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    Help my girlfriend had a seizure in her sleep.
    DNP3RD posted:
    I apologize for how this may be written out in advance. So here is some back story my girlfriend and I have been together for a month now we are both 18 years old. Throughout this time we have spent 5 nights together. One day we were talking on the phone and she told me that she thinks she might have had a seizure in her sleep because her tongue got bit. I told her she shouldn't worry and she said it happened one time a year before but nobody saw until after the fact when she couldnt remember anything from the days before and had a bit tongue and she went to the hospital for an EEG and CAT scan and they said she was ok. So I re-assured her not to worry. So I ended up going to up to her university to see her and we spent the first two nights together fine although I did notice that she would randomly jump or have little tiks in her sleep that I thought at the time to be just from loud noise. So last night was when things changed. First she had an issue where at around 4PM on February14 where she said her right eye was half blind or split. She described it as looking at the TV and only seeing half of the TV and behind it just the color white. I said it was probably just a headache and it went away after 10 minutes and we went to dinner although in the back of my mind I was concerned given what she had told me happened the week before. I now know this event to be some kind of an aura as to what was to come later that night. So we return from dinner at around 8PM and by 10PM we both go to sleep. I fell into a deep sleep rather quickly. Fast forward to 11:30PM. I dont know what it was but it was a yelp or a scream that made me wake up instantly like I was wide awake I turned to see her and it looked like she was falling off the bed. I grabbed her and pulled her back onto the bed in a second and turned back around to turn on my lamp that is when I saw her convulsing violently, snorting, and biting her tongue. This is probably one of the most terrifying things ive seen. This was a full blown Grand Mal seizure she was having right in front of me. I jumped out of bed and ran around to her to make sure she didnt hurt herself during the episode and tried to get her to relealse her tongue to no avail. Yes I know, but I didnt know what to do and had never encountered a situation like this before. This whole episode lasted about 1 minute although it felt like forever. Her eyes were opened after but it was like she was gone and I got really scared and checked her for a pulse which she did have. After about 3-4 minutes she blinked and jumped and came back like she didnt recognize me and this happened twice in about 30 seconds. She begged me to let her go back to sleep but I wouldnt and she started crying like really crying for no reason while going in and out of consciousness finally after a minute of this she cried out that her head hurt so badly right in the center of her forehead. I comforted her, got her dressed and managed to get her in my truck and drove her to the hospital and told them what happened. They gave her an IV, took blood, and thats about frigging it. The doctor comes in and says its probably from stress from school and to maybe get another EEG which is about really all he can do if you think about it although I dont buy his stress diagnosis for 1 minute. I am now the only soul to actually see this girl go into a seizure in her sleep and it took 3 times for it to happen to her before someone saw it. The first happened March 2015 (No witnesses), the second last week(No witnesses), the third last night February 14th. (I witnessed). She says that her tongue bite wound is the worst its ever been, but she doesnt remember anything at all. I just want to help her and be there for her through this. And I had to go home 2hours away so I left her with her room mate who now knows what to look out for. Why did the first EEG would come back normal, but mostly I need advice on how to help her deal with this?
    dancer86442 responded:
    Hello DNP,

    Thank You for sharing. May I say I am proud of you. You choose to Help instead of Run!

    Well, for starters you can offer her some warm salt water to rinse w/. It will help her tongue heal faster. Next, find out if there are any Live Support Groups in your area. Google for Your State Epilepsy Foundation contact info. If there is no place nearby, then encourage her to join on-line support groups. I am here for you & her. But, there are other groups. Especially on FB, I have seen Twitter & pininterest groups, too.

    Next, please read Journal Inful in Helpful Tips. I realize her seizures are far & few apart. But, that doesn't mean they won't happen again. And they may happen w/out the forewarning/aura. So, it is best to keep track of everything. Just in case.

    As for EEG's being 'negative'. That isn't uncommon either. Either the seizure activity is buried to deep in the brain to be noted. OR there just is No Seizure Activity at the time of the test. Doc Should have ordered an MRI, also!

    As for Stress. It is one of the Most Common Triggers for Epilepsy & other seizure disorders. It Can be the cause of another Type of Seizure Disorder, too. What Drs/Researchers call Non-epileptic seizures, that are caused by stress alone. No seizure meds will control seizure activity. Pscyh counseling, if your doc thinks it is stress related, should have been recommended. But, keep in mind, this does Not mean your GF is Crazy! Which ever Epilepsy Type she has, well, she is not alone!

    Personally, I would encourage her to seek a second opinion.

    I am Happy to hear she has a room mate. Please, suggest they get a baby monitor w/ video/cam at yard sale or thrift store. This will help provide her some safety. Plus, 'witness'. Showers Only. No Baths! Only supervised bathing, swimming, etc. A chair is recommended for the bathroom. Plus, accordion doors or shower curtain for bathroom/bedroom doors. (If she fell against the door it would be hard to get to her) Toaster ovens/microwaves are 'safety' pluses, too.

    I hope this Helps. Please feel free to ask questions? And Definitely....Keep Learning. There are Books on that you may be interested in, too. Take note of authors/titles & ask your Local Research Librarian about the books you chose.

    Love Candi
    International Awareness Day: Second Monday of Feb. March 26: Purple Day, November: Epilepsy Awareness Month. Wear Purple to show Support. Advocate
    dancer86442 replied to dancer86442's response:
    International Awareness Day: Second Monday of Feb. March 26: Purple Day, November: Epilepsy Awareness Month. Wear Purple to show Support. Advocate

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