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    Includes Expert Content
    My vision just went slanted...
    fredm23 posted:
    don't know how else to explain it i was sitting watching tv with my boyfriend and all of a sudden everything just tilted. does anyone know what I'm talking about or has had this happen?
    Alan M Kozarsky, MD responded:
    I need a bit more information to help figure out what happened.

    How old are you? What exactly do you mean by tilted? Do you mean that images seemed doubled? Distorted? Did the visual problem go away if you covered one eye or the other? Has this ever happened before? How long did the condition last? Was it followed by a headache?

    Possibilities include an ophthalmic migraine. As a one-time occurrence, it may be hard to know for sure what happened.
    laurafum responded:
    A few days ago I was sitting outside eating dinner and I literally aalmost fell forward while eating my dinner and at the same exact time i noticed everything was slanted down to the the edge of table. I actually had to grab the edge of the table to hold myself up. It was a 90 degree day, but I was not in the sun. Very scary.
    laurafum replied to laurafum's response:
    I am 48 years old and I don't recall it happening ever before. My vision corrected itself immediately but just felt very weak after it happened. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    marks7 replied to Alan M Kozarsky, MD's response:
    This same thing has happened to me at least four times over the past eight monts or so.

    It comes on suddenly, and everything starts to tilt down to the left, as if I am on an amusement ride. Of course, I compensate for it, and end up losing my balance and/or falling. To someone watching me, I'm sure it looks like I'm drunk.

    Immediately after losing my balance, I break out in a very heavy sweat and feel a little nauseated. When this passes, I am exhausted for several hours.

    Until seeing this post, I thought it was just me, but I will try to answer some of the questions you posed to fredm23. I am 55. I do not see double images, and my vision is not blurred or distorted. When it happens, it is in both eyes. I have closed my eyes, hoping that it goes away, but when I reopen them, it is still tilted. The tilted vision has lasted for about five minutes each time, and when it goes away, it slowly rights itself. I do not remember a headache afterward, just the exhaustion.
    canne12 responded:
    I started having splint therapy for TMJ and as soon as I got my split my vision went slanted. It has not yet returned to normal. I'm working with a COVD vision therapist who believes it has to do with the visual center of my brain and is trying to retrain the brain to see properly. Did this issue resolve for you? It would give me peace to know! Thank you!
    undefined replied to Alan M Kozarsky, MD's response:
    My mother is 84 with macular degeneration. She just noted that the table seemed to be tilting today. She is only borderline diabetic. what could cause this.
    Alan M Kozarsky, MD replied to 39258282's response:
    Your mother needs to see the ophthalmologist if vision is distorted (or tilted). This may be an issue with the retina or could be an alignment issue involving both eyes. Its takes an exam to figure it out.
    slantedgrace responded:
    Do you still feel this way?

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