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    seizuremother posted:
    im asingle mother and i have seizures and i was wondering if id be able to live alone with my 5yr old daughter and i have people taking me to court for custody of her would me and her be able to live alone even though i gat seizures
    BlazingTiger responded:
    That is a very good question. My initial response would be yes, but with some things to consider. Are you on meds to help control your seizures? If on meds do they control them? These are questions to ask yourself & the court will more than likely ask these questions as well as others I haven't thought of yet. If your answer to the Questions I asked is no. Then I would tell you no for my answer.

    hula_dancer73 replied to BlazingTiger's response:
    hi Jason,

    She would need to teadh nim about epilepsy adn sz first aid.

    She should tell him about the meds she is one nad if she feels one coming on to get some oral Aitvan and give it to her if there is enough time.

    I would suggest a sz alert dog at this point in her life even though she has a 5 year old.

    Teh child can not do everything a sz dog can.

    Tehdog can be taught to dodal 911 and the child can stay with the mother. ETC.

    dancer86442 replied to hula_dancer73's response:
    I agree w/ Nancy. Mom, I lived w/ my daughter for 2 yrs after my First seizure. She was 5. Courts didn't take her away. I Mistakenly Gave her to her Dad.

    So, for now, Chek out the Epilepsy Foundation site, located in our Helpful Resources. There are Books Listed for All ages, that can help you & your daughter w/ the Knowledge of what she needs to Know! Chek w/ the Research Librarian at your Local Library for availability of any books Listed! Then, Search for an EFA in Your State & see if there is an Affiliate Association Near You. IF you need help w/ Court Battle, there is the Jeanne Carpenter Fund listed on the EFA site, also.

    I Wish I had contacted the EFA when I first started Treatment. My Thoughts at the time: If DRS can't help me, how can That Group Help? I now know I was sooooo Wrong!

    Jason, Was your son taken from You even w/ your medical Issues???

    Love Candi
    BlazingTiger replied to dancer86442's response:
    No my son was not taken from me..
    I am glad you asked this question made me think & remember something.

    Seizure mother,
    Typically they don't take custody away from parents unless one or more of the following is proven. If by staying with the parent is the childs life in danger? is the any abuse? ie ( physical, sexual or psychological?) Can the parent provide the necessary care required? Is the parent to be deemed unfit? There are also some others i cant really remember at the moment. My best advice to you is. Under no circumstances go into that court room with out legal council. Get yourself a lawyer protect yourself. if you cannot afford one get in touch with legal aid. this is the best i can do. hope it helps you.

    dancer86442 replied to BlazingTiger's response:
    Hi Jason, I am Glad I was able to Trigger thoughts in your Brain on this subject. I Remembered you said you Still had your Kid. That's why I questioned You. BTW: The Jeanne Carpenter Fund on EFA site is supposed to be Pro-bono for ppl w/ Epilepsy & Legal Issues.

    Hope you don't mind. I gave Teejay your FB name. He Likes your Idea for the WebMD Page. HUGS! Have a Great Day!

    Love Candi
    BlazingTiger replied to dancer86442's response:
    That is fine you gave him my FB name. I hope what I said helps her and all going through this.


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