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    Weblinks for Epilepsy
    Bruce78640 posted:
    I?m going to start this collection off by sharing the link to the very one website I?ve started, which you might be surprised that no one had ever created before. Like duh. Please bear with me because it?s going to take me a while to learn the basics of what I?d like to do and use in order to construct the website. But at least I?ve got my foot in the window.
    dancer86442 responded:
    Here are a few I use. I will add more later.

    Epilepsy Hospitals/DRs


    Bruce78640 responded:
    The University of Pennsylvania Health System ? Epilepsy >

    Watch the show online: >; > ; >

    Neurology Channel >

    Brain Implant Helps Stop Seizures >

    Police Response to People with Disabilities >

    Part 5: Epilepsy or Seizure Disorders - QuickTime: >

    YouTube: > Please understand that this weblink right here? ?contains ALL of the listed results that came up using the word ?epilepsy? by itself in the search box for videos. At the moment of when I posted this, there were ?video results?.of about 2,700?. Throughout the future that number of video results may increase or decrease. Some videos might be repeats. Consider what I?m about to say as a warning or precaution. I can guarantee that a good number of those videos may very well try to trigger someone to have a seizure, just as several of the videos are people being disrespectful by insulting or making fun of those of us who have epilepsy or experience seizures. But, on the good side, there are several videos that seem rather helpful, some of which are about different types of seizures. There is one I know of that is a ?Series of Videos about Epilepsy?, which I will vote on as being wonderful videos. All 6 of those videos were once on the website of ?The Center for Epilepsy & Seizure Education in British Columbia?, but were apparently removed from their site. Not much later, I was able to locate those same videos through, one video where all 6 videos are played one right after the other, and then 6 separate videos where each one of those 6 videos are played by themselves. Hopefully, those videos will remain on YouTube. All 6 of those videos combined in to one are currently at Uhh, I need to add an update to this because I just found out about it. It appears that all of those videos are back on the site for The Center for Epilepsy & Seizure Education in British Columbia , via

    Videos by the Epilepsy Foundation on You Tube can be found at >
    Bruce78640 responded: > This website was once my most favorite for searching for loads and loads of information about epilepsy. But, like how so many things change these days, someone had to ?rearrange things? or so-called ?make improvements?. There was a ?Site Map? on there at one point, which was like an excellent table of contents for the entire website. Personally, I consider the site as being a bit better than the (Epilepsy Foundation of America) site. But will also say that each site has a lot of good and helpful sources of information. Just wish that either one or both of these groups would create something, preferably without involving anyone famous, to be shown on television nationwide, on one of the main TV stations in the United States of America.

    Epilepsy Foundation of America >

    Plus more? EpilepsyUSA Magazine >

    Seizures & Epilepsy Education (S.E.E.) program: > Plus? The S.E.E. program library >

    American Epilepsy Society: > > At this site there is one section for General Information, and then another section with a listing of each individual seizure medication. Each one of the seizure medications listed, name brand and generic, has its own link. Click on any one and it will lead you to the introduction page for the medication. On the right-hand side of the page is a menu box titled ?Topics List?. Inside that menu box, directly below the words ?Topic List? are 3 tabs?Basic, Intermediate, Advanced. Click on any of the 3 individual tabs and you should see a scroll down listing of bullet points. A few of the bullet points are repeated under each tab, such as ?What is (name of drug) used far? What are the most common side effects? What are the most serious side effects??, but there might be some slightly different and or additional information. Anyway, there is a whole lot of information for each one of the medications. Plus, there?s another box located underneath that topics list, for a new comprehensive downloadable medication sheet, which is a pdf file. One more thing to add to this is that there is also a site for the ?International AED Name Database?, where you can search by Brand, Generic, Country, and or Company. If you were to search by Generic name, the results would show what the brand name is is which country and the company that manufactures the drug. Before I knew of this new source, where you can find what is what and in which country, I only knew of the one International AED Database available via the site for the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE). Home page at and the AED Database at

    Carbamazepine: >

    Carbatrol: >

    Depakote ER ?divalproex sodium Extended-Release: >

    DIASTAT AcuDial (diazepam rectal gel): >

    Keppra: > Plus Epilepsy Advocates >

    Lyrica: >

    Trileptal (oxcarbazepine): >

    Topamax: > >

    Tranxene: >

    Zonegran (zonisamide): > The Changing Faces of Epilepsy - .


