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    OT:another Drop sz injury
    hawiian_girl11 posted:

    For over a week my right wrist was feeling very uncomfortable and then it got to swelling and then t hurting. My medicalert bracelet no longer fit it so that had to be removed and after about another few days of pain I sat my but in the ER for several hrs on Sunday afternoon and they discovered that it was fractured in 2 places, I had to go back to my facility on the mainland and had a hand/wrist/elbow specialist look at it,

    Not only were there 2 fractures in one bone but it had pushed the bone next tp it out of place and that has to be re set back in place.

    I tore a tendon and several ligaments as well.

    Surgery is needed but do not know when yet.

    I had to have the VNS shut off for this and a line if Ativan running thru me at a high rate of speed to keep me from szing.

    Right now am in a Velcro brace so I can air it out some. I have next to nothing for range of movement and it is completely swollen inton my fingers.

    A deformity shows up as well.

    I posted somehere on the site already but forgot which post it is under.

    I will keep you posted as this goes on.

    I will have more answers on Monday. I am in AZ until Tuesday, and hate it here.

    Jasyn is working all this week and I will have Gretchen with me as she is out on break this up coming week.

    Like I saud Honolulu runs schools funny, or it may be the whole state, I do not know.


    dancer86442 responded:
    My Goodness Nancy. Your Foot & now your Wrist??? I know seizure activity was responsible. But, have you had a Bone Density Test done recently? You know you will need Physical Therapy, possibly for Both Foot & Wrist, Rite? Start Searching for a PT in Hawaii. I hope you mend Fast. Or at least the Pain diminishes Soon. Gentle Hugs!

    Love Candi
    March 26 Epilepsy Awareness Day Advocate
    hawiian_girl11 replied to dancer86442's response:
    I have had a bone density test ordered by my neurologist about 8 months ago, and there are NO signs of either osteo arthritis or any other kind of arthrirtis for that matter, I came back totally clean, so the breaks are just from the szs alone.

    I used my rught hanad to try and break my fall and that I how that happened and I just happen to be right handed as well,so now everything I do is left handed and it is very hard to do and the brace is not that sturdy euther I can still touch the spot through it and feel the pain but not like before I got the brace.

    Yes the PT will be done in Hawaii. I will be given a set of instructions that he will want me to do and I will take it back home and get a referral from pcp in Hawaii and do the therapy there. I will be doing the ankle pt there as well.

    I bought Fila tennis shoes for when I get both feet back and they have memory foam in them, so hopefully my feet will not hurt so much when I have to walk around. last night I had a massive T/C that lasted for about 4 minutes my mom told me.

    My rught hand is so swollen my f ingers ae fat and it is jut a mess.

    I will come home and let yu know.

    OF course if they cast it it wil only be a few words.


    Still in the cast until april 2nd. I bought fil
    hawiian_girl11 responded:

    My wrist is still a mess, but is in a brace right now,

    THey are going to do a CT scan of it to see what the huge bump/deformity is and take care of it that way. IF it is a cycst they are going to remove it because it is between boones in my wrist and in a bad spot preventing movement.

    my fingers are also swollen, so is my wrist below those little bones, had to take off my medicalert braclet and put the necklace on because it was swollen almpst in to that.

    the top of my hand is also swollen as well.

    IT acts like a break that is small thatI can still move iit very little.

    It hurts A lot.

    what does it sound like to you?


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