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    I need a better opinion
    lyndsinnati09 posted:
    Around last year I went out with my friends for a few drinks. I had about three or four beers and a shot of really weak whiskey and a lot of water. By the end of the night, my friend needed a ride home. We get to his house and suddenly I had to throw up. After vomiting, I immediately collapsed on the ground and started thrashing uncontrollably and gasping for air. I eventually had enough muscle control to get inside on the couch where I continued to thrash, kick, and twitch. Since neither of us knew what was going on I was rushed to the ER. I was restrained and blood was taken for tests. I kicked and thrashed uncontrollably for about two hours )completely conscious and coherent) before I was sedated. The doctor said it was because I was drunk, which I was not. My blood alcohol level was below legally drunk. He wrote it off as a muscle tremor and sent me home. Since then I have had about a dozen similar episodes, not all involving alcohol. I've had numerous blood tests and a ct scan. Nothing abnormal was found. Since I am conscious the entire time, epilepsy was eliminated as a possibility. I'm just curious what the other possibilities are. If anyone has an idea I'd sure appreciate it.
    dancer86442 responded:
    Hello lyn,

    I would like you to do some 'homework' about PNES. Psuedo Non-Epilepsy Syndrome\seizure. Ignore the term Pseudo! There is Nothing 'Fake' about this type of seizure. PNES can not be treated w/ Epilepsy medication. It Can be treated though. See if you can get a referral to a Neuro-Psych!

    Since you are conscious/coherent thruout the seizure, this would be My Guess. I am not a Dr, but, I do know about Epilepsy & PNES. Triggers (alcohol, drugs, sleep patterns, stress & other factors) & symptoms for PNES can be the Same as Epilepsy. Stress is usually the number 1 Trigger.

    My Suggestion: Start keeping a Daily Journal! More Info under Helpful Tips. Visit WebMD's Epilepsy Health Center: Seizures: Topic Overview mentions NES, But, unfortunately does not have much info, except possible causes. You may find more Info on this site.

    Keep us posted. PNES is a seizure disorder & we will be here for you if you have more questions or need support. Hugs!

    Love Candi
    saxofone1 responded:
    Hi lyn,

    Welcome to the ep community.

    I am not familiar with what you have descriped. Candi is an excellent advisor. Please follow her suggestions.

    Though my seizures were real, many of my EEGs came back w/o seizure activity present. Seizures have their own timeline so it can be hard to catch them when necessary. They had been witnessed by many, including my docs.

    Keep us posted on your progress. Drop in to say hello. I wish you well.

    lyndsinnati responded:
    Thank you for your input. I will bring this up at my next doctor's appointment and keep you posted.
    hula_dancer73 responded:
    you should NOT be driniking that it lowers your sz threahold plus interacts with your meds in a nad way..

    Why hould woulit could cause you to have sz ad you be doing that knlwing that you have epilepsy,

    Someone would call 911 who doesn't know you and they would keep you overningh in observation and may or maynot end you home the next day, OR they may out you n the de tx area.

    NOT fun from my stand point.

    stay away from the beers and aby other aacholu drinks itwill hiut you.. SOrryaboyut mys pelloing but this whay happening to you sometimesafter a sz and I have one at the very end of chuch.

    I live on O'ahu in West Honolulu-GO UH Warriors!
    lyndsinnati replied to saxofone1's response:
    I went to my doctor last week and mentioned PNES to him, since he couldn't figure out why I was having these episodes. He said it was a very good possibility considering my family history of near-crippling anxiety (which I didn't take into account until I did some research).
    Instead of going through the process of trying to diagnose me, he suggested I try going to therapy first. Learning to manage my stress and possible anxiety and maybe even being medicated if it comes to that (I hope it doesn't). He said it should help. I'm actually quite optimistic about it knowing that it's most like psychological.
    I will keep you posted!
    dancer86442 replied to lyndsinnati's response:
    That's Good News Lyn,

    If it is PNES, remember, none of our anti-epilepsy meds will work for you. But, your Dr /psych, may recommend something (anti-depressant) for the anxiety. They put my daughter on Xanex when they Thought she had PNES> Which Wasn't the Case, after all. But, you are rite to stay optimistic. Keep up w/ that Daily Journal, also! It just mite be useful to the Psych, too.

    Love Candi

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