not want me to take. She also thought it was too hard of a drug. So she took that and the narcotics away from me and hhid them so I could not get them and she wonders why I had a few szs at her house. She took away my main drug. she was alos complaining about my post-ictal behaviour was so irratic.

    With holding somones meds or other ways is a felony and she claimed that I trashed her name. So she scheduled and apppt with hte TMJ doc and wanted a half hr to challenged my doctor about the meds he was giving me.

    I have severe TMJ and just had surgery to correct it on june 8th.

    HE was giving me Percocet, Oxycodone and Oxycontin at the end. NOt all at teh same time. When I ran out of one he filled with a different one to try and keep my comfortable.

    She took it all and his it so I could not have it.

    THis gets long.

    If you look at my post called "medication" the whole story is there.

    saxofone1 responded:

    I think that is unfair, wrong, inconsiderate(whatever word you wish to use) to invite you to a dinner and then expect you to pay any part of the bill. It was an invitation, which usually means that the one who invited you is going to take care of the bill. That's the way I was brought up.

    If you feel this is unfair(I certainly do), simply withdraw. This is your day to be recognized for being here. There is nothing wrong with celebrating your birthday alone or with someone who you feel comfortable with. Obviously, you don't with this person.

    Do what you feel is best for you. Does her husband know about her expecting you to pay your share of the bill? She sounds a bit controlling.

    Regardless of how it works out, you have a good birthday. Go to a favorite spot and toast yourself.

    Happy Birthday,

    hula_dancer73 replied to saxofone1's response:
    Hi Angie,

    Yes the husband knows about that meds thing and the invite to a resaurant on Maui called Bubba Gumps.

    He is extremely MAD at her for saying that to me.

    HE is going to pick up that tab and not make me pay for a thing, considering it a week late.

    YEs she is a control freak and likes everything to be her way or no way. VERY controlling.

    Like the hospital s tay 2 years ago for a sz she would not let me go anywhere and trapped me in their house seeing that I could NOT drive and had people come over t owatch me like am still a baby. WHen they had things to do. They wuld call up a person and ahvethem come over and watch me when they went out of town. 3 times.

    When I told her that with holding ANY meds is a felony she got really mad and told me she has never been so upset n her life that she was going to have a sz from all of it, did I want to see it.

    I tild her that is why you do not take my meds away. You get bad news like that.I needed 1 that was supposed to be taken 2 at a time for pain everyday, and another one for pain for my jaw but it was a different med, and then the Vimpat for my szs.

    My doc and his assistant wanted in teh wors t way to press charges on her and have her sent to jail for a 10 years sentence. We asked a local cop adn he said that it would be a mandatory sentence of alt least 10 years but it is up to teh judge if they didi it that way.

    My mom is a pastor on the mainland back in PHX and has been in different places where she was transfered. We have been a short stay in OH, then a long stay in Lousiana, then to PHX and now I am in Hawi'i.

    That action would not put me in a good place and would have probably had everyone mad at me and she would have gotten fired. But the lady deserved it big time for doing what she did.

    now she is inviting a frined of hers to that lunch with her with out even asksing if I wanted her to come along.

    UGHHI am so mad it is NOT in teh least bit funny.

    I am sorry I told some of it again but now it fits with the rest of it.

    Thanks for leting me vent Angie.

    saxofone1 replied to hula_dancer73's response:
    HI hula,

    Do your best not to let this woman upset you. We all know that stress aggravates our seizure control. Her actions might be intentional. Be one step ahead of her and simply give her no sign that her actions are disturbing you in any way. Outwit her.

    I don't feel it matters as to when you are celebrated. The day before or a month later. Appreciate that you have been remembered.

    As far as the repeating of your story goes, sometimes we have to retell the whole as to avoid missing important points.

    Vent when needed. Just not around her. Don't give her any reason to feel that she has gotten hit that nerve. Don't give her a reason to smirk at you or her husband. That will drive her crazy. You get the last laugh.

    It is a new week. Go have fun. Avoid the unpleasants.


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