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    looking for feedback
    maf63 posted:
    I am a first time entry, please read. I've become convinced I have fibro. I wouldn't know why I am hurting if it weren"t for my sisters having it. My own doctor does not seem to know much about it. Can it cause chest pain? Over the years I have had many heart related tests that came up negative for heart problems. I had always assumed chest pain was related to the heart. Also can it cycle from moderate or low pain to EXTREME unbearable pain and back to low pain again? My pain is in my shoulders and radiates to my hand. It is worse on my right. I am right handed. The pain also comes in my upper back and feels like my back tightens up in pain. Sometimes I feel it in my legs but it is mostly in my upper body. For those of you living with FM can you tell me what you are going thru with the pain. I'm trying to relate my pain to FM. I am not looking for a diagnosis here, just some insight.
    namann responded:
    hi, so sorry to hear about your long struggle with pain. It seems to me that the pain is different for everyone... I've had the chest pains too, they come and go and sometimes I have to catch my breath it's so bad.
    The pain is sometimes also in the areas of your limbs just off the joints, but sometimes also in the joints. It can be anywhere, really. Keep reading up on it and keep trying to find the solution - it's a process of ellimination to first make sure that nothing else is wrong, before fibro is diagnosed. - If you can find the right doctor.
    All the best! I hope you find the answer soon!
    Muka57 responded:
    Go to the FM site and go toFM triger points.There you will see that there is triger points in the chest area.God Bless. The pain is aweful.
    limpylizard responded:
    Hello, There are many reasons for chest pain, but with FM it seems to be a broader pain than just pain over or around the heart, and muka57 is absolutely right about the trigger points, check it out and have someone help you test the different trigger points, be sure to mark them down, 11 of the 18 different spots is a very good indicator of FB, it seems like people with FM almost have to diagnose them selfs. It was helpful for me to keep a pain diary, and to list what you were doing, what brought on the pain ie: working resting and such, decribe the pain with words such as dull, sharp, burning, stabbing and so on. include what made it worse and what gave you relief. Do this for about a month so your Dr can see exactly what is going on. I have had Fibro for 20 years and have found that most GP's don't seem to be all that versed on FM. If you can, finding a good pain managment Dr is to me the most important thing. You need one who is willing to LISTEN and not rattle of the standard mumbo-jumbo, You are the expert in this situation because it is your body. And most definately it is cyclitic, in my own case I refer to my days as good days and bad days. I have constant pain all over, but it also can be in one quadrant of the body and not another, but generaly I have more pain in my upper back across my sholders, it is a burning pain and at times it is almost impossible for me to do the simplest of things. What I have found that helps me is a hot shower, and some days I will sit in the shower 3 or 4 times. At the present time I am on 3 medications for the FM, a pain pill, Neurontin and Cymbalta, this has helped a lot, but am now at the point I feel I need a muscle relaxor too, I have gone through 3 pain managment Dr's and the last one and I clicked, he took a lot of time listening to me and giving me options, so I didn't start out on all 3 meds at once. He also told me I needed to be kinder to myself, I always tried to push through the pain and felt guilty and embarrased if I didn't, but you know since I have started being my own best friend lol, I feel better, if I am having one of my bad days I just sit and do something relaxing, looking in the garden books and planning my flowerbeds and garden is one of my favorite things, and if I don't feel like getting out of my PJ's I don't.... You did not say if you worked or not so staying in your PJ's may not be an option dress code and all lol. I also use a lot of humor to help. It is very infuriating to be in pain and not be able to get relief, I read anything and everything about Fibro so as to try to be as knowledable as possible,and I can be very pushy when I think something will work for me, but my Dr is willing to give it a try, So I can relate to what you are saying being a kindred soul and all lol, I don't intend to sound like an expert on anyones pain/illness [because I am not> but knowledge is power. I am always sorry to hear of someone suffering through any chronic illness and I wish you the best in finding relief, hope this has helped in some small way. Good Luck and please let us know how it is going for you.

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