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    sz injuries/possible surgery
    hawiian_girl11 posted:

    I went to the wrist PA today and the CT CD was normal so that was good, but they had to run an Xray on my right wrist because the head of the Ulna is sticking up a little. The Xray revealed that the bones were in alignment however they said that I may need a scope to my wrist because they think there may be a tear to a ligament that goes between the ulna head and the bone in the wrist above it. I can not remember its name.

    I find out about the ankle revision on july 9th which is obvious. and the wrist on the 10th of july. The VNS consultation still has not been scheduled as they have not completed the paper work to send to my surgeon yet.

    I get another cast on the 10th of june to go on vacation with which will real fun to go across the country with in the car. NOT!

    That one will be on until July 9th.

    A whole month.

    after we get back from vacation I will go back home to Hawai'i and suck in Honolulu for 8 days where I live because I will have to come back to PHX on the 8th for all thuis nonsense on the 9th.

    an update.

    dancer86442 responded:
    Do what ya gotta do. No Fun, except maybe the vacation part. I'm sure you will figure something out. Make room in the back seat?? Hugs

    Love Candi
    Prepare Now! November is Epilepsy Awareness Month. Find or Create an event to educate Others'.
    hawiian_girl11 replied to dancer86442's response:
    Hi Candi,

    That will never happen. SHe thinks she is this great packer, and will have the cooler back there the bags back there, the pillows back there, and anything else she can fit back there and even have me move my seat forward even though I can not bend my ankle. That will be painful and uncomfortable, She had a hip replaced in 01 and now needs her knees replaced. It is okay for her to travel in comfort with a pillow under her butt and have cortisone shots in her knees but I have to sit with my cast on and have my seat moved forward amd be uncomfortable and in pain with my ankle swollen in to the cast with the circulation cut off due the way I am forced into sitting. Not fair. She is constantly complaining about all the doc appts and me being on crutches and how she can not take it any more.

    I am not here more than half of the time so that is not fair. I am home in Hawai'i.

    I areed to go because my grandma is NOT doing well and I will probably not see her again, bevause Hawai'i is NOT next door and she told me after coming out to see me once that she could "never" live here, that it is too "hot".

    that is a joke, It is tropical not hot.

    I need to vent bevuase I think there are some stupid people right now,

    wspecially my mom, she is a real gem right now, and I do not know why, sinece I live so far away, amd she acts like such a crab.

    I hate some of her comments the y are very hurtful.

    hawiian_girl11 responded:
    I have to have a right ankle revision on July 31st soon to be moved up due to the epilepsy.

    This doc is on th e mainland and is one of the Top Docs in the country for orthopedic surgery to the feet and the ankles.

    He has done 2 revisions on my left ankle, will be doing the second one on the right ankle this time and has scoped my right knee 3 times.

    he has also put back together the ankles of a spector from the boston marathon who had severe damage to both of his ankles and as I was leaving one time he was doming in with a boot on each ankle in a wheel chair and his "BOSTON STRONG" T-shirt on. I asked at o ne of my appts and that was what it was. He made that guy walk again.

    this doc is one amazing doctor.

    He is also one of 3 founders of the facitility that I go to. There are braches in different places all over the PHX area.

    hawiian_girl11 responded:
    I saw the hand specialist on the 10th and do not have to
    have anything done to my wrist.

    he tried to put me on a walker when I am NON-WEIGHT BEARING until a little after August 20th.

    That did NOT fly well with me.

    He saw it and knows it. Same system as my ankle doc. He can look those records up and did and still insisted on the walker after the records from my ankle doc said non-weight bearing.

    Besides my insurance does NOT cover D.M.E.

    So that would not have been possible anyway.

    After that he wanted nothing more to do with me and was in a hurry to walk out. I asked him if he wanted me to schedule another appt to get a shot in the wrist as another option that he gave me and he just said 'whatever' and walked out.

    to me that was unprofessional and nasty and why did he do that to me I never did anything to provoke that.


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