    OVATION Pharmaceuticals, Inc. >

    Pfizer >

    Shire >
    Bruce78640 responded:
    Ketogenic Diet > > >

    Brain Stimulators

    VNS (Vagus Nerve Stimulation) Cyberonics >

    Vns Message Board: >

    NeuroPace ? Responsive Neurostimulator >

    Plus more? > > > > > >

    ?and these that I have listed are only a few. There are many more that I?m sure will come up by using the ?All the Internet? search engine, which can be found at

    Intercept Epilepsy Control System >

    Plus more? Medtronic, Inc Seizures and Fainting starting at... > >

    Andrews/Reiter Epilepsy Research Program, Inc. >

    The Bill of Rights for People Living with Epilepsy >

    Canine Assistants >

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Epilepsy >

    CURE - Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy >

    CURE Videos >

    Epilepsy Channel: >

    Epilepsy News >

    Epilepsy Wire >

    Expressions of Courage ? Art by People with Epilepsy: >

    Finding a Cure for Epilepsy and Seizures (FACES) >

    Henry Spink Foundation >

    History Of Epilepsy >

    Medical News Today - Epilepsy News >

    MedlinePlus - Epilepsy > >

    MINCEP Epilepsy Care: >

    National Association of Epilepsy Centers > > This is where someone can search to? Find an Epilepsy Center ?by State, just not in all of the States

    > > Among the variety of additional links on that site, there is the? Guidelines for Epilepsy Centers > ?that explains the third-level and the fourth-level of epilepsy centers, at

    National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke: >

    Other Places to Visit >

    Partnership for Prescription Assistance: >

    PDR Health - Physicians? Desktop Reference: >

    ScienceDaily ? Epilepsy >

    Stacey Chillemi If you think I have a good collection of weblinks, then you need to see Stacey?s, which starts at? >
    Bruce78640 responded:
    Parents Educating Arkansas about Children with Epilepsy (PEACE): >

    Minnesota Epilepsy Group: >

    NYU Medical Center >

    Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group: >

    Washington University School of Medicine, Department of Neurology >


    BC Epilepsy Society >

    Canadian Epilepsy Alliance >

    Canadian League Against Epilepsy >

    The Center for Epilepsy & Seizure Education in British Columbia >

    Epilepsy Action in Australia >

    Epilepsy Action >

    The Epilepsy Association of Calgary >

    Epilepsy Canada >

    Epilepsy Ontario >

    Epilepsy Toronto >

    Epilepsy Newfoundland and Labrador >

    Epilepsy Scotland >

    Epilepsy Foundation of Victoria, Australia >

    International Bureau for Epilepsy (IBE) >

    International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) >

    National Society for Epilepsy (NSE) >

    Seizure Prediction in Freiburg, Germany >

    Victoria Epilepsy & Parkinson's Centre >
    Tammy78660 responded:
    Here are some more, don't think they are repeats.

    Types of Epilepsies and Their Symptoms

    Lots of Articles on Neurology, I find this site very informative. More than just ep. Towards bottom of page is 'Seizures and Epilepsy"

    National Society for epilepsy

    Articles on Neurological Disorders

    Meetz responded: GREAT MESSAGE BOARD (retigabine potassium med ) (Amy Lee from Evanescence music group ep monitors ep monitors ep monitors ep monitors ep monitors ep monitors monitor not available til 3/08
    DJSunshine responded:
    Hi all,

    Unfortunately I have nothing to offer to this list that's not already there. Great job in coming up with this very extensive list.
    dancer86442 responded:
    Sodium/potassium Levels play an important part in our brains. It mainly affects hereditary &/or intractable seizures. But, could be a cause for szs in others, also. Learn more w/ Yahoo search or any other search engine. This is only 1 of numerous sites w/ this info.

    God Bless

    Love Candi & family
    MamaLisaRocks responded:
    This is a grassroots website my husband and I started to keep track of our son's seizures and medications. After we finished it we realized it could be helpful to other too...
    jvmtaz responded:
    Surgery Candidates:

    In researching Temporal Lobe Resection, I came across an extremely informative website . This website provides vital information that can assist in being better informed.

    It is rather technical in its content. The sub-links help explain items that might be confusing. It gives a comprehensive explanation of how various portions of the brain interact with the Temporal Lobe (right or left). It also indicates how surgery in the Temporal Lobe can impact various senses.

    It will help persons to ask informed questions of their doctor(s) and surgeons. It might assist surgery candidates in making decisions and choosing options they might deem appropriate.

    Please, do not be intimidated when noting potential ramifications from surgery. While these issues must be considered, each individual has different benefit vs. risk factors to consider.

    In my instance, there is the possibility that my risk factors prove too great. Only time will tell.

    Being confronted with the daunting decisions ahead, I am much more cognizant and appreciative of the great gift of life given me by my creator, regardless of my condition. My passions of love grow stronger everyday for those I love and the beautiful universe surrounding me. I will surrender myself to him. I will place my total confidence in him and the surgeon team.

    I hope all of you will be amongst those dearest to you, on this Easter Sunday.


    Bruce78640 responded:
    Epilepsy Classroom

    Helpful Tips

    Journals posted by Meetz
    Meetz posted: Hi there. I don't want to sound bossy or presumptuous, but after 44 years of practice with E, I have a bit of experience. I ... More
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