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    I need 2nd view
    Talula910 posted:
    My son is 4yrs old. He had his 1st seizure last month lasted 30 sec unresponsive for 30 mins. No fever no fall not sick. Mri normal. EEG was abnormal. Right side of brain monitored triggers. He has not had any other seizures since. They cant diagnose him with epilepsy due to him only having one seizure. They gave me prescription for Keppra bcuz they said hes more than likely to have more. Ive heard pros and cons bout meds. My thing is i dont want to start him on it and him not need meds. What should i do?
    dancer86442 responded:
    Hi Talula,

    Thank You for joining us. I am not a Dr, but, I have done my 'homework' for the past 20 yrs.

    Fact: Seizures do Not discriminate as to when, where or how often. The fact that the EEG was Abnormal....That is not Good. Your son IS at risk for future seizures. Think of the Keppra or any future meds, if needed, as Preventives. Pros & cons?? There are pros & cons to Everything in Life. But, we won't know what affects us or how it will affect us, until we try it. Side effects vary among individuals. As does Seizure Control on Any med. Drs just cannot predict how any of us Will react.

    So, proceed as advised or seek a Second Opinion by another Neurologist or Seizure Specialist/Epileptologist. Here is a List recommended by others w/ Epilepsy. Hopefully you can find another Doc near you, if needed.

    A few Tips. While on this med or any other....Make sure your son Eats/drinks Nutritiously. This will help metabolize meds so they work more efficiently. Plus, added benefit of fewer to Nil side effects. It will take 2-6 weeks for his system to adjust. Check our Drug/supplement page for more Info as to what to watch for in the way of side effects. Be sure to clik on the blue highlighted sentence at end of Side effects main page. Suggestion: Multi-vitamins are recommended for people taking anti-epilepsy drugs. As a preventive measure, as our meds can deplete us of certain vitamins/supplements. W/ Keppra, an additional supplement may be needed. B6. Learn why in this article

    Visit our Helpful Tips & read about Daily Journals. Tracking seizures is important, but, there is Lots more to Note. Some cell phones have Apps to make it easier. I still prefer hand-written. Keep in mind...Breakthru seizures may occur while the system adjusts to our meds. Give med at least 2-6 weeks. If seizures are still occurring or side effects affect his 'Quality of Life' then Demand doc wean him off the med & try something else. We call this the 'trail & error' phase. Sometimes the first med works. Others' have to try & try again, repeatedly. Different doses or Medications or Add-ons & maybe even different treatments. Time & Patience will be required!

    Different Treatments? Please Learn as much as you can. You are your son's own best Advocate. Knowledge is Power. Especially when dealing w/ Docs! Helpful Resources & discuss Alternatives...Such as the Ketogenic Diet. Learn More & if your think you would prefer the Diet, then consult w/ your Neuro or a Homeopathic MD/Naturalist that specializes in Epilepsy/Seizure Disorders.

    I do Hope you will keep us posted. If you have any further questions, I will be here for you. Please, clik on my ID or Pic to read my Profile.

    BTW: My Great-Niece was born w/ Seizures. 6 mths on Phenobarbital, then weaned off. So far almost 2 yrs later, sh e is still seizure free. Wish I could say the same about the rest of my family members. But, we are All Survivors! Hugs!

    Love Candi
    International Awareness Day: Second Monday of Feb. March 26: Purple Day, November: Epilepsy Awareness Month. Wear Purple to show Support. Advocate
    anthonybrownii replied to dancer86442's response:
    That was very good advice and from my view point I had my first at 2 and yes it scares the parent but educating yourself and others in contact with your child will ease the stress a little.

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